Happy Birthday AAA Spanking

Happy 3rd Birthday Triple A Spanking!


Well, I almost forgot, but 3 years ago today, I did a soft opening on the site and then announced it “officially” on the 15th January 2011… so I shall treat today as the 3rd birthday as tomorrow I have many things I need to do, I have also just put myself in a world of shit on the homefront as I broke the news to “Er Indoors” that I will be leaving and as you can imagine that hasn’t gone down too well     <<understatement of the century>> !!

So, let’s just recap some highlights over the years, it’s a darned sight easier to find some of my promotional galleries and if you click on any image you like below, it will lead to some sort of specific gallery about that film… I will choose 10 films from each year for your perusal, so there’s a lot of images from the galleries for you to check out. You can , of course, support and keep this site well and truly alive by taking out a membership, I have kept the prices frozen for now (any monthly recurring membership rebills at under $25 which isn’t bad considering how much data is now stored on the servers – it’s frightening!) The site has something like about 180 odd films and each comes with a massive image gallery and many also have stills and extra image story sets too!

2011 – Featured such spanking stars as Pandora Blake & Leia Ann Woods (at the 1st ever shoot I filmed… I was so nervous at the time and had several no shows for the very 1st shoot… gah!), Jasmine Lau & Kami Robertson at my 2nd filmshoot as well as legendary Donna Davenport & Wynter Sky and debuts at the site later in the year for Danielle Hunt, Jenna Jay & Taylor Richardson! By this time I was well into the swing of things and this boded well for 2012!

001 002

003 004

005 006

007 008

009 010

2012 – I started to get feedback from members and had already been uploading films in the new MP4 HD formats that proved popular, they also wanted more domestic and schoolgirl themes as well as concentrating on girls in pyjamas (which I adore) and this year marked what the site has become known for… the dreaded and revealing wheelbarrow position, with thanks to a stunning series from Mishka Devlin (now retired from the scene but not forgotten). Zoe Page became an instant hit topping and also getting (temporarily) beaten at wrestling by Jenna Jay, newcomer Jessica Jensen and a great intro from Aleesha Fox too. I also featured films from some awesome American spankings stars such as the amazing Sarah Gregory (which was actually filmed in 2011 but many films came out in 2012) and my 1st American filmshoot with Joelle Barros, Nyssa Nevers, Ashley Graham and Carissa Montgomery which came out and were and are still coming out now! I also started to develop themes of punishments in the infamous girl guide uniforms and some more risque and kinky films with cheerleaders (a passion of mine, ahem).

011 012

013 014

015 016

017 018

019 020

2013 – I just realized just how out of control the site has become, this past year I did so many filmshoots and got so many new girls and scenarios in that to give you 10 examples would be unfair so I have upped this to 16 as some great films I made in 2012 weren’t shown, for example, Molly Malone & Amelia Jane Rutherford made some very memorable films with me… I got in an awesome pairing of Amber West and Sophie Parker as well as a fantastic (if chilly) introduction for Alex Reynolds (who I love filming and is possibly one of the sassiest and biggest brats known to mankind, lol). Lola Marie debuted at the site in the summer and has filmed several times since, not to mention the coup of getting over the very lovely Leandra James from Holland, who I hope to work with again in 2014 – then there was the amazing Shadowlane experience – teaming up with Alex again and her buddies Maddy Marks and Christie Cutie, not to mention, of course, Sarah Gregory, which you all know too well what is going on there! I know I have missed out loads of other girls and tops, so I am sorry, it’s just that I am limited in what I can show but you get the idea of just how much this site has developed and is continuing to, I am very excited about 2014…as of my final UK filmshoot with new girl Katie Brown (another exciting debut) all films made will now have an HD1080 option and they have been edited so that they are near Bluray quality… this will become standard and I am sure I will offer this option in Wmv too although the best quality films will always be in MP4 format… it just kicks ass! So check out the remaining 16 films that made 2013 a memorable year for Triple A Spanking!

021 022

023 024

025 026

027 028

029 030

032 034

033 031

035 036

That brings me up to the next update which is coming out (time permitting) tomorrow and it’s a film between Aleesha Fox and Zoe Page. Zoe shows her mean streak as a home owner who shows a disrespectful Aleesha Fox just what happens to rude madames that trespass on her property… this is the 1st part of a Trespass series as the next film (coming out in around a month) features her whacking the living daylights out of naughty Jenna Jay with a carpet beater (the mad carpet beater lady!) Totally whacko and unhinged… Zoe is just barmy but very frightening as you will discover, I loved these films… hope you guys will too! Some preview screen video images are below:

trespass001 trespass002

trespass003 trespass004

trespass005 trespass006

trespass007 trespass008

trespass009 trespass010

Here’s to 2014 and with lots of exciting new ideas that you will see come to fruition throughout this year – and of course the relentless filming schedules bringing you ever more risque and darker storylines, fun, kinky and whacky films with the right girls with yet more cross Atlantic collaborations as well as some new projects and returnees that are featured here (I won’t say who, but I am hoping this works out really well around May Time!). Thanks for reading… Happy Birthday Triple A


happy Birthday Mr Triple A...

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