Loving Discipline

I have had a fantastic afternoon updating my site with this great OTK spanking movie and I absolutely adore it… it’s not a severe punishment video as such, even though Alex Reynolds asks to be spanked… (well, when I say punishment, I mean like corporal punishment) – the spankings in it are as hard as they can be at times, make no mistake about that… the images of Alex’s beautiful red butt are testament to that… but there is something you will feel when you watch this full movie – the chemistry between them both! Obviously they are now a real life couple, Alex has moved to LA and Paul spends what time he can there too… I too, know only full well this type of long distance relationship, but like myself, I am sure the pain of remaining in the UK is offset with the frequent visits we will both be making to America this year. Anyway, I am digressing already… this was filmed nearly a year ago… it was bitterly cold at the time (check out the images of Paul and Alex shivering!) and the studio had heating loss issues which is why they had these industrial size heaters… but they needed to be switched off for filming and I kid you not… within 10 minutes the room we were in would be ice cold again… brr!

IMG_7176 IMG_7296

IMG_7298 IMG_7299

Don’t they make a lovely couple? Shivering in the cold of the studio…

I don’t often feel the cold and am not bothered… but even I felt uncomfortably cold at times so asking Alex to undress was a real task… this was the last film I did of Alex that day and she had 4 days straight of filming spanking movies with her travels between the UK and Holland… so it wasn’t ideal to ask for a judicial caning scene (which made her cry… and of course I felt like utter shit) as I had no idea she was that fragile, you see… I thought Alex was a real trouper and hid things like that well… or I think she did! Paul stepped in and said “let’s do a real nice loving style couple-ly spanking film…” Alex brightened up, I was happy as I then realised I could get some great angles of this OTK film by teetering on the edge of the red sofa with a hand held cam – and as can sometimes happen, an impromptu film can often be one of your best as it is just unexpected. the film itself was nothing special plot wise, it was just Alex asking for her spanking (coyly at first)… no, it’s the chemistry I started to view as the spanking took place. I’m really crap at sussing out when things are “going on”, or other people’s signals in general (go back to me asking Alex about the judicial film) but even I felt that something could develop… if it was allowed to. I have resisted flings and affairs with models in the past, it’s not my thing, it really isn’t… of course, Sarah is different – things like that just hit you out of the blue and you realise that this would not be a fling or whatever… anyway, digressing again, aren’t I?

In conclusion, it’s a simple film, has fantastic chemistry and I think I shot some great pics (some of which you can see below) of Alex too and of course, check out her beautiful red sore spanked bottom – bliss!

loving_discipline001 loving_discipline002

loving_discipline003 loving_discipline005

loving_discipline006 loving_discipline007

loving_discipline009 loving_discipline011

Alex admitted to Paul that she had been naughty and was strongly hinting that she needed a spanking. However, her hints weren’t working at first until Paul asked her what she wanted… of course he knew what Alex required, this was play discipline at home. He liked to hear her ask him to spank her! So he could not hide his grin as she coyly told him what she needed and that she had been a very naughty girl! This is a loving grown up discipline spanking movie that has Paul spank Alex over his lap, smacking her bare bottom in all the right places to ensure that he left his mark and rubbed her burning cheeks better afterwards. You can feel the chemistry between these two before they became a real life couple… witness what it’s like to imagine Paul and Alex playing together at home


Below are 6 images taken directly from the film… think of me teetering on the edge of that sofa, I almost fell over several times, lol! The things I do for better cam angles!

loving_discipline003 loving_discipline011 loving_discipline023

loving_discipline033 loving_discipline039

loving_discipline058 loving_discipline068 loving_discipline077



This film is also available in 2 parts in the same WMV 1280×720 Quality at the Clips Store HERE



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  • Alex is a cute little spankee girl ,very pleasant spanko ,look forwardto her vids here ,best,TIm.

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