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More storms and rainfall equivalent to a whole month coming in over 1 day is about to dump on us yet again and add to already flooded areas on the eastern side of The Atlantic with more waves battering and destroying our poor coastal defences and flooding more communities…. however, on the western side, huge ice storms are moving from the southern states up to Maine … dumping huge amounts of snow in the process. Climate change is being talked about in the UK, it would appear our future winters could mean more wind and severe rainfalls (Friday’s winds are expected to exceed over 100mph in places which is basically hurricane force) and the north of our country experienced the bad weather, finally… with very high winds causing much structural damage. Once again, I had a power outage at one point today due to the bad weather… this update is shortened and so I hope to get it out right now. So enough of the weather… lets show you 2 amazing cheergirl updates out this week which should cheer us up both sides of the Atlantic.

First up is cheerleader Lola Marie looking absolutely stunning in her blue uniform

The Cheeky Cheerleader – at AAA Spanking


This film is actually a sort of 2 parter, we loved filming Lola in this so much that Dodgy Dave wanted to “have a go” with spanking Lola in this delightful outfit, so there is a short sharp shock film coming soon with Lola (again)… Dave and I have got to know Lola quite well. This was a film that I really liked, apart from me being fortunate to spank Lola’s iron butt, I knew I could spank it as hard as I wanted. To be honest, this girl really can take a hard punishment session and it’s quite a challenge which I love taking on… I have no doubt that I will be working with Lola again later this year and have some great ideas planned for her, but of course I will keep this under wraps, can’t have everyone stealing my ideas, lol! Check out these stills images, members get much larger resolution and the HD film, of course!

lola002 lola003


lola005 lola007 lola008

lola009 lola012


Lola took some rather hard and stinging shots to her upper and inner thighs with the Kent Hairbrush when she answered back and continued to be cheeky (sassy) – I had no choice and this soon made Lola a darned more contrite than before!!! This is a really good spanking film that I am rather proud of, it has the right amount of dialog (not too much) and a lot of spanking action with some sustained spankings and hair brush moments that will keep you interested and stop those who fast forward to the action…. add to that you get to see Lola very intimately and it’s a special feature #TrouserArousal edition! 🙂

lola014 lola016

lola018 lola019


See the new free HD clip of this film HERE

If you only want to download the film then you can do so right now below (in HD-WMV) at the Clips Store



I’m becoming quite the cheergirl afficionado – some of you might recognize Lola’s uniform was based on the series One Tree Hill with the Ravens being represented… and below that the iconic uniform from the hit show Glee (I had bought one of these in the past) comes to the stage at as you will see further below with Clover looking oh so very spankable in the red and white uniform!




Clover is the team’s newest cheer leader and is so pleased with her new uniform she can’t wait to show it off to her Aunt. The reaction she got was not what she expected, her Aunt is in a very spiteful mood and says  has a present for her. It is a wicked looking leather paddle. She insists on trying it out on Clovers bottom there and then, poor clover has to bend over and put her bare bottom in the air and take a real hard paddling leaving her red and most unhappy.

npp6049007 npp6049009

npp6049016 npp6049018

npp6049030 npp6049040

npp6049044 npp6049052

npp6049055 npp6049061

You can see a full HD clip of Clover’s cheerleader paddling HERE


Next week, Monday Wednesday and Friday is THE Wheelbarrow spanking Festival! Don’t miss it!!!

Remember follow me on Twitter as I shall be placing updates exclusively there and info on shoots as and when they happen and my trip details next week when I visit Vegas and Los Angeles (click image below to view and join me on Twitter)

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  • Young Clover gets big spanks from Sarah for naughtiness ,best,Tim.

  • John I follow you on twitter with others ,best,TIm.

  • Thanks Tim… I shall be updating it soon with extras such as when I am away in Vegas and LA so you can all see what we are doing 🙂 far easier than using the blog every 5 mins!

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