Strictmoor Academy – Springbreak Spankings

Some of you may remember Lynn and Charlotte (played by Linny Lace and Harley Havik) from “Strictmoor Academy – Year One”. Well, these two miscreants continued to misbehave and so their mothers thought it was necessary to bring them back to Strictmoor Academy for a 3 day refresher course over their Spring Break.

Mrs. Cooper was there to deal with the discipline of these two naughty girls since Mrs. Jackson and Miss Drower were away on holiday. The story of Charlotte and Lynn’s correction at the hands of Mrs. Cooper is told from her perspective. We hear narration weaving in and out of the story. In this 7 scene film (short by Strictmoor standards!) – we get to see many forms of discipline carried out onto these poor 19 year old girls. They are spanked many times on their panties and bare bottoms. They are given the ruler across their hands and are smacked on the backs of their thighs. Mrs. Cooper’s daughter, Angela, is also home on Spring Break and had been misbehaving while away at college, so mother has to deal with her as well. She is spanked for her misdeeds, both in private and in front of the other two naughty girls, which adds to the embarrassment.

In Scene 1, (out in full now) – Lynn and Charlotte are brought to the Academy by their mothers. Mrs. Cooper feels it is necessary to spank these two ladies and ruler their hands in front of their mothers before they leave their daughters. They had been caught stealing from a local shop, so getting their hands rulered fits the crime. We also get a bit of a background and flashback into Mrs. Cooper’s life and how she came to Strictmoor and became such an effective disciplinarian that she is today.

strictmoor Academy

You can view the special Free Preview of Scene One HERE

It just so happens that Scene Two is also out in full (these are full length episodes on their own!) and I have an update from that too for your perusal!

In Scene 2, A spanking in the day means a spanking at night, so Lynn and Charlotte are to meet Mrs. Cooper in the spanking room that evening for another spanking. We fade in on these two naughty girls in nothing but white cotton panties, white socks, and a white camisole as they stand in front of Mrs. Cooper’s spanking chair awaiting the dreaded punishment. First they are made to read letters of apology that they had written earlier that day before going back over the knee. Then, each of them are taken over the knee for a bare bottom spanking on their already sore behinds before an early bedtime. They are each made to stand and watch one another’s punishment with their panties down, hands on head, everything exposed. How embarrassing!

You can view the special Free Preview of Scene Two HERE

The full series will be available – as well as viewing the 3 hour epic (Strictmoor Academy Year One) via the Sarah Gregory Pass

This includes both sites Sarah Gregory Spanking AND Momma Spankings for less than the combined cost of seperate memberships with the same set of usercodes. For more info CLICK HERE


Sarah & I have just learnt that “Strictmoor Academy – Year One” movie has been chosen as one of the 3 entries to vote on in the 2nd Annual Fetish Awards which we consider a big deal! It is up for voting in the folloing category:

  • Best Fetish / Alternative FEATURE LENGTH FILM – 60 Minutes or Longer

I know Sarah would LOVE for you to vote for her and you can do so at the link below… she literally came into the room screaming excitedly (as young ladies do) so this was fortuitous timing! She will be attending the Fetishcon event where the awards are held in August so PLEASE tell your fellow friends if you have enjoyed the Strictmoor series, please give it the recognition it deserves. This was a MASSIVE undertaking as anyone involved in it will tell you!

Here is a special 19 minute film preview from that 3 hour film (below) as a useful recap!


I would also suggest that you could cast your vote for one of the stars of that movie – Ami Mercury – in the Best Female Alternative Fetish Webcam Performer category! Thanks!

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  • Lovely and plump, those bottoms!

  • Lovely girls receive sound spanks there indeed ,best from Tim .

  • Voted for Strictmoor in Fetish awards for you Sarah .

  • I wish I was the “Dean of Discipline” at that Academy! I’d smack those bottoms a lot more “soundly” than that woman, you can bet! Lovely big bottoms, both of them! And yes, I said BIG bottoms! That’s what I prefer!

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