3 sassy schoolgirls!

It’s been a long long day, in fact, it’s been a long week, it has dragged out. I have been away from the blog but not through choice, I had a lot of chores that needed doing around the house, a new door, now painted, new locks fitted, even beautiful stained glass effects replacing the old frosted window panes (the pattern is awesome and it’s a transfer film over the glass but it looks like the real thing… how sad am I that I am raving about this? lol) – not just that but there are a 1001 things that need doing and I never have enough time… so I try to divide it between the sites/blogging and what is necessary at home or learning new things online ย ๐Ÿ™‚


So here is the latest update I released earlier today – be thankful I haven’t wittered on about the football or the summer solstice like I normally would… let’s just get on with an amazing 3 girl film update which I filmed last year at the Shadowlane Party in Vegas. We only had one daylight box with us and had to rely on natural light elsewhere but it has still held up well, and as it stars Alex Reynolds, Christy Cutie AND Maddy Marks together… these 3 girls were quite a handful! Almost too much, in fact. This was the last big film of what was a busy day for me so I was starting to flag… perhaps the girls ย knew they could brat a little more, be really sassy… I just hadn’t bargained on how sassy… oh my! It’s about 20 minutes long and by the end, the girls bottoms are glowing red and they are far more contrite… but it wasn’t easy getting there from the bedlam of how it started where they were comparing their very cute panties and generally being as bratty as they could! Check out these images below which compliment the film, I have also got you some screen images at the end too with a short free clip which gives you an idea of what this film is all about! I can remember it like I had made it yesterday, and knowing what I do now, I think I’d have been far meaner if it was filmed elsewhere… girls if you are reading this, beware, Mr Osborne will only allow so much fooling around! However, as it was at the Party… I think the film was entirely appropriate and I enjoyed making it immensely, I had to try and stop smiling at times and concentrate – hmmm, so undignified! (hehe) – ย See the gorgeous images we took of the film (below):

a002 a003

a004 a005

a006 a007

a008 a009

a010 a011

Alex Reynolds, Christy Cutie & Maddy Marks had been summoned to meet the new English teacher, Mr Osborne, who was assigned punishment duty for these repeat offendors for his very first time. Talk about dropping him in at the deep end! The girls were real brats, proud of their irresponsible behaviour and were even caught comparing their flagrantly non regulation panties to each other when Mr Osborne arrived for their detention punishment. The girls were near on impossible for him to discipline effectively together like this and he had thought about taking them one by one to the basement for a real tearful one on one discipline session but it would be time consuming and he didn’t want to come across as too strong during his first day on the job. So he decided to try and humble the girls by spanking them in front of each other and making them just a little more contrite. However, the girls continued to brat and laugh until it was the turn of Alex and he brought out the bathbrush when his patience wore thin which soon silenced their giggling and sniggering. The final act saw all their bared bottoms placed together when they were finally starting to understand that their continued poor behaviour was unacceptable and he had them kneeling on the couch and had a good look at his handiwork. Mr Osborne asked them to remain silent and contrite whilst he went away to fetch the discipline paperwork which they would sign at the end of their detention.


& below are a few actual screen images from the film plus a free clip!

3schoolgirls002 3schoolgirls038

3schoolgirls088 3schoolgirls095

3schoolgirls140 3schoolgirls143

3schoolgirls169 3schoolgirls173



This film can also be viewed to download as a one off event (it is in 2 action clips at teh moment but the full length version will be out later today as well) CLICK HERE for the clips store (or go to the banner below)

click here for all the latest clips


Don’t forget I am now offering DVDs (finally) – which you can purchase from the link HERE or banner below – check out the films and genres that are covered, from Wheelbarrow Spanking & Schoolgirl or Cheerleader Collections to popular models from my site such as Kami Robertson, Sarah Gregory & Mishka Devlin.




Back later with yet more cool POV news and updates from other sites of interest ๐Ÿ™‚


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  • This was such a fun scene to film! So many good memories. I think it may be my sassiest scene ever. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • John I love this new one withthese super girls who are im pleasedto say are friends of mine we chat ,checking their knicks together then spanked of course ,best from ,Tim.

  • Hi Alex – indeed it was fun and challenging to make, I miss you girlies! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Tim – this is a really good film, how I made it to the end, I’ll never know, lol!

  • Chief, how can you stand it?! Having all those bare bottoms over your knee, all that variety, all those pussies right in your face! You must catch quite a few good whiffs of pussy while you are “working”…does it ever lead to sex? (well, with Sarah, I’m quite sure it must have) or is it strictly “professional?” I find the whole idea of your job quite fascinating. Where do you find these girls, that are willing to bare their naughty little bottoms and everything else, for a few quid, or a few bucks, and have their bottoms reddened on the big screen, for all to see? Are they strictly “exhibitionists”, or are they into other stuff too, like sex for money, etc….? They all look so “innocent”, but as we all know, looks are very deceiving! LOL!

  • Rick behave lol ,best to John ,Tim.

  • Thank you Tim. LOL

    Rick, most girls contact me on my model ad page or via Fetlife… or if I need girls/news girls i put out casting calls for spanking shoots etc… it’s what most producers like myself do. The girls I hire should ideally be into spanking, I rarely take girls that do it just for the money. If it was real porn, then it is easier, but I don’t like spanking girls that don’t really understand or get off on why they are being spanked. Plus it makes for crap films as the girls will only be able to take love taps which is pointless if you are “punishing” them.

    I am also very professional, unlike the dipshit brothers I once worked for years ago who would try and fuck every girl that appeared at their sites (to varying degrees of success) – so apart from Sarah, who is my partner… no. That’s not to say I don’t get turned on, of course I do, it’s all part of it… if it turns me on and I find it erotic or sexual then I know my members will too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks Chief! A perfect analog of that is what I do with my weekend cover band….I’ve been playing drums for 48 years, played it all been there, done that, as they say. So when I choose cover tunes for our band, I look at it that if I get off on playing the song, as “burned out” as I am after all these years, then the public will be sure to like it as well! If I’m having fun, then so are they, in other words….it’s a good formula! -Rick

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