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countdownThe countdown to the World Cup Final is nearing an end… those of you who are Brazilian or hate soccer will be breathing a collective sigh of relief as it will soon be over for another 4 years. However, I promised I wouldn’t drone on about that (it’s easy when only Germany and Argentina remain) so… here’s a good round up of what you good folk may or may not have missed… this is gonna be a mega post, so take a deep breath and enjoy the visual spanking treat that lays ahead! This also includes anything I may have been perving over from my own archives of other sites I have which might just interest you too 🙂

On my way back home, I met up with Sarah Bright & Mr Stern at their place… I would like to say “thank you” to them both, the company and conversation was amusing as we put the world to rights and had lots of stories to share with each other! Good to see both of them were in far better shape than I had feared reading her blogs recently… so it was a nice break on the way home despite the traffic being an utter nightmare on my southwesterly bound travels, with accidents and busy weekend traffic making the journey through the Midlands and M5 southbound (initially) rather tedious! Here’s what Sarah got up to most recently taken from her great site SpankingSarah.com

New intern Vicky arrives at Katie’s “House of Correction”

npp7018010 npp7018022

npp7018028 npp7018034

npp7018043 npp7018054

npp7018063 npp7018067 npp7018070

Vicky arrives at the House of Correction with a big attitude problem but Aunty Katie knows how to deal with even the most recalcitrant of girls. First she is made to strip naked, then she has to bend over for an intimate inspection and then she is told that she will be spanked, hard. Her arguments get her nowhere and she is soon bent over the punishment stool. Aunty Katie has a very hard right hand and she knows just how to use it on this bare bottom. By the time she has finished with Vicky’s bottom this young lady knows she has been well punished.

There’s a free clip of this film below for your viewing pleasure…



& then over at Mr Stern’s main site English-Spankers.com he makes a welcome return with the gorgeous Bell Calder getting a good hand and bare bottom leather paddling punishment (see below)

npp7028015 npp7028025

npp7028037 npp7028050

npp7028056 npp7028064

npp7028065 npp7028072

npp7028073 npp7028074

Another great story featuring The return of Mr. Stern, this time he is called upon to discipline a lazy, idle teenager, Bell Calder. After a severe dressing down he proceeds to spank her bottom over her shorts before having these removed and spanking her bare. Next he selects a slipper paddle, this is a very stingy and rather nasty little paddle that can inflict quite a lot of pain to those bent over receiving its attentions and Bell is no exception. She does not like the paddle and lets us know this but she has to take her full quota.

Check out the FREE preview clip of this film (below)



One girl I never tire of seeing spanked anywhere online is the lovely Miss Kami Robertson. So it is good to report to you that there is now the full update of all parts of a young stunning Kami getting caught shoplifting underwear. She’s caught by store manager, Mr Kennedy, which leads to his own unique method of keeping this out of the hands of the police… I have to say, I’d go for this option too with a cute girl like the very tempting and oh so spankable Miss Robertson! This is courtesy of NorthernSpanking.com

NSI081C-PK001 NSI081C-PK022

NSI081C-PK062 NSI081C-PK103

NSI081C-PK107 NSI081C-PK128

NSI081C-PK154 NSI081C-PK164

NSI081C-PK172 NSI081C-PK182 NSI081C-PK184

See much MORE of Kami in her many films and photo sets exclusive to NorthernSpanking.com


Next is a film I remember helping to make very well… it was at the last BBW event in Atlantic City and I don’t know what it was, but that room was just PERFECT for lighting that day, between Sarah Gregory and myself, we shot some of the clearest, naughtiest detailed HD spanking films we have ever made. I kid you not, the images were so sharp… you know what? I can’t wait to film there again… those colour styles of the room, though dreary, and obviously looking like a hotel room, made it perfect to film our main subjects… and that is what is most important in these films. So often I hate filming in hotel rooms, like we producers all know, you limit yourself to storylines but we adapt and make some great stuff sometimes… this is definitely one of those times and Sarah should be proud of what we did here… Oh, and plus the fact that Johnny gave Ten so many REAL orgasms during this punishment we lost count.

Seriously, Ten Amorette can orgasm quickly if you spank her right… the compressed air against her butt cheeks and pussy is all it takes and with a furious assault on that area, Johnny spanks her until she begs him if she is allowed to cum. “Do it!” he says… and she does…. again and again! This “Party Play” film also features what Johnny is known for in the scenes, excellent use of reformatory straps and floggers to make this an unforgettable playtime experience that outsiders might not always see – ever wondered what we get up to at Spanking Parties? These are one of those times!!!

0167_party_play_gal1-010 0167_party_play_gal1-020

0167_party_play_gal1-038 0167_party_play_gal1-058

0167_party_play_gal2-006 0167_party_play_gal2-007

0167_party_play_gal2-013 0167_party_play_gal2-015

0167_party_play_gal2-034 0167_party_play_gal2-036

0167_party_play_gal2-051 0167_party_play_gal2-056

Images & special free clip only shown here courtesy of the excellent Sarah Gregory Spanking website!

See this film in FULL HD along with the other great Ten Amorette & Sarah Gregory features


Time for a few wonderful films you may have missed from the Clare Fonda Group of sites – as always all the sites can be viewed via the top value CLARE FONDA PASS for a fraction of the combined costs but each site is massive in its own right…. so if you don’t have the time or hard drive space, check out which site you’d like to view more of…. or as part of the PASS 🙂

Spanked Sweeties continues with new girl Christie Stevens who recalls many stories of growing up and some of her wildest spanking experiences in her life including this one which co stars Veronica Ricci as she recounts a tale of when she had spanked many customers (including females!)… one re-enactment which you see below has Veronica playing the “victim”.

stripper001 stripper002

stripper003 stripper004

stripper005 stripper006

stripper007 stripper008

stripper009 stripper010

stripper011 stripper012

I love this site, it introduces all their new girls and some of their wildest stories and fantasies… Veronica also interviewed Christie in this film and got her to make some very, very sexy revelations…. members can see what that was HERE!


& so to GirlSpanksGirl.com with Jenna Rose as a nurse receiving a wicked spanking off another recent addition to the sites, the lovely, tall and athletic Maddy Marks who has made several great films at my own site! Here, in “Nurse Spanking – part 2”, Jenna plays a hot, stern nurse who had recently spanked a very slutty Maddy for showing up late. Well, turns out Maddy got fired and she blames Jenna. So the tall, powerful Maddy yanks Jenna over her knee for a strong revenge spanking that leaves Jenna quivering, and having difficulty sitting down. #mmm

nurse001 nurse002 nurse003

nurse004 nurse005

nurse006 nurse007

nurse008 nurse009

nurse010 nurse011 nurse012

You will see in the film just why nurse Jenna could hardly site down!!! CLICK HERE


These 2 sites can be viewed as part of the CLARE FONDA PASS



There’s more but I have run out of time as this post will go live around half time in the World Cup!


“Glückwunsch Deutschland!”

Congratulations Germany!

Here’s a fantastic closing montage of the World Cup that viewers saw on the BBC tonight!

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