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I am in a foul mood at the moment, I just had a blazing row with “Er Indoors” over something so trivial, that’s what makes it so much more infuriating. I very nearly couldn’t be bothered to write here today, such is my (still) simmering anger… but as it hasn’t been updated in a while, I suppose I better write something and find some spankings that please me and seeing the girls punished appropriately! I suppose I could have just visited those sites that thrash the be-jeezus out of females and got off on that… but I thought better of that and instead found some interesting films from recent updates that I know you will appreciate… the first comes from and this Japanese site really has the spanking stories and filmography down to a fine art… I loved this story of “the timid mother” who employs a special councillor (or nanny) to help guide her in the way to spanking and scolding her bratty daughter… with the help of an assistant (a sort of stunt bottom), she is helped and guided through how to spank and what to say, but she’s hopeless… so she is taken over the lap of the mentor… and shown what it’s like… then she is given the chance to spank the assistant again after learning what to do. This time’s she’s ready for her daughter and when the very cute but bratty girl returns from school it’s not long before mother gets her chance to test out these new skills… and of course the results are visually stunning… fair play to “mom” – she really does a good job on her sassy daughter over her knee! I also liked the ending which had her mentor giving mother an approving nod at the end… excellent stuff as you’ll see from some choice images below!

l3-03 l3-06

l3-11 l3-16

l3-24 l3-29

l3-32 l3-41

l3-43 l3-47

l3-49 l3-v1 

Click here to view the FREE Movie preview Clip



Here’s a really cool film starring a guy I had met at Shadowlane… here in the film he’s called “Johnny” and plays a guy trying to get some sleep while these 3 brats next door to him are tearing up their room and making a racket… the sort of brats you don’t need when you need a good night’s sleep! He tries to reason with them but the girls think they can get him on side and invite him in… this only infuriates him and so he takes matters into his own hands… as you’ll see in this great long play film starring some cool girls that Sarah has at her site HERE including Isobel Wren & Stevie Rose!


003 011 016


002 004 011


006 007 012


Check out this full film and those featuring the lovely Sarah Gregory HERE

You might also want to check out her new site (available seperately)

or access both sites at a handsomely reduced cost by clicking Sarah’s delightful cheeks on the banner below!



Next is a girl who I know could take a very hard punishment… this is an older film now featuring at Sarah Bright’s site which she admits she is rather pleased about showing, and I don’t blame her. It features Sarah Collins (Sarah is the name of the day so far, isn’t it? lol)… Ms Collins was able to take virtually any punishment, especially when it was at the hands of her real life master of the time, El Diablo… who is the spanker in this film (so you know he won’t hold back!) Sarah has an amazing body and despite having a few tatts here and there (which I of course always disapprove of on any girl as I’m a fuddy-duddy) these never really detracted from her fantastic physical form… as you’ll see below in this trouser arousing spanking imagery! Images courtesy of

strand-mediagroup-npp525003 strand-mediagroup-npp525012

strand-mediagroup-npp525021 strand-mediagroup-npp525022

strand-mediagroup-npp525028 strand-mediagroup-npp526026

strand-mediagroup-npp526042 strand-mediagroup-npp526050

Check out the FREE Clip of this film shown above – now showing at

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Here is a site I haven’t featured in a while, but it’s one I still have a membership to… and getting access to one of her sites gets you access to all 3… for under $30 you are getting one of the largest archives from an independent and vastly under rated site of Amber, her Daddy and the naughty spankings she also gives her girls, many of who are totally unseen anywhere else (another charm to this site network) as well as a bonus site showing you Amber’s naughty web camming and modelling portfolio… enough of the superlatives… check out this lovely outdoor submissive film of Amber in period bloomers & girdle getting an outdoor spanking and breasts out punishment by her Daddy at

amber001 amber002

amber003 amber004

amber005 amber006

amber007 amber008

amber009 amber010

See MORE of Amber’s great work HERE!


Hmmm, talking of girls that should get it… here is one schoolgirl who would so infuriate me that I’d have to cold cane her. That sounds harsh, doesn’t it (lol) – but with so many name changes to this gorgeous model, I wouldn’t know what to call her in the morning “Registration”: Should it be Bow Jangles… Kissie or Camilla Scott (as she is known here) on the English update side of the Atlantic at – She’s sassy, disrespectful – and 60 minutes late to school! Camilla Scott claims that she called the office to say she had car trouble. But Earl Grey knows she’s lying. It’s panties down for 60 strokes with a tawse across her bare bottom: the latest from the new series “A Perfect Education!”

education_c001 education_c003

education_c004 education_c010

education_c014 education_c016

education_c019 education_c022

Check out MORE of the schoolgirl Camilla Scott series as well as umpteen other updates HERE!



Ten Amorette is one of those girl you just have to spank… unfortunately, I didn’t get to film with her (yet again!) at the recent Shadowlane Party, we were both too busy filming or playing or doing suite party stuff or whatever busy popular ladies do!!! But she would sure get it if she crossed my path in future, rather like this film where she sneaks off from a school cross country run and hides out in a barn owned by *drumroll* … Sarah Bright! (this film was a cross collaboration between Sarah and Paul from Northern Spanking) anyhoo… would you want to run into Sarah… brandishing a riding crop??? Nope… me neither! Check out the results of this foolish incursion by Ten exclusive to

NSI112-ST006 NSI112-ST009

NSI112-ST016 NSI112-ST024

NSI112-ST052 NSI112-ST047

NSI112-ST039 NSI112-ST045

NSI112-ST057 NSI112-ST025

See the full film and MORE of Ten & Sarah’s work featured exclusive to Northern Spanking


Finally for today… from – fair play to Mr M who takes absolutely NO CRAP off Alex Reynolds – she is punished outdoors at a time of his choosing and what was supposed to be a simple strapping got worse for Alex when she failed to hold position bent over… so the dean gives her an additional leather strapping on the fronts of her thighs (sat down) and across her bare palms of her hands… this was excruciating and brought Alex to tears as you’ll see below! the full films at this network are now filmed in 1280×720 HD and I have got these screen caps to show you just what action you can expect to see!

alextrapping001 alextrapping002

alextrapping003 alextrapping004

alextrapping005 alextrapping006

alextrapping007 alextrapping008

alextrapping009 alextrapping010

alextrapping011 alextrapping012

The feature films can be viewed with good hard punishments of the sassiest brats and naughtiest girls

Click HERE to see the latest updates including the one featuring a tearful Alex HERE

click here for more


I feel better now… sorting through this and writing about seeing bad naughty girls punished has calmed me down (I was seriously pissed off earlier!) – anyway, I hope you enjoyed today’s update and stick around for a special feature tomorrow in advance of Lola Marie’s very filthy self spanking and wanking solo debut at AAA Spanking this week – that sure brought a smile to my face knowing what this delightful minx got up to… heh heh! A couple of teasing preview pics are below! members can see the 60 full 1800×1200 resolution image set right now in advance of the film this Wednesday!




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