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I am sorry that I didn’t get this out sooner… my time had been taken up with something I would rather not spend a damn second on, sorting out a piracy site rip I had to deal with… over 90 minutes of my precious time spent on it. I am rather angry, as you can imagine. Anyway, enough of that, here is the latest film to appear at my site and it is now out in fullto download in both HD formats of WMV and MP4. It stars a newcomer to the online scene, and these films I made with Joey are probably the only ones she will do, which is sad, as her Fetlife account was removed not too long after I filmed with her last September. In the intro film, Joey explained to us what she had been doing the night before, as most of us had been doing, we all were “playing” – getting spanked or doing the spanking and such. It’s what happens at “spanking” parties, eh?Anyway, after her explanation, she told us she had really been whacked hard, her bottom had a few marks on it, but those of a “player” so it wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated.

Joey had a very spankable rear as you will see from these images below, with both stills and actual image footage taken from the movie. This film kick started my day spent with “Sir Dave of Dodge”, in a fun filled spankfest as we made plenty of films that Saturday morning and afternoon!


This was the very 1st film we made when Triple A attended the 2013 Shadowlane Party. Two lovely “Texan gals” were contacted in advance and we caught up with them both on the opening nights to arrange a time and place in amongst all the serious play that went on at such events! Joey, featured in this film, was our 1st Texan lady to appear at our site and had a “mighty purrty” bottom. She had never been to a large event like this so was enjoying all the attention of getting her bottom spanked on a regular basis for being naughty, something she proudly showed us before we got down to business, bringing back all the red bottom marks from the previous night back with a good solid OTK hand spanking and hairbrush punishment. Meeting Joey was a genuine pleasure from a real player who could take the punishment she was given without too much talking back or bratting which she had admitted she was often guilty of and was learning quickly what happened every time she got real sassy!

joey04 joey06


joey13 joey27


joey25 joey34


joey50 joey56

Just because this was Joey’s first film, I didn’t let up on the intensity of her spanking, she got a good hard spanking over my lap followed by a hard hairbrush punishment that almost had her in tears from the start, Joey had the perfect reactions… and this soon woke her up, I can tell you!

You can see a free HD clip of this spanking introduction HERE

Or if you prefer, download the full HD film at the Clips Store (see below)


Remember too that “Freaky Friday – aka Fappers Friday” is upon us at AAA – will today be your lucky day? I’ll let you know by Saturday if it is for members as the film in question will not appear on the outside tour pages of the site as this is a special bonus feature… offering you an additional film, on a random Friday of each month from now on, as a bonus for members so you’d get a film extra – FOR FREE!



I feel like I have been wasting my time on occasion… and it certainly doesn’t help that one of our biggest and most innovative mobile phone companies here in the UK have started a fantastic Ad Campaign that is hilarious (well, I think so) where they are encouraging you to sign up to their network so you can get 0800 numbers for free (currently we pay for the freephone services in the UK on our mobile networks) but not this one anymore…. and they have 0pened up plenty of freephone sillyness to waste your time on… such as being able to play games , look up and experience weird words courtesy of a singing choir, or other daft time wasting ideas like this one on the “Time Wasting Phoneline” that I love to bits. The first I’m featuring below is part of the “No, You hang up!” game… this is hilarious and I love the girls reactions when they are playing it… you’ll soon understand what I am on about (below)

& here are some brief update news from some other sites of extreme interest, ladies and gentlemen!

At Sarah Gregory Spanking there are a couple of updates you should take note of… the conclusion to the awesome film with Amelia Jane Rutherford see Johnny and Sarah teach this naughty maid a lesson… followed by Sarah at her bratty best… daring to spank Paul Rogers in his sleep which guarantees he gives her a harder spanking back!!!

0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal3-001 0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal3-011

0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal3-017 0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal3-019

0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal3-024 0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal3-027

Johnny and Sarah are not happy at all to return to their hotel room after a nice evening out to the maid trying on Sarah’s expensive lingerie. Johnny threatens to call security and Amelia doesn’t want that and says she will do anything. Well, she didn’t know that taking a hard spanking and strapping was what she was in for…


“Bratty Sarah” is the 2nd film update featured below…

0156_bratty_sarah_grabs1-002 0156_bratty_sarah_grabs1-005 0156_bratty_sarah_grabs1-016

This is the perfect example of how Sarah and Paul’s relationship is. Sarah Brats and then gets spanked. Here she brats by giving Paul a spanking while he is asleep. Not what he was wanting by any means. She gets a spanking back in return, but longer and harder. This is a hard spanking, but there is still playful banter.

0156_bratty_sarah_grabs1-034 0156_bratty_sarah_grabs2-001

0156_bratty_sarah_grabs2-012 0156_bratty_sarah_grabs2-018

0156_bratty_sarah_grabs2-031 0156_bratty_sarah_grabs2-037

See MORE of Sarah’s latest naughty exploits and film updates HERE


Want another time wasting fun video ? Why not? How about this free “Nicknaming” Service? Just wait til you hear what they come up with, the poor girl isn’t too happy… but her boyfriend in the background thinks it is amusing!!!

he he… I love these ads, don’t you? OK, and onto another update…  Ashley is a newcomer at and she looks stunning in her tight skimpy outfit, and looks even better draped over Sarah Bright’s lap getting a good hard spanking and strapping!


Beauty queen Ashley comes along to the sexy cleaning company and says she wants to be a ladies sexy maid. Never having been spanked before we think it would be great to see her in that situation and so after some great bending and up skirt shots we get her bottom spanked and paddled by a very nasty lady in deed who knows just how to treat naughty maids.

npp6095019 npp6095032 npp6095041


npp6095047 npp6095051

npp6095055 npp6095058


Check out teh free clip and all the very latest updates HERE


My final act today is one more random 0800 Freephone nonsense I hope you like 🙂

“Bumfuzzle!” the random word chosen in the Singing Dictionary phoneline, lol! Enjoy!

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  • Hahaha!! I *really* miss British telly!

  • Joey looks a nice new spankee girl ,best from ,TIm.

  • Ashley is a cute new girl well spanked by Sarah at English spankers ,best,Tim.

  • It is strange I cannot get on bars and stripes site even the actual before members page,best,Tim.

  • You should have access now, I talked to the “Gov” and he told me that they had upgraded their servers so this process took some time to transfer all the data over.

    Likewise it is something I am going to have to do very soon as my current server is running out of hard drive space! These things happen.

  • Thanks John ill try again ,best from ,Tim.

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