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Another week has FLOWN BY! Unbelievable, the weekend is already here, the weather is still shit outside and raining even harder… I can not wait to get away and enjoy a respite in sunnier and dryer climes! Anyway, here are the latest updates across the internet for your fine perusal and I shall start with my own site first since i had to work hard to get this gorgeous update out starring Sarah Gregory and Joelle Barros… they make such great films together, not just for my own site but others too as I have already mentioned!

This film I just *had* to get out early when I saw the finished edit… why? because it is fricking AWESOME! I loved the way Sarah dominated and took control of a haughty Joelle… Sarah was pretty mean to Joelle… and took delight in punishing her, which got me excited watching it, heh heh! So with the #TrouserArousal in place I had to film at various angles, getting Joelle’s amazing long legs and some great revealing shots of Sarah spanking Joelle without her panties on (oops!). I loved the all4’s position that Joelle ended up in too… and of course those masks they were wearing… the cause of the spanking entertainment for us, dear readers!

Here are some images taken from the movie (both screens and stills)
So you get a good idea of what happens in “Masquerade Spanking.”


m005 m008


m031 m046


m056 m070


m100 m105


Sarah Gregory & Joelle Barros were going to a swish upmarket Masquerade Ball together and Joelle had trusted Sarah to get her the required sophisticated face mask to her exacting requirements. Joelle’s excitement at seeing Sarah’s amazing mask soon faded when she was presented with her own… a cheap looking red effort that was nowhere near her original specs that Sarah had promised she could get from “The Famous Mask Company”. Joelle bitched and whined just as Sarah had hoped as this was really a double payback, she had secretly held a grudge against Joelle from months back and now she had the perfect excuse to spank and punish this stuck up madame as well as ruin her night out at the Masquerade Ball. Joelle’s attendance would be in a crappy looking mask and a very sore spanked and paddled bottom. Features some great cam angles throughout this film and some excellent bitchy banter between these 2 grand spanking dames!

Click on the image below to view 2 versions of what members will see in the full film updates
The full file MP4 version is nearly 19 minutes and just over 1Gb in size!

1920x1080HD-MP4 and 1280x720HD-WMV (for slower connections)



Some of you may have noticed that I have not been in some recent films, I thought it was time to rest my ugly mug from the AAA site for a short while and let you enjoy some F/F films and next week I have a great duo, Paul Kennedy and Alex Reynolds in a loving domestic bliss discipline film…


I remember filming this, it was the last film of the 2 day shared shoot I did with and both Alex and Paul looked lovely together, little did I know that a romance was blossoming… looking at this film you will understand the signs. It kind of reminds me of Sarah and myself when we filmed and played at the Shadowlane party in Vegas last year, the catalyst to our relationship. It will be so nice to meet up with these guys next month! Which brings me nicely onto a new update from with myself and Alex! “Hail to the Chief!”

Dr Osborne has an unconventional method of interviewing potential nursing staff for his private practice! One wonders exactly in what field his specialism lies!


NSI114-JA029 NSI114-JA040

NSI114-JA050 NSI114-JA058

The knickers down spanking can be seen HERE

& of course there is also this great film that members are loving at the moment with Amelia Jane Rutherford and Caroline Gray annoying the hell out of office manager Stephen Lewis in a newspaper romp called “Improving Circulation”


NSI113-SAC012 NSI113-SAC023 NSI113-SAC035

NSI113-SAC043 NSI113-SAC046

NSI113-SAC049 NSI113-SAC058 NSI113-SAC071

Would-be investigative journalists Amelia and Caroline encounter their new Editor for the first time. Stephen Lewis quickly understands why their publication sold just 17 copies last week as he patiently listens to their increasingly wayward story pitches and their bickering. When his patience is finally exhausted, he proposes an idea of his own… Discipline in the workplace!

Click HERE to view the very latest updates from Northern Spanking


There is an interesting F/F film out now at called Schoolgirls gone wild and stars two favourites from this site, Scarlet and Amy… these naughty Dutch schoolgirls get up to all manner of spanky naughtiness… you can see more below – or CLICK HERE and view the film in full now!


ggw9 ggw14 ggw33

ggw34 ggw38 ggw42



I have just one quick update to show you but it is AWESOME as it is from my favourite redhead spankee/spanker and all round exhibitionist extraordinaire… Amber Dawn of – check out the patio paddling and blowjob goodness she gives her very lucky daddy – om nom nom!

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F6ED Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F6E3

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F6CA Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F6D6

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F76D Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F77E

HD42 SpankAmberHD042b

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F78B Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F771

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F776 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F785

Click HERE to see MORE (much more) of Amber’s spanking and bedtime punishments – & remember you get access to all 3 of her sites with the same membership codes so you see all the HOT F/F action too!


Have a great weekend y’all!!! mmmmph! *jiggly*


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  • It’s funny looking back at a film which was made before Paul and I were a couple in which we’re pretending to be one. It’s strikingly similar to how the world turned out to be, like a teaser-trailer for my life or something.

  • Yes Sarah gives a sound spanking to her little friend Joelle ,best ,Tim.

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