A Spanking Story of Sibling Rivalry

Another Friday already? A week ago, I said goodbye to Sarah who is back in the USA getting back to her routines, catching up with her precious dogs (who I also love and miss loads) as well as posting a butt load of (sigh…) Strictmoor Academy videos! By the way, Strictmoor is nominated and is up for a prestigious vote at Fetishcon this year – a finalist for title of “Long Play Fetish Video” for this year’s awards! PLEASE DO VOTE if you can, it’s an easy process. We will both be at the cermony and be super delighted to win this, Sarah works so hard on these titles and there are so many stories behind the scenes – I’m biased, of course, but compared to the other contenders – oy! Come on… it’s a 3 hour spanking story with a lot of thought put into it! Go vote 🙂

So, I will be back in the USA in less than a month so it’s not too long to wait to see her again. Anyway, when we were both here we filmed some great content with Belle Calder, almost to the day a year previously we filmed her too. We still have films not yet released from that shoot as we have so much content…  Anyway, a week prior to that we were in sunny Spain visiting Zoe Page (oh and some bloke called the Guv’nor – tee hee). It was a fantastic break (thanks again guys!) – and since she was at a loose end the day we were filming in the UK we asked her to shoot a couple of vids, Sarah was super excited to work with her and just seeing this film shows why! This is easily my fave film from that day and it is just a nasty, mean sibling bratfest that goes horribly wrong for Belle – because what Zoe wants… Zoe gets! As you will see.

It is fantastic to see Zoe back at AAA Spanking and she is now available for custom work too – HERE – It goes without saying that I think she is a very accomplished fetish model/actress and I would LOVE to be able to film her for custom work (she would too… so get your thinking caps on!) Anything is possible… until she says “nyyy-ooooh” (no) – dare you ask?

Sibling Rivalry – out now for full download at the AAA Clips Store

new spanking film available to download in full

Or you can view it as part of the awesome membership site (along with nearly 370 other HD titles at the time of writing) at AAA Spanking – the latest video release also contains about 170 screen grabs incl. approximately 40 stills which compliment it perfectly. You can see some GIFs I made and some lower res stills images that members are able to view and download right now in full size. Enjoy a perfect bratfest start to the weekend!

Sibling Rivalry: Sisters! They can be best friends or fight like cat and dog when they are growing up together. Zoe has resisted the urge to get her own back on her younger sister, until now! Belle’s “cool, prim and proper” demeanor she portrays to their parents is annoying Zoe as it’s a lie. She is always getting into trouble because of Belle as she is regarded as the bad sister. But in fact Belle is equally a brat in real life but poor Zoe is often blamed! Belle soon discovers that getting her big sister into trouble has some painful and embarassing consequences.

They scrap and Zoe trashes her room before taking her over her lap for a spanking like mom and dad gave them in the past! Only Zoe is meaner… all that pent up frustration is taken out on Belle’s pert behind as Zoe reigns down smack after hard smack with her hands before using the dreaded Mason Pearson hairbrush that stings like hell. Zoe leg locks her sister who is still thrashing around and struggling to avoid the inevitable heavy thwacks of her hand and that hairbrush on her delicate sore bottom.

Belle Calder in PJs sibling rivalry Zoe Page

This is an awesome rival sibling punishment film as the older sister once again asserts her authority in the house. Stars Zoe Page as the older sister with Belle Calder on the receiving end!

sister spanks younger brat hair pulling and spanking sister spankings leg lock spanking

You can check out a free 57 second preview of this new spanking video (below)

click here to play the free video preview

AAA Spanking


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  • Two cute young girls as naughty sisters ,sibling trouble earns sound spanks for lil sis ,best from Tim .

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