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I’m on a tight schedule so I just wanted to get this next round of updates out to you all. To those I know and those unlucky enough to have been caught up in the path of Hurricane Harvey – and in particular my friends in the Houston area, stay safe! I know this is gonna be hard for everyone that has suffered severe flooding damage, it takes an age to get over. I know this from friends back home who had to deal with the same crap from freak weather conditions and I’m hoping that the insurance companies will not look at any way out of helping people in their direst hours of need… or will make their properties virtually uninsurable after they help with their claims! It’s known to happen, unfortunately! Anyway, thoughts to those affected – it is a spanking blog so let’s get on with today’s latest spanking biz updates (below).

All sites featured make up the best known spanko network – CLARE FONDA PASS

Linny Lace – at Spanked Sweeties

Linny Lace was not spanked growing up, but she discusses how she first got into spanking and became a model. We re-enact her first spanking encounter at a club where she met a dominant older lady (played by Lorelei Mission). We then re-enact a role play with a daddy figure for a hard hand spanking.

Find out why I rate Linny as one of my favorite spanking stars – CLICK HERE

Harley Havik punished severely! – at Spanking Sorority Girls

Harley Havik has been so bad and defiant that very angry senior girl Veronica Ricci must give her the harshest of punishments. She whips, canes, paddles and spanks Harley until she is tamed and left crying in the corner. This scene is very severe and includes bondage and several implements as well as full nudity and a variety of positions.

Harley is yet another fantastic switch who shows she can take a very severe spanking!

Clare spanks Kira for slacking – at Spanked Callgirls

When Madam Clare gets a call complaining about how new girl Kira slacked off on the job, not wearing the requested outfit and not delivering the goods, she takes it out on Kira’s big, round bottom in the form a sound spanking over Clare’s knee.

Crazy brothel madame Clare Fonda makes Spanked Callgirls very watchable! Click HERE

Bad Secretary: Day One – at Girl Spanks Girl

When her secretary continues to act up, Snow Mercy gives Arielle Lane two options, take a spanking for get fired. Arielle needs the job so she agrees to take a hard spanking over her boss’s knee. Snow starts with hand, but then uses a hard wooden ruler to drive the lesson home. She also gives Arielle some extreme wedgies so she’ll remember this punishment for a long time.

otk spanking

Snow Mercy is one of the best female tops who I love seeing spanking girls! See why HERE

Briella Jaden Spanks New Roommate Savannah Fox – at My Spanking Room Mate

my spanking roommate

Briella Jaden breaks in her new roommate (both ladies make their site debut in this episode) with a sound over-the-knee hand spanking, enforcing the rules of the apartment complex. Savannah’s round, juicy bottom turns bright red as she learns the discipline required to rent a room here in the spanking complex.


This spanking soap opera continues HERE in one of the naughtiest apartment buildings ever!

All the above sites are massive in their own right and will keep you more than busy filling up your hard drives! But of course the Clare Fonda Pass gives you up to 5 sites for a fraction of their combined cost making this the best website deal out there for downloading 100’s of Gigs of sexy girl girl and hard spanko content! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!

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