Lone Star Spanking Party 2017 recap

Ever been to a spanking party? I am guessing some of you that read this blog have in the USA, they are completely different to what I once experienced in the UK and are worlds apart. Thanks to restrictive laws and a salacious Press in the UK, a spanking party hosted in a hotel with upwards of 300-350 guests could never happen without incident or “scandal”, sadly… but in Houston (Texas) last month, this is EXACTLY what happened… and these parties occur throughout the year in the USA! No wonder more and more European guests (we also had Australians present again this year!) are coming to our parties… the Lone Star Party is one in which I help run it and intend to become even more involved for the event in 2018. This is just a taster of what I went through, behind the scenes… all images here are courtesy of our official photographer, Justin (J_Doggg) and all people in these (some are well known as you’ll see) gave us permission to use these.

Writing a post about the most recent spanking party that I helped run is always difficult to recap afterwards since it was a hectic period. I can show a few things from my perspective as one of the organizers, though. There is also a Fetlife group for such things although you need to be a member on Fetlife and then just look up groups for Lone Star Spanking Party – naturally. The website for the past party’s schedule of events and companies/models and other disciplinarians attending can be found at the main website HERE but this is a personal account of the build up to the biggest party held for the 3rd year running in the great city of Houston, Texas.

This was the 2nd year that we had kept the same hotel, which is a good thing, and we hope to retain the hotel again next year (if everything goes to plan, but of course, nothing is ever written in stone until the contract is signed!). The hotel is a very close distance to Houston’s main international airport north of the city area, George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) – with a useful free shuttle service provided direct to the party hotel. The hotel itself has great rooms which we got for a very reasonable rate (remember weekend rates are much more expensive so we kept them all at well under $100 per night for a King or 2 Double Room. With the exception of the Vendor’s Fair and the Ballroom Evening Dinner event (both held on Saturday) all the events, and party business were located on the 2nd floor or in suite rooms on the designated floors (which we had a minimum of 3 floors).

Having the same hotel meant that we could address some issues, this year I thought the registration process was far better run with volunteers, who were awesome, giving up some of their time to help out others. Having a larger space to process arrivals worked well and of course we had some nice touches to the party packs which could be kept as well as a great app for those checking what was on and where… We also had outside catering for both Thursday (a fantastic local pizza delivery company) and Friday with a buffet of Italian food, salads and desserts. This proved popular if somewhat problematic with the long line of hungry people… these 2 meals are included in the event price, but of course you could also choose to dine out in the hotel’s bar/restaurant or eat out locally. Next year we will definitely look at speeding up the line now that we know how the rooms on the 2nd floor worked. (That is the advantage of keeping the same hotel).

Other rooms on the 2nd floor over the party event were designated for various events such as my British Discipline (held in the boardroom), Michael Masterson’s Principal and demo as well as other demonstration and classes including the must see Newbie/Shybie introduction chaired by Alex Reynolds. The full schedule this past year can be viewed HERE and these also included other various meet and greet events and popular party themes to get people involved with the “Spankie Hawkins” or “Naughty Boys” & “Littles” parties (the latter with an awesome decoration, one of the best I’ve seen). We work on these and I am sure these will be even more slick and popular than this year…


A SPANKING PRIMER with Michael Masterson


& of course there was the party themed night with many people dressing up in Twenties garb for the “Spanking in the 1920’s” theme night. I think the only hitch to this (which I found amusing) was that in the opposite ballroom that night, there was a high school prom which could have proved awkward. (This is something we talked to the hotel about and that will NOT be happening again, LOL!) – it actually went off without a hitch, thankfully!

Some of us in 1920’s dress for the Dinner/Dance on saturday evening.

A picture of the attendees who won various categories from the Annual Spanking Blogg (2016) Awards… receiving decorative paddles and certificates.

However, the highlight was the amazing food selection which everyone agreed was probably the best anyone had ever seen at any spanking party! The hotel and catering staff had outdone themselves with my favorite being the delicious roast beef option (there was also a chicken and vegetarian option). The desserts were scrumptious and all in all, from all the feedback I got, this meal really helped start kick off a great evening. The Spankingblogg Awards were quickly hosted by myself aided by Bob the DJ helping to make this run smoothly. (Thank you Bob!) Of course, I have to thank Bob for being DJ, how many spankos do you know that are good DJ’s?I would also like to thank the party attendees for making the effort to dress up for the party night… after this we all retired to various suite parties and events run on the 2nd and 8th floors (officially). many friends who have known each other for some time over attending parties also had a chance to play and catch up.

The Vendors Fair… I only posted myself and Sarah as I was unsure who else would want to appear… plus I had no additional images. As we expected, this Fair was good news for sellers and buyers, with so many vendors, this is THE vending event of the year if you’re into all things spanking! There were lots of spanking games and booths plus the silent auction all raising money for The American Cancer Society – Special shout outs to Sarah Dise & Euphoria Bunny for making the games and auction fun to participate in. I did have to count up the totals but off hand I do know it was a ball park figure of $3000 or so (a terrific amount indeed).

The Littles Party is a place to escape and act the age you want to 🙂
A lot of effort went into the theme and decoration and it was a wonderful play place!

There has been a very long feedback thread on Fetlife entitled “Party Cliques” – this party is certainly not any more “cliquey ” than any other… I know that Sarah, myself and Tubaman go out of our way to make this a friendly party for newbies and those who are shy by organizing a party with so many events geared to including people if they want to participate in without needing much of an excuse to actually talk. If you are painfully shy, then what good would it be entering someone’s suite party and just staring or watching? Remember that if the door is closed and it says “private party” then that is their choice, the rooms are only so big, I think people should remember and respect that many of us only ever get to meet our friends here at various parties and so want to catch up at some point. We had the main suite room where quite often, Sarah, myself or Tubaman were present along with other better known attendees to the scene and at times there was a lot of play happening as well as an open event such as the “midnight flogging”.

I think, from the feedback on the so called Cliques thread, the issue is, if you are not coming across as a creeper, look presentable and bother to take a shower (I can not strtess how important cleanliness really is!!!), be polite and willing to engage in conversation… then you will find people far more amicable! Seriously, I had many people say hello to me and I didn’t ignore one person despite the fact in my head I was attending to a small crisis somewhere, LOL!

I didn’t get to spank Sarah once at the party, although I got to spank plenty of other people… Look… I even had time to fool around with Miss Elizabeth who had me over her lap… oh my! I still didn’t get to play with as many as I had hoped due to helping the party run smoothly behind the scenes!

Of course Sarah DID get to be spanked by Elizabeth as you can see below (that’s better) hehe! 🙂

I want to say “thank you” to those who I have no images for here but who ran demos that I have not mentioned, and ALL were incredibly popular.

  • SUBSPACE AND AFTERCARE – by Charles and Naughty
  • DANA SPECHT’S SCOLDING EXPERIENCE (thank you Dana, awesome as always!)
  • EROTIC SPANKING FOR COUPLES by Bill from Sensual Paddles
  • NAUGHTY BOYS PARTY hosted by Dana Specht
  • BRITISH DISCIPLINE EXPERIENCE (which was awesome this year for me too!)
  • PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE with Michael Masterson
  • LIVE VIDEO SHOOT (This went well, apparently!!!)
  • SPANKING COURT  Hosted by Piper and Tasha Hastings

I may have missed some out… of course I got to play with friends, make new friends and also got in some quality playtime and “sticks” practice, naturally! On Sunday, Sarah and I finally had some time to film a few of the wonderful ladies there, with a chance to create some great new content for all our sites. We got some amazing content which I know we both can’t wait to showvase from the party… I think Sarah might be showing something at MommaSpankings.com already!

More images of friends and colleague who helped make it a great party… of course there are so many more people who are not able to be shown, or perhaps do not wish to be mentioned… but they know who they are if they are reading this! “Thank you, guys… for helping to make this the best party ever!”

Photo (top left): back row L to R – Dana Specht, Miss Elizabeth, Ava Nicole, Alex Reynolds, Ten Amorette & Mackenzie Reed. Front row L to R – Sarah Gregory, Adriana Evans & Devon aka Euphoria Bunny

Photo (top right): back row L to R – Tubaman, Miss Anna, Dana Specht, Paul Kennedy, Michael Masterson, Miss Elizabeth, Mr Rob. Front row L to R – Sarah Gregory, Adriana Evans, Alex Reynolds, Ava Nicole, Ten Amorette, Euphoria Bunny, Mackenziie Reed.

Photo below: back row L to R – Tubaman, Miss Anna, Dana Specht, paul Kennedy, me & Miss Elizabeth. Front row L to R – Sarah Gregory, Alex Reynolds, Ava Nicole, Mackenzie reed & Adriana Evans.

I also have a selection of images that I took with my phone including a wonderful “thigh turkey” given to Ava Nicole (thank you, it was an honor to add my hand print!) as well as other images you’ll understand.

  spanking party

It’s late but I at least wanted to get this up… if spanking is your thing and you honestly want to meet like minded spankos and maybe meet a few people you recognize or are a fan of, then attending an event like this party would be a step in the right direction. Have a great weekend everyone!


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  • Looks more fun than the pesky political parties .best spanks , Tim .

  • Sarah and John you certainly had fun there with all all my spanky girls i know but not met who are friends ,best from Tim to you 2 chums .

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