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Class Clown – Severe Caning Scene

I was searching for some caning clips on the latest Gallery updates and remembered this great little scene.
Not much acting was required as the poor actress playing the schoolgirl (Rowina) was genuinely scared of the cane! Take a look at the pics below (click to enlarge them) and underneath that is a short but very hard caning scene. You will see why she had reason to be scared! The poor mite was trembling beforehand, she is quite small, about 5 foot tall. I was on camera 2 that day (catching the facial reactions) and there was much wincing as the rod crashed down on her teen cheeks.

Check out the welts across her red cheeks!
click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge


Anyway, I thought you all deserved to see this scene before anyone else! I’ve only just made the latest galleries available.
I always try to look after my esteemed readership here! I hope you appreciate this short scene, it was used to promote the SPANKPASS.
The actual film came from the SpankingOnline site if you are interested and wish to look it up (filmed end of 2005, I recall).

I will try to get some more updates up this week but am maxed out at the mo…so much to do, so little time! 🙁

‘Til then… Chief.  🙂


  1. brad brad

    Fantastic clip chief, did she eventually have those panties, or should i say
    “knickers” , pulled down? She is such a cute girl, love’em petite like that.
    (much easier to hold down during an OTK spanking)


  2. Brad…hold on to your chair….it was her time of the month and she was quite messy!!!!!
    We agreed not to pull her panties right down for certain scenes, she was using a pad AND a tampon, apparently.


  3. While I agree that bare bottom is some instances is sadly needed I also have to advise or indeed caution against caning or spanking on the bare all the time especially for older ladies. If the offence is of such a grave nature that bare is warrented then afford the young lady some modesty in allowing her to cover up her frontal parts. I have a natural distain for full nudity and when it comes to punishment the knickers should be lowered just enough to expose both cheeks. I think that is why these images that Chief has so kindly shared caught my beady eye. No full nudity (a sad trend on many sites these days) knickers neatly pulled up between her buttock cheeks, bottom well placed for a sufficently severe caning to leave deep welts for 5 or 6 days to come. I must spend around 20 hours or more weekly since retiring searching out spanking related material this site is now high on my many spanking book marks folder! Well done on making ol Granpa very happy this evening. Oh and if any ladies live in the Wiltshire area of the UK and are in need of very real severe chastisment then please leave a note here. I can accomodate, limits respected and naturally I would not ask for “extras” it would be straight harsh punishment that could help with a number of issues a lady maybe having. Weight problems, husband problems, stress, idle behavior to name a few. Kind regards Granpa72

  4. Welcome, GrandPa.
    I know what you mean, I often enjoy just seeing a girl’s cheeks bobble out from the panties just below the rounded buttocks!
    Exposing the flesh that is to be spanked. If nudity is warranted, then this can be done later!
    I saw something earlier which I’m reviewing which really pleased me to see, the knickers, when they were pulled off, were used to wrap the legs together.
    It made the spankee more submissive, it was done in an erotic context rather than a punishment scenario.
    Glad to see you read the blog, this review will hopefully be up end of next week (it’s a secret at the mo as I’d like to be first to review this lovely lady’s new site!) 🙂

  5. brad brad

    I have to disagree with Grandpa Rod, i for one love to humiliate the girl by
    exposing her privates. And the fact she was having her “time of the month”??Awesome!
    I travel the internet searching as well but for me it is both nudity and spanking…
    I guess everyone has their likes and dislikes eh?

    Thanks Chief, how much did she show , you know, as to her period?


  6. brad brad

    Ok thats it, got to see her pad!! joining SOL right NOW!


  7. She kept popping off to the toilet between films and in one scene had 2 sets of panties on.
    As I said she said we couldn’t take off her panties as she was embarrassed…but I’m sure it was her time of the month!
    I’ll find some pics as I did an OTK and caning shoot with her.
    Seemed to be a definite pad bulge down there, not sure which site that was on, think it was SpankingOnline.

  8. brad brad

    Thanks Chief. Yeah, lets see if we can find some “close up shots” of that….lol
    The investigation starts now!

    Man, is she cute though.

  9. GrandPa GrandPa

    Brad I respect all views regarding discipline. I suppose im old school where bare bottoms were bared and a cane was a cane. Front privates did not really feature. My only desire is the buttocks every other part of a womans body leaves me cold.

  10. brad brad

    Hey GranPa..

    No worries, i totally understand where you are coming from. The real deal so to speak…
    I guess we all like different things. I think sometimes i like to see that kind of thing
    too, traditional and no frontal shots.

    But for the most part, i LOVE seeing some sort of humiliation.

    Talk soon..


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