Mac Users and AAA Spanking

AAA SpankingUntil I find out more, it would appear that Mac OS users surfing the AAA Spanking site with Safari (I really hate that browser) have been unable, it seems (on at least the newer versions of Mac Book pros etc.) to download the MP4 files unless they play them directly by just clicking play. Obviously this is not ideal.

I always ask for feedback or expect issues to come through Customer Support but not one person has mentioned this problem – EVER! It really worried me to know that there could have been a problem for some members. At AAA, we strive to make the browsing experience as easy and effortlessly as possible for all users/browser preferences and have tested the site in the past.
Without feedback then how can we know if there is anything wrong? I’m not sure if it is a Server setting but through extensive Googling I have found a very easy solution if you want to view the site still with Safari that bypasses any issues for downloading and saving to your device.

I would like to thank, of all people, Sarah’s daddy (Tubaman), who wrote to me to point out this issue. I must stress this affects only surfing via Safari browsers… all other browsers, as far as I am aware, do not and never have had the “Right Click” issue to save files to whatever device/folder you are choosing to do so.

Now I try to make sure the site is working on all systems and browsers and can not easy replicate any errors on Macs as I use Windows but have normally asked Sarah to check on her Apple Mac and such in the past.

Anyway, it would seem that the “Right Click as…” function on Safari or Apple devices is a pain as not all people know how this works. Now this function is not even working as it once did, apparently (on newer Apple devices such as a Mac Book Pro). In the past, to get the right click function like you do on Windows devices, hold the <CONTROL> and mouse click at the same time (there are even mouse controllers now with a RIGHT CLICK function). So this right click function leads to a menu and you choose the option to “Save file as” and you save the file to the download folder (blah blah blah). Well, it appears this is now not working as it save a file but the MP4 file is saved as a .html file which is useless. WMV files don’t have these issues it is just MP4 files, so if anyone who is a technie out there knows my problem, please write to me.

However, from my Googling here is a fix which isn’t too difficult and I will be placing this on the site for those insisting on using Safari browsers.

Safari Browsers only:

You can make Safari on the Mac download ANY files, not just MP4 (mp3, jpg, pdf and more) by doing the following.

  1. Open the file (movie, music, etc) in Safari as you would. That normally comprises of just clicking the link to play directly like you might do which is just playing a file.
  2. Then Click on the URL in the browser at the top. IMPORTANT you MUST highlight the URL … there will be a light blue background on the browser… if you fail to highlight just click twice with the mouse and it will choose the URL in full. The file name should end in something like”…/moviefilename.mp4″.
  3. Hold option down – this is <CONTROL> button and press Return (or Enter).

The file you are viewing downloads to the Downloads folder on the Mac you are using, or wherever you have chosen your files to download. Hopefully you are aware of this and that is not my issue then you can move it where you want on your device, right? I’ve tested this on Sarah’s Macbook Pro and it’s a very useful little feature that unfortunately too few people know about!


Anyone who does not understand this do please let me know via customer support (with your username you are using) as I am trying to make this as clear as possible for Mac users out there!

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  • Thanks, Dude!

    Of all people?

  • Yup… I never knew you had a Mac! 🙂

  • David

    This is not a problem restricted to your site. I encountered it first on Punished Brats a few years ago and I just chalked it up to weird Apple programming and have adjusted the URL for downloads on most sites (vanilla and non) since (At the time I had just switched to Mac computers).

    I’m not sure what the solution is but the reason WMV files are working is because Safari and it’s Quicktime plugin can’t decode WMV files whereas MP4 is OS X’s native format for video files. I can think of a few tricks that might work but the keyword is “might”.

  • Thanks for your comment, David.
    The solution I posted does work and of course the MP4 files are far better quality so you can understand why I was upset that this issue arises.
    It is also definitely a Safari issue, everyone using Chrome or Firefox on Macs do not report this problem.

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