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I have been so far behind on so many things right now… I haven’t prepared anything for my trip next week, I shall be shopping tomorrow, but that is because I have to do some Xmas shopping (which, I have to admit – I hate) and I wanted to get this out of the way in advance of our American cousins who will already have been making their way home to their loved ones and families as they prepare for Thanksgiving. We have nothing like it here in the UK, Christmas is our family event… to have 2 so close to each other surprises me… but I think it means more to us here, I could be wrong. Anyway… waffling, I don’t have time… so many sites to show and so little time!

I will naturally start with my own as I have just uploaded a great F/F film… and what’s more, it has poor Amber west getting her very first wheelbarrow spanking – fully exposed and no panties, at the cruel humiliating hands of Zoe Page… in this out take pic below i think you can see Zoe is clearly enjoying her work!!! LOL!


This film came in 2 parts and both are already uploaded to the clips store… so OTK lovers (the 1st part) can get off to Zoe’s unique nasty way of spanking her girls… OR … check out Amber’s 1st wheelbarrow spanking… both are in HD-WMV 1280×720 playback… so you get to see all the action very clearly! there’s a free clip shown on the relevant pages of the clips (below)

amberotk AMBERWB

Of course, if you are not into viewing the clips but want to see the full thing along with my site’s latest updates which includes the following, the movie.. 43 HQ full size stills and over 160 1280×720 screen images… do take a look at some samples below, these are all reduced in size to what members get… the full story is also available between the HQ stills and some action shots from the film! Enjoy!

ea10 ea16

ea19 ea21

ea23 ea29

ea33 ea42

Oh Zoe… sniffing knickers again? *tsk!*


An Embarrassing Spanking for Amber

Amber was one of those girls that never really learnt her lesson. She had been warned by Zoe several times that if she wanted to avoid any further trips across her lap then the poor school reports would have to show a remarkable improvement! In fact, Amber’s results were getting worse and her most recent feeble excuses for her latest test failures meant that Zoe had to rethink how to punish this lazy brat The film starts with Amber offering the report and being told she will be punished, she doesn’t argue too much, as she knew she had this coming but thought she could handle the usual punishment that Zoe dished out… until this time! Amber didn’t expect the final humiliating & embarrassing part of her punishment… the dreaded wheelbarrow positional spanking without her precious panties to protect her modesty! We get to see everything Zoe sees close up in this delightfully rude intimate spanking punishment. Amber pleads for this new humiliation to stop but not before we have all had a darned good look and seen her red bottom and private parts up nice and close! Perhaps in future, young Amber might just think twice before suffering another embarrassing spanking like this one!

amber022 amber040

amber045 amber074

amber095 amber113

amber116 amber138

CLICK HERE to view the new free HD clip now showing at the home tour page

(Remember that the offer for the Loyalty membership runs out by Xmas… so hurry!!!)



Ok… and onto a rather quick, but very enjoyable round up of what i have seen so far this week from my colleagues here in the UK. Starting with english Spankers and a rather “gert lush” (as we say from my parts) girl called Bell (or is it Belle?) Her name is irrelevant really, she is stunning and just wait til you see what Mr Stern had to spank… oh my!

npp6042001 npp6042008

npp6042015 npp6042018

npp6042030 npp6042037

npp6042041 npp6042046

npp6042057 npp6042058

Young Bell has been punished by the daily cleaner for her rudeness and untidy behaviour. When her guardian hears of this he decides further punishment is called for. She soon finds herself bent over his knee taking a hard spanking but more is to come. A leather paddle turns her bottom into a mass of pain and leaves one very sorry young teenager with a red bottomCLICK HERE to view a special free HD Spanking Clip of this latest film!


I was waiting until I saw all of this film to show you guys, this is what paul was up to recently at the Crimson Moon Party in Chicago… this was filmed for his site – and it stars the beautiful Sarah Gregory with one of THE most spankable asses around (I should know!) – The rooms at this hotel aren’t very forgiving so plots and visuals have to be based around what is there to be believable… paul came up with a great story for this film as you’ll see below!

NSI121-PS001 NSI121-PS004

NSI121-PS006 NSI121-PS008

NSI121-PS012 NSI121-PS015

NSI121-PS018 NSI121-PS024

Sarah has been rather careless in her extra-marital activities and her husband, Wally B Gregory III has retained the services of one Mr Kennedy, Private Investigator, to keep an eye on his pretty young wife. Well, Kennedy sure does that alright, and his hands, and his paddle! It looks like he may have done this before!


I highly recommend you check out this and more of Sarah and Paul’s work together – HERE


Biker chick Lola Marie gets into all sorts of scrapes in this “Good Samaritan” type film at Dreams of Spanking  though I am sure Lola doesn’t think it is like that at the time… as you’ll see when her friend Tom chastises her after rescuing her in the middle of the night… she needs… and gets…. a lesson taught to her when all becomes clear the next day!

Dreams-of-Spanking_biker006 Dreams-of-Spanking_biker012

Dreams-of-Spanking_biker004 Dreams-of-Spanking_biker013

Dreams-of-Spanking_biker028 Dreams-of-Spanking_biker032

Dreams-of-Spanking_biker034 Dreams-of-Spanking_biker036

Tom isn’t impressed when he gets a midnight call from Lola to pick up her and her bike in his van after she came off the road. While she’s unhurt, her bike’s the worse for wear. When he finds out she’d been drinking, he’s tempted to confiscate her helmet for a few weeks. He’s determined to teach her a lesson one way or another – one even this tough biker girl won’t forget. He gives the outraged Lola a choice: a slow lesson, stay off the road for a couple of months; or quick one, take a 30 stroke thrashing from his belt. Lola doesn’t take long to decide. She’s a biker. She always prefers speed. You can see a free clip of this rather hard belting HERE


Finally today, if only our travelling doctors would do this in real life and sort out the scroungers and cheats on disability and welfare who don’t need it in our country… step up Doctor Bright and her humiliating bag of tricks when this naughty lady is caught out!!! I have to thank Sarah for reminding me that I did a film similar to this (well, the temperature taking scene, at least) with Mishka… (it had been left in a folder on my hard drive as uploaded tot he site, but it sure wasn’t!) so that will now be added to the update schedule although it won’t be out until early next year as I got so many other great films in the pipeline ready to go… only nearly 2 years after I made it, but hey ho… so I, of course, loved this film too! It’s called “The Doctor Calls”

npp6045019 npp6045021

npp6045025 npp6045034

npp6045047 npp6045055

npp6045069 npp6045077

npp6045082 npp6045090

What is the world coming to, the authorities are now sending out doctors fully equipped and ready to dish out hard spankings and punishments to those who just will not obey the laws of the land. When young Charlie lies to get her benefits she does not recon on having to bend over and have her temperature taken with an anal thermometer and even less does she expect to be spanked hard in some very embarrassing positions. That’s what happens and she does not like it one bit as her bare bottom turns bright red and her cries are ignored.

Check out a free preview of this naughty film HERE incl some cool stuff that she’s been making recently!


Fitting that I should end with “the Doctor” as we have just had the special 50th episode of Doctor Who – I am a massive fan… and was very pleased with the event. I know there are those in the States that won’t have seen this or are catching up (isn’t that right, miss Gregory?) so I won’t spoil it… but if you’re into the entire new series, then OMG, you WILL love it!!!

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  • Yeah, I love playing slightly dodgy characters, I wonder why? Sarah played the naughty-young-wife-discovered perfectly. I wonder if there IS a Wally B Gregory III? I hope so!

  • Very nice ,Johni can get on Mikes ones now ,best,Tim.

  • Paul – I am sure there are plenty of Wally B Gregory III’s out there… I still smirk when that old Texan billionaire married Anna Nicole Smith… he just pawed at her and made her do lewd things, good on the ol’ feller. No doubt died with a smile on his face… not that I’m comparing Sarah to Miss Smith… oops! (I’ll be for it!)
    Oh and you play dodgy characters, because… like me, you are essentially a pervert… *giggle*

    Tim: Good to hear you have at last got back onto the sites you’ve paid for :)

  • John a nice video with Zoe spanking Amber a new little spankee ,best from ,Tim.

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