Springtime Spankings Remembered

I just wanted to repost this below as I have been looking up to see if there are still bluebells in my area like the ones I saw a few years back when I posted about it… it’s really an amazing sight and as Britain has over HALF of the world’s bluebell population growing on woodland floors… I thought Sarah might want to see something unique… I have checked out 2 possible locations and will keep it quiet… she has shopping she wants to do as well, it’s going to be a busy time when she comes over!

Here is the post below as well as keeping the original things I blogged about at teh time (as they’re still pretty well damned hot and you might want to check out more of that too!)

… I wanted to share with you some images of another thing I love about Springtime, and especially here in England… the beautiful bluebell covered woods we get (apparently England contains over half the world’s bluebells on this tiny island… and I feel so lucky to have seen this amazing spectacle in a wood near to where I live… see below).

Awww, wasn’t that pretty? It kind of inspired me to write up this piece today, showing you what I think are some outstanding spanking updates and recently viewed content by me of some amazing girls and their beautifully captured spanking movies! So in no particular order of favoritism, I start today with FirmHandSpanking who have produced some amazing updates with 3 girls I am infatuated with… so it’s a good place to start!

Samantha Woodley gets a mouth-soaping as well as hard spanking in her latest “Learning Curve” movie update! She’s stolen and she’s lied. Her beautiful bare bottom stings from 74 strokes with a rattan loop, before Eric Strickman puts a bar of soap in her mouth and spanks those amazing tempting cheeks as she’s prostrate and exposed face down in shame. This is a lesson she won’t soon forget & neither will we looking at this!

I’m beginning to warm to Mr Strickman’s unique style when he uses the strap or belt against his female underlings… and when it’s the delicious Goldie Rosemont receiving 147 spectacular strokes with an Irish school strap… then you know that this will teach her a memorable lesson for failing a physics class in the latest from the “Reform School” series. In my opinion – One of the best ever movies starring Goldie, you’ll see her legs starting to give way and some amazing “slo-mo” replays that don’t miss any of the action!

Finally, the girl that should come with a warning: “View with extreme caution” – Michaela McGowen *swoon*… bad results on a test and failing grades? Oh dear, she is made to bend over for a bottom bouncing 30 swats with a nasty leather paddle. Counselor John Ryan won’t take disrespect: & it’s panties down after 10! (hoorah!) – This movie features a fantastic “Reaction Cam” replay which show classic Michaela and includes much loved bonus “slo-mo” replays of her amazing jiggling butt cheeks getting thrashed!

You can see FREE previews of stunning Michaela, Goldie & Samantha HERE


This week at SpankingServer – who should I notice than this fantastic movie scene starring the very girl I raved about… Sandra Sanchez. See what I mean from the image stills of the movie as she reveals a stunning toned body and tight butt cheeks getting a hard strapping over the bench, her bottom and privates fully exposed!!!

See HERE what is available to download in week 16 including this movie of Sandra Sanchez!


Remember this? (below) – The 1st showing of ex Penthouse Pet – Veronica Ricci!

Now this is something special! Clare Fonda has really upped the quality of her girl spankings with the addition of this ex Penthouse Pet – and of course I am totally “in lurrrve” as she is also a smoking hot red head chick (who you know I have a real thing for!) If this girl doesn’t turn you to the “Red Side” then nothing will… perhaps seeing her pale skin and red speckled bottom (something redheaded girls react beautifully to when their bottoms are spanked!) will do it for you! I am UTTERLY smitten!

Below is a cover image from Veronica’s own website!

What you will see below is taken from SpankedSweeties.com – Clare’s site that focuses on 1st time girls (Veronica is a glamour model who, as far as I can see, makes her spanking debut with Clare’s websites)… this site also focusses on the girls fantasies and real time stories that they enact out and veronica recalls her school days and spankings that her mom & Dad gave her…

What can I say? Veronica has totally STOLEN my heart… please be prepared for MAJOR trouser upheaval as you view this most sexy girl recalling her early spanking experiences at home (O-M-G!)

These images above only scratch the surface of what members at SpankedSweeties can see right now!
If Clare spanks & takes her temperature rectally afterwards I will positively EXPLODE!

If that wasn’t enough… Clare has seen fit to update Veronica at her hugely popular site GirlSpanksGirl.com and my blood pressure is bursting… see why in more choice stunning early preview pics I have for you and you’ll see why Veronica Ricci has the Ass from Heaven! veronica in “Daisy Dukes”…? OMG Clare… that’s just not fair *BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!*

Did I mention just how stunning and naughty Veronica was? Think the above images show you proof of that *BOOOM!!!* Check out this very latest spanking movie out now for members of GirlSpanksGirl.com

Remember that you can choose the massively popular option of Clare’s sites via her infamous CLARE FONDA PASS which gives you more of her sites for little more than a normal monthly option or the best value longer term memberships… just make sure you have enough spare space on your hard drive… Trouser-rousal-riffic! 😀

Check out this option at the multi site pass below


Another ever so cute girl that caught my eye recently was fair haired schoolgirl Sally at English-Spankers.com who is given a most evil punishment by her aunt… in this film in 2 parts (both are now out in FULL)… unsurprisingly called “Wicked Aunt” – and having a stunning niece like Sally… well, her own unique beauty just invites trouble on herself as you’ll see from these exclusive spanking & slippering images I have for you below from Sally’s bedroom!

If your head hasn’t fallen off with this utterly cute girl overload today… dare ye take a further look at the home page of English Spankers and actually view the free movie previews? If you’re brave – CLICK HERE


Finally today, yet MORE stunning images from Japan! Words… as usual can not describe the sheer beauty of these spankings as you’ll see below when the long suffering Maid Servant series continues as this gorgeous young rich brat dishes out the dirt behind Mother’s back and treats her maid like a spanking play-toy as she straps her servant for her own twisted pleasure at any hour of the day she sees fit! Hmmm. think I’d love to see this girl get a thrashing soon (you just know that Cutiespankee WILL do a revenge series… they read our minds, lol!)

See the FREE Movie previews shown on the home page HERE


Don’t you just love Springtime? Summer is almost here!!!



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  • John just back from a few days in Devonshire ,nice hotel ,the funny thing was in the corridor was a birch rod on a shelf.Yes young Veronica is a beautiful spankee girl who has great vids,best,Tim.

  • You should have taken a picture of it, Tim. Glad you had a nice time in Devon… my favourite county, since I am from there (unbiased, of course!)

  • Yes perhaps for naughty waitresses ,yes Devon and Cornwall are very nice and Somerset of course ,we had bluebells in our village ,best,Tim.

  • What part of Devon are you from ?

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