Shocking and Severe Punishments

I was discussing some sites and some which had some quite severe punishments hidden away and felt these needed show casing!
The first site mentioned was SpankingMags and several of their Ezines are amazing.

click here for the latest severe ezines
Well, I made a FREE Gallery available earlier, I’m hoping there’s some new pics available from this remastered movie!
I also made an EXCLUSIVE clip for readers here which won’t be found anywhere else!

So enough waffle, check out this fantastic grim movie of a horrible cold damp cellar punishment.
Click on the pic below to view this FREE Gallery

FREE Gallery here

Seriously the pics don’t do how grim this punishment really was!
All I can do is show you a brief caning scene, believe me, there was far worse to come for Sara!
Check out the scene below and you’ll see what I mean, that heavy cane was particuarly evil!

FREE Movie Clip

Also at SpankingMags is the latest Ezine Update featuring another fave of mine, Joanna
Another girl that can take quite a thrashing, and in this case she takes a severe slippering, my favourite!
See how this 1-2-1 Tutorial for Joanna is going horribly wrong, members can upload the full movie now.

FREE Gallery here

On the severe front, members of SpankPass can’t go wrong, as there’s so much to choose from!
Check out a few free glimpses of what I hope you haven’t seen before!

I liked featuring Sara so much I thought I’d show you this clip of her “Choice”
She had no choice, as she found out and had to take a heavy strap slipper and cane.
Check out the below FREE Movie clip which features a heavy caning scene as she’s bent over, ass in the air!

click here for the caning clip

Quite evil, eh? SpankPass has so many puinishments but this one stood out for me (I watched it last night!)

Finally, if you don’t know Sarah Collins by now then welcome to planet Earth!
Sarah probably received some of the most ferocious canings and punishments at the hand of her Master.
A real life submissive and slave when this was shot, check out the loving yet severe punishments below

FREE Gallery here

If you have the time and spce on your Hard Drive, then SpankPass is an obvious choice
1000’s of movies and gajillions of pics, I don’t even know how much content is there, it’s so vast.
Some have estimated 600+ Gigs, it’s probably more!
Buy a seperate hard drive and get your membership here! 😀

OK, laters, all this severity has me all of a fluster!

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One Comment

  • klapkaj

    Thanks for these terrific clips Chief. The Cellar Room has to be one fo the most authentic, atmospheric videos you have shot as Sara is led down to that dark, cold cellar to be thrashed hard. And she is thrashed very hard by her Uncle, fist with the heavy cane across her naked bottom, then made to strip naked to be strapped hard. I love the way Uncle canes & straps the tops of her thighs as well as her lovely buttocks. Then she is made to bend over and touch her toes for the final really hard caning as stroke after stroke of the dragon cane is lashed across her already red, wealed bottom. You can tell how authentic the punishmnet is from Sara’s cries and reactions.
    The later movie The Choice is also good but not as atmospheric as The Cellar Room which is one of your best of all time.

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