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Some girls bring it on themselves, by their bratty behaviour or perhaps they encourage a spanking! Either way, what I find stimulating is the extremes and anguish some girls must go through when faced with differing discipline! For example, a girl that has been punished at bedtime is told to expect more the moment she wakes up! What wouold be going through her mind, when she knows that the cane is waiting in the morning? The film below from FetishFlixx explores this, aptly named “Punishment Needed” – it covers the mental anguish of Gemma.

click here for the hi res film previews

This film re enacted a true life account of when she was occassionally punished at home, it helped her in later years though as she recalled!
See the exclusive clip I have cut below, her early moring caning. Her pyjama bottoms tugged down, her chubby bottom quivering…

click here to play

The FULL Hi Res film is available now as a latest addition to their vast archives at: FetishFlixx


Continuing the bedtime/pyjama theme and the girls that invite punishment on themselves brings me to Amber
SpankAmber has a fantastic and very naughty new update!

Best when Amber's bad - click here

Imagine if you will, you’re her partner, and you just fancy an early morning session on those gorgeous cheeks of hers. Well, take a look at the FREE Gallery below of this latest film update and imagine no longer! Amber is woken up & her pyjama bottoms tugged off, her bared bottom spanked hard and for his pleasure! She yelps, struggles & cries at the embarrassing shock of it all!

click here to view

Amber’s site has been open over a year and there’s a vast archive of Hi Res movies and great photo sets. Check it out for all your domestic and often erotic spanking needs here at


Once again, as I featured earlier, Elizabeth Simpson’s latest movie is Art imitating Life! Her very popular “Real Life Series” is now at Volume 4: Credit Crunch.

Elizabeth Simpson at

I explained before about her foolish and repeated credit card applications lowering the household credit score. Her partner found out when he checked their credit file online andshe at first denied and lied about the credit card applications. This of course meant that her punishment would only be worse, so here we are, on film, having her punished again!

Credit Crunch free movie clip

There is also another clip at the moment at SpankMyBottom


Below is a pic I wanted to share with you all, it’s from SpankingServer – I just love the way their beautiful girl get punished, I didn’t find this movie clip, but you can imagine the scene! Don’t forget to check out their extensive new tour pages, simply stunning!

click here to enlarge

More great punishments and latest updates HERE

Spanking Server - East Euro girls punished hard

Finally for today, I thought I’d share these pics of the the most precocious & lovely brat, Samantha Woodley. Gorgeous, stunning, and plenty of other superlatives from the Chief…she’s all that and more! Firm Hand Spanking have this extensive photo gallery and movie as a recent update! Check out the sample pics I got below for yourself, wow!

Samantha Woodley at FirmHandSpanking

OK, that’s all I can handle for now…these girls and their reddened bottoms sure are looking mighty pretty!

Back soon with some brand new updates just released…
Regards, Chief.

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  • Jonno

    Some crackin updates Chief! I love the Elizbeth RealLife Series, she deserves everthing she gets for her mistakes. I spank my wife hard when she forgets something important off the shopping like my cans of beer. That ginge Amber and Samnatha are just too much, Id probably cum in my pants if they were over my knees! Sorry to be rude, but had to be said! Keep up the great work I love this blog

  • Quite! LOL. Keep reading, glad you like the Blog. Plenty more stuff coming up! 😉

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