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bearsWould you like to be teased with some amazing spanking action? Would you like to watch some very hot girls get spanked? Do bears shit in the woods? Well, these and many more questions (well not the  bear one), I  will attempt to answer in this post today as I get you a brief catch up of what you may have missed that has come out this past week! There’s some cracking stuff, I covered my latest film update previously, and to let you know, at my site it is the FREAKY FRIDAY event tomorrow… meaning an additional film not advertised on the front of the site will be available for members… I’ll bring you news of what it was over the weekend but members will get to see that tomorrow in addition to the usual Friday update, of course, one of the benefits and rewards of being an AAA member! 🙂

The POV style films on my clip store got another new film update yesterday and there are 3 available formats for you to choose from in HD WMV – MP4 or MOV 1920×1080 playback. It is taken from YOUR perspective as you watch your pricktease schoolgirl cousin urge and egg you on as she strips and wants you… but she’s done this before, she is such a tease… however this time, it looks like she really is horny and wants you, it could be your lucky day, especially as she wants to be spanked and shows you how she likes it. The camera is your eyes as you struggle to take in the sight of her masturbating, showing you what she is made of and encouraging you to play with yourself before she spanks herself on her bare bottom telling you she wants YOU to do it next… upstairs in her bedroom… while her mum and dad are out! Oh boy!!! See some screen images of the action in naughty Chessie’s parents kitchen!

Pricktease Spanking – Out now to download HERE


chessie002 chessie003

chessie004 chessie005

chessie006 chessie007


chessie009 chessie010 chessie011

chessie012 chessie013

chessie014 chessie016


See all the POV style films in various formats and POV styles from YOUR perspective as a spanker or spankee or even as a Peeping Tom! There are also some wheelbarrow and close up style films… though of course these are not strictly POV but we do point that out (they are of a POV style but not true from YOUR perspective) despite some miserable people unable to read and complaining in the past… we cover 2 styles from your perspective Spankee/Spanker and we carefully explain each and every film that is now produced, so check out the store and see for yourself 🙂

I even have a short clip so you can see Chessie in action (see below)


I really like this couple next from – they make a great couple.. he’s her good looking other half and can be quite stern when required, she  just needs discipline as you’ll discover from the latest updte from this site when Jonny Stockton arrives home to find young wife Stacy sunbathing nude outside in their yard!


Stacy has the perkiest sexy titties and a gloriously spankable bubble butt!

domestic_bc003 domestic_bc005

domestic_bc008 domestic_bc011

domestic_bc013 domestic_bc017

domestic_bc018 domestic_bc024


Stacy’s hot nude body is soaking up rays out back of their home when husband Jonny comes home early. He doesn’t want her displaying her creamy bubble butt to the world, so spanks and whips it 155 times with a riding whip! That’s strict Domestic Discipline.

CLICK HERE to view the free clip of Stacy’s riding crop punishment on that sweet tight ass!



There’s talk in our country of Doctors surgeries becoming full to capacity and therefore waiting times might be extended to unacceptable levels – well… sorry about the fact that we might be ill!!! Disinvestment and an open door immigration policy in the UK hasn’t helped these last 15-20 years… but maybe this could be the answer! Doctor Sarah Bright seems to have found a cure for Aleesha’s woes! (film clip below) Now showing at

Lovely Aleesha Fox is just not a well woman, she is so ill in fact that she can’t possible report for work. That’s the story but then Dr. Sarah, that’s me comes on the scene and give her a good stiff talking to followed by a pretty hard spanking on her delectable bottom. Not satisfied that she has fully understood the message I decide that I will have to set about that bottom with a leather slipper paddle. This soon has the desired effect.

npp6075007 npp6075021

npp6075023 npp6075025

npp6075037 npp6075039

npp6075040 npp6075042

npp6075043 npp6075044


Next up today is tearful new girl Laci Star at

172Laci decided that it was too nice a day to waste attending school. She was fresh from her shower, while making plans with her friends to go on a shopping excursion when her Aunt Veronica returned home to get papers from her office. She had heard Laci on the phone and was appalled at how little her niece appreciated the education that was being provided to her. Using the hairbrush that Laci was holding, Aunt Veronica knew how to get to the seat of the matter. She quickly tore the towel off of the brat and took the naked girl over her lap for a very special lesson.

Despite the fact that Laci had cut school, she received much in the way of education that day. She learned quickly that pain overwhelms concerns over modestly and that her Aunt Veronica is a very stern disciplinarian. Determined to teach her spoiled brat of a niece a lesson, she spanked the naked girl very hard with the hairbrush she took from her hand despite pleas and promises from the girl that she would be good hence. At one point, the brush slipped from Veronica’s hand. Laci had hoped that would end her torment but Veronica simply carried on by using her hand upon the girl’s burning bottom. Following her spanking Laci was made to stand in the corner. Naked and with her bottom feeling as if it were on fire, Laci felt vulnerable, despondent and humiliated…

lacibath001 lacibath002 lacibath003

laci001 laci002 laci003


laci005 laci006


laci007 laci008 laci009

See MORE of naughty Laci’s film “Value Your Education” HERE



Finally today, another “adventure” in the life of tiny 90lb barely 5fy tall Persaphone… as she recalled this punishment below with her mother (played here by the awesome Clare Fonda) in a slippering, OTK and mouth soaping discipline session that she admitted was kind of typical of her life growing up… it wasn’t something she wanted to recreate to start with but with Clare Fonda playing her mother in this scene… how could she not agree to? The result is an amazing film and we get to see Persaphone’s tiny butt take quite a pounding from the shoe and Clare’s hand over “mommy’s lap!” –  This film is available to download only at

pers001 pers002

pers003 pers004

pers005 pers006


pers008 pers009 pers010


pers012 pers013

pers014 pers015

Doing humiliating cornertime was meant to help her focus on what had just happened!


& as promised, the awful mouthsoaping that she hated so much…

pers018 pers019 pers020


View the various intro films and unique growing up punishments of this slight girl…
exclusive to

This site is part of the top value Clare Fonda Pass – 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost!



I will be back tomorrow with many more spanking updates and films, so don’t go far… and it only remain  for me to say “Well Done USA” on qualifying for the knock out stage of the World Cup (even though the Germans looked like they were toying with you guys and saving themselves… you made it in a really tough group!)
You are now my team I have been following since the disgraceful exit of my own country’s overpaid wastrels… still we leave alongside the “world champions” Spain, Italy (4 times winners and finalists 7 times – yet now failed to leave the group stages on the last 2 tournaments!) & Portugal but to name a few high profile countries leaving early… and of course Uruguay are without serial biter Suarez so won’t go much further in the competition, hopefully.

USA!!!! USA!!!! USA!!!! 🙂


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  • God, I wish I had YOUR job! My Wife always says, “surely there’s something you can do at your age!” (I’m 59…) I play in a rock band some weekends, and I have a small business, but we’re not doing great…but “smacking bottoms” for a living would be my ideal job, except maybe being a medic and vaccinating young ladies in their bottoms! LOL!

  • Well, currently this is now my only job since no employer would take me on even part time if I told them I wanted 6-7 weeks off July and August, then a few weeks more later this year to go visit America again then again early next year etc etc… so I am well and truly in the small business racket too! Just hope my site can keep a roof over my head too, it wasn’t designed to be doing that! Some people are under the impression we small independent spanko producers are Quids in – if only they knew the real story!

    Best way people can support me is to buy a membership so I can keep on producing content 🙂

  • John has young Chessy been on AAA SPANKINGS or might she be ,she is certainly very naughty ,.Stacey is a cute little spankee,best,Tim.

  • She will be featuring later this year, Tim. She is away at the moment.

  • John I am retired too but you have AAA spanking and Spanking Blogg and others to cheer us up .Nice that young Chessy will appear later on ,best,Tim.

  • I am looking forward to working with Chessie & friends later this year, I think you and my esteemed members will too! 🙂

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