We’re back… if somewhat lighter in posts!

Warning: Bad language follows!

soapbox rant blogJust a brief announcement to say after the fucker who hacked the blog has now showed up a few security issues, it’s all tightened up. The upshot is I have lost all data since August (when I changed hosting company) thanks to this absolute c*nt who used a Brazilian IP address. Piracy I can put up with, it’s what we deal with daily and so be it… and unless there’s a site rip (which really does harm any website – don’t let them say otherwise) then.. meh! Let them jerk off their tiny appendages with their small victories… But those individuals, those vandals that just go round and kill people’s work, their livelihoods… fuck them! I’d like to think that this was probably some obese teenage kid from Ohio, in his basement who got bored of jerking off to some gimp porn or Star Wars forum and decided to pick on some random sites instead to feel good about the fact he can’t get out of that comfy armchair! This blog and another I run from the same server were targeted. We are still checking stuff in case he has hidden something else which will kill the sites again.

Well, this has only made me look at things differently. I had a shit Xmas and New Year thanks to this c*nt… thinking 10 years had been wiped just like that. This was a nasty hack and a nasty shock and wake up call, anyway, all is sorted, it took a while and I thank you for your patience.

Oh, and to the British authorities who think keeping data on some third party company’s server to verify that you are over 18 with all your details, ID and browsing habits… that is going to go so well, isn’t it? Wake the fuck up… I hear of people getting server hacks all the time and had only ever experienced it once before (about 10 years ago whilst working for someone else at the time). Nothing is ever truly secure but for your information, companies that use credit card billing like CCBill for our sites, they have multiple layer security and it’s pretty well darned good… something I am sure some depeatment/Quango in the UK have not even dreamed exists yet! (sighs)

OK, soapbox rant over. I will get back to you and somehow try to get these awards going as well at some point though it may take me a week, please bear (bare?) with me, okay?

PS. It’s great to be back! Go check out the archives of the blog and give it some love… there’s been some great content and updates I’ve covered over the many years. Use that search box in the right column and have some fun!

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  • John glad you are back we missed your posts ,best from Tim to you both Happy New Year .

  • Thanks Tim. Yeah, it hasn’t been easy but it’s good to be back here 🙂

  • iwasrobert

    So did you get away in the end or did the Grinch scotch those plans too?

    Now that the horse has truly bolted… my tips: two-factor authentication across the board, and UpdraftPlus.

  • Great that you’re back. I’d wondered WTF was happening.

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