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I pulled a sickie from work today, I really couldn’t face going in… the workloads there have been terrible and I just had to stay at home… proof of this was I woke up after 10am… I needed a break, my body was telling me! So I still have a lot of work I have to do later, but at least it’s at home, but before that… here’s some naughty and interesting spanking movies that I have found which I know you will like!

Below is Kristina, a Russian college girl that faces one of the most unexpected and twisted punishments in one of the senior tutors offices… for the crime of “smoking” – this pretty girl is brought to tears not by the severity of her punishment but the sheer humiliation of being gagged by her panties, his fingers in her mouth and restrained and then flogged and spanked before he lets her relieve the tension by showing him what she can do with a dildo! Sounds weird? Perhaps… but it makes for a very interesting kinky little film and of course Kristina is stunning and fresh faced  (or she was before her punishment!) I have some promo clips and images for you below!

001 002


003a 004


006 007


010 008


010a 011

You can check out Kristina and many other 1st time and never before seen girls HERE

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Then there’s some whackiness and darned good spanking and caning from Sarah Bright’s site featuring 2 real faves of mine that I have worked with, Molly Malone and Aleesha Fox… they worked really well together for Sarah as you will see and I recommend you take a further look, there’s a link to the free HD video at the end! This is HOT!

npp6011007 npp6011011

npp6011015 npp6012011

npp6012013 npp6012024

npp6012030 npp6012031

npp6012032 npp6012037

The final part of our current nursing story and I have to say it is a real hot one! At last the truth emerges. As Dr. Sarah Bright makes to cane nurse Malone, Nurse Aleesha confesses, to save her friend from a terrible punishment. She in turn must bend over the bench to take a caning but this is to be administered by Nurse Malone. She lifts the cane and starts what is maybe the hardest caning she has ever administered, it leaves Nurses Fox’s bottom bruised and marked, she is shown no mercy and asks for none as stroke after stroke adds to her pain.



From Pandora’s Dreams of Spanking comes this F/M on F discipline movie that sees Alex Reynolds take a rather stiff punishment off Pandora and Tom Cameron… there’s a free clip and some images along with the helpful storyline as to what this was about! (below)

Alex is visited at home by her corporate ex-bosses. She’s just ended her contract with them, but they know she was working undercover to blow the whistle on their corrupt organisation. To intimidate her into not going public the two capitalists gang up on the young reporter to inflict a brutal beating on her vulnerable bottom. 50 strokes of the tawse should suffice to ensure her silence. An intense, edgy scene with a thrashing that leaves Alex crying real tears. Our heroine is in the right, and she will beat the bad guys in the end – but sadly, it won’t save her skin.

Dreams-of-Spanking_intimidation005 Dreams-of-Spanking_intimidation018

Dreams-of-Spanking_intimidation032 Dreams-of-Spanking_intimidation034

Dreams-of-Spanking_intimidation043 Dreams-of-Spanking_intimidation050

click here to see more


Never piss off Doctor Johnson – you’d think the nurses at St Elizabeth’s would learn by now, eh? The latest film from features Masie Dee getting a tearful tawsing in a parking space incident! (images below from the film)



ep43_8 ep43_9


ep43_13 ep43_15

A Doctor’s parking space is very important and when a nurse decided to park her little car there, she could expect a sound spanking. That is exactly what happened to nurse Masie Dee. Doctor Johnson found her car on his spot and he went looking for her. He found her in one of the bathrooms and gave her a sound spanking right there. After the spanking he fetched his two tailed tawse and thrashed her soundly which left her sobbing her eyes out.

CLICK HERE for ALL the uniform spanking updates


Finally some early show images from the new film out at that features Alex Reynolds and Zoe Page in a double shoot collaberation which I remember well as the place we used was FREEZING! However… the girls got on with it and the results of this hot bullying film are below… poor Alex…. a basically good girl left all alone with nasty Zoe Page in detention! Whatever could happen???

NSI115-AZ001 NSI115-AZ005

NSI115-AZ006 NSI115-AZ007

NSI115-AZ014 NSI115-AZ015

NSI115-AZ018 NSI115-AZ019

Click HERE to view the full HD film!


There’s also a link to a new series where a girl tells her Daddy she’ll be good!
You can find it at one of my other blogs below… click on small pic and all will be revealed! 🙂


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  • I remember the day we filmed that school scene quite well, too. It was the coldest day of my spanking career!

    Spanking Them seems to be a very unusual site. It’s certainly… non traditional? I am enjoying seeing a lot of fresh faces there, though, which I always enjoy. 🙂

  • Hi Alex. I actually quite like Spanking Them even if I don’t speak Russian, I can understand what is going on! The girls are new and the spankings, unlike most of the crap that comes out of this country, isn’t brutal (which I find distasteful and un necessary)… I also like the humiliating sexual twists, they don’t always work, but most of the time they do and I get it 🙂

    & how could we forget those cold 2 days, eh? brrrr! *shiver*

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