Easter Weekend Spankings

Here’s to the weekend, folks! I have a quick selection of spanking content I am sure you will appreciate from all over the globe… I don’t have much time so will limit each site I am showing you to no more than 8 images and the story to that particular film i am showcasing for you! Let’s roll….

At SarahGregorySpanking.com – “Chastised cheerleader” with Casey Calvert & Sarah Gregory.
These are screen grabs from the early part of the film, and the later part is VERY pervy and awesome – trust me… I was there filming it with a bulging and uncomfortable trouser bump! You will NOT want to miss this great bitchy girl on girl spanking film with cheer uniforms thrown in for that added spanking spice!

0158_cheer_girl_chastised_grabs1-008 0158_cheer_girl_chastised_grabs1-013

0158_cheer_girl_chastised_grabs1-018 0158_cheer_girl_chastised_grabs1-020

0158_cheer_girl_chastised_grabs1-022 0158_cheer_girl_chastised_grabs1-024

0158_cheer_girl_chastised_grabs1-025 0158_cheer_girl_chastised_grabs1-030

Sarah calls rival cheer-girl, Casey, to come over to retrieve her pom poms that were left at a game. Sarah has an ulterior motive; to convince this bitchy cheerleader to be a bit nicer. Casey has a reputation of being a bitch to everyone, including members of her own squad and this is well known. Sarah has devised a punishment and blackmail that will soon make Casey change her bitchy ways.


Brand new and coming to the stage next at Spanked-in-Uniform.com for all you catholic discipline lovers… this section is called “The Bellview Catholic School for Girls” and the 1st new films shows us a catholic nun/schoolgirl punishment as you’ll see below:

episode1_IMG_0112 episode1_IMG_0116

episode1_IMG_0117 episode1_IMG_0123


episode1_IMG_0125 episode1_IMG_0127

Sister Cheyenne has been hired by principal Johnson to be the new history teacher. On her first day she is told that corporal punishment is used at Bellview and that she has to dish it out for every infringement.  To make sure she knows how to spank properly the principal let her spank Julie who has been naughty. She did not disappoint and Julie left with a very sore bottom.


A recent showing at Firmhandspanking.com was this lovely and very erotic schoolgirl punishment – with tight bouncing buns bared… Stephanie takes a 223 swat ping-pong paddling! (see below)

private_cc004 private_cc005

private_cc008 private_cc009

private_cc010 private_cc015

private_cc022 private_cc024

School uniform skirt up, cotton panties down, stunning senior Stephanie Murray bends over to be spanked 233 times with a ping-pong paddle by Dani Daniels. YUM! “I can’t believe I’ve been spanked three times in my first week of school,” she says. Nor can we!


Alex Reynolds and Zoe Page are currently showing at Northernspanking.com and it’s a fantastic bullying film from Zoe who is just so HOT at these type of roles… and of course Alex looks great in jodphurs and her panties in this embarrassing submission of wills to Zoe in the title Horsewhipped!

NSI107-MZX026 NSI114-ZA003

NSI114-ZA008 NSI114-ZA025

NSI114-ZA021 NSI114-ZA024

NSI114-ZA030 NSI114-ZA033

Stable girl Alex makes the terrible mistake of borrowing Miss Zoes horse without asking. As if asking would have made a difference! Miss Zoe is the stable owners daughter and will stand for no infringement of her privilege. And so poor Alex must be soundly horsewhipped!



Finally from English-Spankers.com a stern test for glamour puss Ashley… as you’ll see below!

npp6096030 npp6096045

npp6096052 npp6096058

npp6096066 npp6096070

npp6096076 npp6096077

Beautiful glamour queen Ashley should be doing the housework but instead is drinking and smoking, she is sure to get caught. Well it had to happen and now she must pay the price. She has been spanked and now she is going to feel real pain. First the leather razor strop and then a nasty, wicked multi stranded cane, the application of these two instruments has the desired effect.


Have a good weekend… I will be filming a new girl to my site tomorrow, in fact, she has never filmed anywhere online until NOW… I’m very excited and will try to get you some previews if I can very soon after our filming session! Enjoy the Spring-like weather wherever you are… image below provided courtesy of a kindly gent 🙂


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