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I wanted to do an update of this site when it first went live not too long ago a few months back.
However, I get so damned busy that time just doesn’t allow me to do hat despite me watching all the amazing updates unfold!
Do here today is my little intriduction to those of you who have possibly never heard of this recent website.
It’s called and is part of the great Clare Fonda stable of sites!

If you access the Home Page of My Spanking RoomMate you’ll see an explanation of each story so far.
From the moment these 2 lovely girls meet up, to the spanking and punishment adventures that involve many other characters.
To give you an example we have the lovely Clare Fonda and she’s managed to bring in some of the finest fetish amd spanking models!
Girls like Kailee, Harmony and Sierra Salem!

Co stars at My Spanking Room Mate

I don’t know how Clare has done it, but she’s surely got some of America’s HOTTEST spanking babes together (IMHO).
…and of course the 2 stars, Kay & Madison are simply stunning!
I just love watching these girls, from Kay’s quirky accent, perky tits and bum with her lovely red hair…
to Madison’s wholesome big girl looks, lovely smile & that fantastic chunky  firm naughty reddened bottom! Wow!
Check out some pics storylines and some special movie clips.
Sadly the clips I cut don’t do the original wmv files justice as they are wide screen and these end up morelike 4:3 instead of 16:9
However, you’ll see the qality of the resolution clear enough which is important! I think it’s only fair that members get the better deal! 😉

Click storyline image below to play the free movie clip
click here to play the FREE movie clip

The above images are from the first story. is divided up into sections with each continuing story.
The 2nd scene below explains what happens next, once you’ve read that, click on the image for the FREE movie clip.
Some images from this are also available below as well.

click here to play the free clip

As you can see naughty Madison gets a spanking off Kay when she admits she doesn’t have the full share of her rent as promised!
What a start to these girls living together! lol

Episode 3 below features Madison and her boss at work, the one and only Harmony (one of my fave fetish models!)
Here, Madison is punished by Harmony, I have been told that Harmony will be baring her butt in later episodes – can’t wait!
As before click on story tag for the FREE bonus clip

click here for free movie clip

Episode 4 continues the theme of Madison looking for the cash to get togther for her share of the rent.
This is the first introduction to Kailee, her sister, and she ends up getting them both in trouble!
Top FF spanking and discipline with the hair brush!
Click here to see this clip

Click here for access to Spanking Room Mates

Episode 5 below is one of my faves so far as there is some great double spanking going on inside their apartment!
Also Clare and Gemini get their hands on Kailee the room mates.
Check the storyline, FREE Clip and images from this update below…

click here for the free clip

The final episode I’ll feature today (I’ll be here all day otherwise!) is below.
It’s a great section featuring payback between the girls and shows plenty of gratuitous naked spanking! My fave! LOL
Check out the final free clip and pics below
click here fo the free clip

Click here to sign up for more!

Hopefully you have an idea of what this site is about, the quality of the clips are better for members as they are in widescreen.
As I said before when I cut the clips they somehow got compressed width wise and I can’t be arsed to find out why right now!  😉
OK, I wouldn’t say it’s actually Hi Def but the quality of the clips are way above many websites playback I’ve viewed and with the content so far – and those girls…it’s a winner!
Check out all the updates or sign up HERE – I promise it’s well worth it!

The Chief recommends this site and I shall give you updates in future (not as much as this one of course)
I look forward to the upcoming updates (which are regular and at least 3 times a week)
Costs are $24.95 for a month’s recurring membership paid via CCBill so easy to cancel etc..

This site is also part of Clare’s amazing CLARE FONDA PASS – which is an even better deal!!!

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