Cheer Camp Year One – 100th Film Special!

Well, members of Cheerleader Spankings can now start downloading this fantastic special film that Sarah & I released for the weekend. Now before I provide you with some amazing preview images, behind the scenes gossip and the link to the long play clip (this full movie is nearly 45 minutes in length), I would like to address something which really pisses us both off… and of course, many other producers plagued by this continuing shit. Piracy!

I’m not gonna bleat about it affecting sales or closing the site down… (that’s silly) but I do want to explain something to those content thieves, those fuckers who profit from us and how it does risk sites like ours not bothering to produce or create stuff like this in future. This was NOT a custom video, Sarah & I paid a lot of money between us to film it, get it together, spend LOTS of time on editing, updating and such (as well as all the pre communications of getting 9 girls and 2 tops to commit to a timeslot at a particular place).

We felt we wanted to give something back to our members, those who support the site and this is the 100th special film. It’s probably THE most colorful spanking film ever seen, I love the cheer uniforms, and it was filmed perfectly… capturing great angles and had a great storyline to bring all this together. So when some c*nt deliberately shares the first clip hours after release – on a (thankfully) shitty file sharing company like “fuck.all” (that’s not the real name, lol) which they choose as it is more profitable to them. “Fuck-all” happens to be run by shady people out of the ex Soviet bloc (surprise!) – I “almost” feel sorry for those that use their credit card to actually pay for “premium” access when a similar amount gets a legit membership. The problem is, using resellers and such via this shitty company will almost entirely guarantee identity theft as well as helping them to help people continuing to steal from us and other hard working producers.

cheerleader spankingsSay “hello” to the cast of Cheer Camp -Year One

To Sarah and myself, this is actually OUR livelihood. However, I know those who frequent piracy forums and such read this blog… to get info or some such twisted pleasure (fascinating!) Well, imagine if you had people trying to undermime you constantly… have some fucking empathy for once!

Without support, this site has been expensive for us to operate but we do it because we love this genre and just as it starts to do well and making us believe we are doing something right… we are then getting so many dodgy sign ups that it is driving both myself and Sarah mad with anger and disappointment. I bet you didn’t even know that these fucking thieves don’t even use their own cards, FFS! Fuck knows where they get this shit… most probably on the “Dark Web” somehere (fuck that, right?)

So the joy we felt when we released this fab film is tempered by the fact we have to deal with an increase in piracy attempts. Should we be flattered? Well, both Sarah and I would prefer people try to support what it is they love, it’s hardly a rip off. For example, we now have 100 full HD films at Cheerleader Spankings and all for around 25 Dollars or so. Honestly… is that so much to ask that you can support the site, download to your heart’s content and also download zipped image files for added convenience as well as in browser streaming (our images are pretty darned good too). I don’t think so.

Anyway, rant over, yeah, this has upset us both and she knows that I was going to write this… but let’s get on with why this film and a lot of our recent content has made it such a tempting target (I guess!)


The film is split into 2 distinct parts: The OTK hand spanking (carried out by coach, Miss Elizabeth) – followed by the wooden paddling (which I will cover next week in far more detail) by coach Mr Masterson. Below in the order of being spanked, is the naughty cheerleading cast – I have linked all players in this film to their various Twitter Accounts – a handy starting place in case you want to see what they are up to! I am sure you will all recognize them!










This is our 100th film and to celebrate we have a very special presentation. A unique multiple cheergirl full length punishment film with 2 respected coaches, Miss Elizabeth and Mr Masterson who have their work cut out disciplining an all star cast of the very best spanking talent. We also think this is the most colorful spanking film ever produced with all those different authentic cheer uniforms. The girls are all lined up in their uniforms on induction day, having all been sent to Cheer Camp, for a week long corrective training review. Naturally, this means discipline, something all the girls are used to as they are the worst behaved from the various squads. Miss Elizabeth is first to spank the girls in a position they know all too well… over coach’s lap. She hand spanks them hard and firm, across their panties and withthem pulled down… scolding them and reminding each girl in turn how embarrassing it must be to have their bare bottoms spanked in front of the others.

They are lined up one by one with their bottoms bared until it is Mr Masterson’s turn to introduce them to the Bad Cheerleader paddle. This is a no nonsense very painful six swats introduction. It’s a reminder of what is to come if any girl misbehaves. The sobbing, tears and sore red bottoms confirms that Cheer Camp will not be a pleasant stay for these young ladies!

I’m only covering the spankings this week so also check out more screen video images of each girl’s ordeal… knowing that anticipation of the punishment is often as bad as the actual spanking.

So there you have the first part of this epic covdered. There is a FREE clip to play below and I will follow this up with the wooden paddlings, some of which you can see a sneak preview of in this clip below!


“Yay! Give it up for awesome cheerleaders around the world!”

Just so you know, we have also filmed another BIG cheerleader epic and there are some other special films we’ve made that is starting to get this site noticed for some great spankings and some of the best caning content around! Check it out and if you like what you see (there are LOTS of awesome free previews) then please do help support Sarah Gregory & myself invest in more content and costumes. We are thinking of selling some of the costumes used by the girls as  to be honest, we have so many costumes now that they are taking up an awful lot of room. As ever, please do give us feedback or any helpful tips about how we should promote the sale of costumes (if you are interested!) & of course, we DO custom videos too… just check out the custom page HERE – we really do cheerleader and 1950’s/vintage style discipline films like no one else!

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  • Sarah and John yes it annoys me too with these blasted pirates ,i ve always paid my subs for Sarah s great sites i love the girls in them ,they have become friends and we do not need censorship for over eighteens or twenty ones thank you UK government ,oh dear that s a bit of a rant too ,Cheerleader Spankings is a great site with naughty girls ,best from Tim to you both ,Tim .

  • Everything you say is 100% true. The pirates are evil bastards who use stolen credit cards or find ridiculous ways to attempt to get refunds so they don’t even have to pay $25 to steal our content. We at Clarefondapass are on your side in this battle and will continue to fight however possible. If you are reading this, don’t join those pirated RIP sites, it will be bad news for your credit card and you can expect identity theft!!

  • One more comment – the pirates must blow up our videos to see to it that OUR url is removed from the frame – therefore OUR scenes on their shitty sites are degraded, lower quality and cut out some of our framing – sometimes leaving out part of the model’s face or bottom. So not only will someone joining their criminal sites likely experience identity theft, but will be doing so to get an inferior product.

  • I don’t really want to give them more attention but this is sometimes true, i once saw a few copies of our stuff that was put into .avi and at just 600 pixels wide, the color was bleached, it was awful. My concern would be those thinking this was what we had on the websites! My annoyance is with those that deliberately site rip, that is the problem. Sharing a few here and there… meh!

  • OK, John, but as a customer I like producers to play fair with me. I go to a site – let’s call it “Stiff Palm” – advertising rates between a month at $24.95 and a year at $149.95. Click on “Join” – and up come rates between £22.40 and £133.77. Is this dynamic currency conversion I see before me? OK, my credit card doesn’t charge commission. Click on the dollar sign and I get rates of $28.46 and $170.77. CC Bill and Stiff Palm each blame the other.

    Now, this is almost certainly illegal under UK law, which forbids advertising prices which aren’t really available. Stiff Palm is really relying on the unwillingness of punters buying spanking erotica to complain, thereby possibly dropping its British talent, like Baron White and Emilia Janet Rumbletum, in the sh.. you know what. In any case this is a bit like a hamburger joint in Hicksville, Tennessee, adding a buck to the price if the customer has a Limey accent.

    I wonder if there’s any link between piracy and customers feeling ripped off. I’d hazard a guess that the most heavily pirated porn sites in the world are those US-based Japanese vanilla sites with sky-high prices and elaborate membership systems restricting access depending on length of membership.

    And yeah, I do expect to take out a membership at Cheerleader Spankings in the next few days.

  • Of course Cameraman i love your sites too with all the girls ,best from Tim .

  • Lovely girls having big spanks ,best from Tim .

  • I’d give a month’s pension to be able to spank Harley’s bottom. Sorry about your piracy issues, but it’s a crappy world now. Everyone wants everything for nothing. Some seem to get it too, but unfortunately, not ME! LOL!

  • I’m sorry about the plague of piracy of spanking videos; not that it’s ever ethical but it’s really an added kick to the ovaries, testicles, and any other potential gonads that it hurts and endangers such a niche form of content in the first place – I believe Michael Masterson recently called it a dying industry. I don’t know if that’s true, but it really is lame either way. Anyway, I just wanted to say that that many lovely ladies fretting about getting spanked is really appealing, as is the profusion of color – it is definitely the most colorful looking spanking video I’ve ever seen, and though I’m unlikely to fall into an alternate universe where I have the money to see it, I at least can be proud that I wouldn’t disrespect the producers and performers by stealing it.

  • Thank you for taking time to write, Bort.
    However, if you think paying just 25 Dollars or thereabouts to access at least 100 HD films in a niche that you profess to love is too much, then I do despair.

    Think on that the next time you drink a few cappucinos or go out to the cinema for one film and snacks. All for the same price.
    Membership sites will end with attitudes like this and then we will all move to custom work (many of us already are pushing this privately) and private paid custom work only, where no pirate will be able to copy content, unless the guy paying for the custom shared it themselves, ‘cos we wouldn’t care then anyway.

    This long play film was not a custom and Sarah & I paid (a lot) for this to be made… I guess these large productions will become less frequent from now on, then.
    In the vernacular of POTUS #45: SAD

  • Bort it is worth joining the spanking sites they are great value and help the producers pay for the content we so to Sarah and John from Tim .

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