Apres Crimson Moon!

This is just a quick update after Crimson Moon – I have massive “Party Drop” – I am staying on for a few days after the CM Party which was amazing. I got to meet so many new faces and experience yet another gathering of genuine kinky people as well as meet new opportunities for filming which I did a lot of over the weekend. I really can’t wait to show you the results of this and will post a few pics next time or when I can, I think to do so right now would be hard for me after the last few days as I have experienced what it is when they refer to “Party Drop” – I had grown used to and rather enjoyed the mayhem and sounds of laughter and spankings on the top floor of the hotel… the various events and the hectic filming schedules. Now it’s raining hard here in Chicago and my one full free day to go sightseeing tomorrow is in jeopardy… come on… think glass half full… not empty! After all, I can kind of breathe OK again which is a bonus after that horrible asthma episode last week! So I will bring you news of what is being updated at my site as well as others this past and present week!

Oh heck, here are some images from the party, I can’t post too many as they might involve people that are not wishing to be seen online… but these include myself, Sarah, Justin (J_Doggg) & Uncle Givan (who did another great Santa spanks… can’t think why!)

cm2 cm4

cm3 cm1

cm5 cm6

I have just updated my site with the full film of the Thieving Cheerleader in both WMV and MP4 playback starring new girl Lily Swan… I have many more great films with her coming soon, but here is a reminder below (click image for the FREE Movie image gallery) – and below that I have a few reduced size stills images you won’t have seen before but members have access to!


Please welcome our latest addition to our site, hot new girl, Lily Swan, dressed in her cute cheerleading costume. She was summoned to meet her English coach, Mr Osborne. Only that wasn’t her costume, she had forgotten hers for Cheer Practice… she had selfishly stolen one of the other girls outfits but this caused a lot of upset as the girl that she had taken the costume off was in a flood of tears, scared stiff that she would be punished! Lily had forgotten that Rebecca’s costume had her name sewn in to it so it was obvious that Lily had used Rebecca’s costume instead. In brief, Lily was not in the least bit remorseful until Mr Osborne gave her an ultimatum: Accept the punishment & return the uniform, teaching her the consequences of her actions… or get kicked out of the best cheerleading troupe in that area instantly! She reluctantly chose the 1st humiliating option, resulting in her tight fit toned buttocks spanked and strapped long & hard as she wriggled & bucked wildly from this painful discipline session. Lily then had to go to Rebecca as agreed, all humbled… & genuinely apologize for what she had done, showing Rebecca her bottom to prove that she had been thoroughly punished.






All new and full film releases are also available individually for your choice at
The AAA Clips Store – Click HERE


In other news elsewhere… it was great seeing Ten Amorette again this weekend, along with Joe… so here’s a nice surprise for me at Pandora’s Dreams of Spanking site as she tops Pandora in this excellent F/F spanking film! (below)

Dreams-of-Spanking_seating-plan005 Dreams-of-Spanking_seating-plan0151 Dreams-of-Spanking_seating-plan0081

Ten Amorette takes a no­-nonsense attitude to her job as a big sister. Pandora Blake is about to marry Ten’s brother, so she wants to make sure that Pandora is treating him with the respect and fidelity he deserves. When Pandora and Ten sit down to finalise the seating plan for the wedding, Ten confronts her. She has heard that Pandora she has been texting and flirting with other men, and Ten decides to give her a taste of what happens when big sister steps in.

She pulls a shocked Pandora over her knee for a hard hand spanking through her sheer tights. As Pandora squirms and protests, her eyes watering from the pain, Ten scolds her for not taking her commitment seriously. She knows that Pandora has cheated on previous boyfriends and is determined not to let her break her little brother’s heart. Ten reachs in her handbag and pulls out a heavy wooden hairbrush, and starts applying vigorous smacks to Pandora’s upturned bottom. Pandora tries to wriggle away, squealing and struggling, but Ten won’t be deterred, and pulls Pandora’s tights and knickers down for a hard, fast and thorough hairbrush spanking on her bare bottom. Pandora certainly won’t be sitting comfortably any time soon, but will this firm punishment make her see the error of her ways?

Dreams-of-Spanking_seating-plan0181 Dreams-of-Spanking_seating-plan0231


Dreams-of-Spanking_seating-plan0311 Dreams-of-Spanking_seating-plan033



From Holland comes a great secretarial spanking film at the infamous Spanked In Uniform website – this is a special Dutch Dictation film which you can now see in full with hot new girl, Milena. One of the 17 spanking uniform niches covered at this site!


ep13_4 ep13_5

ep13_6 ep13_8

ep13_10 ep13_11


A Dutch contract needed to be typed up quickly so Milena was called as she needed the extra practice. It soon became apparent that the normal way of dictation wasn’t going to work so Milena was ordered to bare her bottom, lay over the desk and take the rest of the dictation. With the help of her teacher’s hard hand and clipboard, she managed to finish the contract but her bottom was quite red and sore when she went to the printer.

You can see the FULL FILM HERE!


& finally, a fantastic slut shaming video c/o my fave of the “Fonda Group” of sites – Spanked Callsgirls – this is made better by the fact it’s Paris Kennedy getting the treatment, I have always loved seeing her receive a good hard spanking… and she is so damned sexy!!! #hawt

01 02

03 04

05 06

 08 09

10 11

12 13

14 15

16 17

Paris Kennedy has been really bad, so mamma Clare kicks her out of the cat house and sends her to work for Double Dan, who will tolerate no incompetence at the work place. Dan paddles Paris, canes her till her bottom is striped up and down and then spanks her over her already sore, red bottom. Will Paris continue after 2 days of severe punishment?


View MORE of Paris at SpankedCallgirls.com

or via the best value 5 Site Clare Fonda Pass


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