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Emily’s Harrowing Early Morning Slippering

Well, as requested, I have found 16 pictures which I feel capture the true horror of this 20 minute movie.
Located at FETISHFLIXX in Hi Resolution FULL Screen playback I won’t say too much here as I have explained it in my Exclusive Gallery.
Needless to say, this slippering was extreme, the soles of those fluffy slippers were ridged & bit into her buttocks with each stroke.
When you see the pics, you will understand the true nature of this film.

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Obviously it was a memorable film for me, seeing as I played the Uncle.
I must say that Emily knew what was coming as we had discussed it beforehand, knowing she would ooze “down there”, thus making this a most unique film! 
I know it’s not everyone’s “Cup of Tea”…but of course there are those out there who like to see this side! You know who you are!  😀

I’ve also placed this as a free link in my Free Spanking Gallery bar on the right, just in case anyone should ever miss this in the future!
I will post news of a great offer at SpankingMags tommorow, I haven’t got time now as it’s late.


  1. brad brad

    ….Cant……type…….those pics……..SO AWESOME!
    I do remember the Uncle spanking her but dont remember him fingering her. Maybe they
    were added later ( fingering part)???

    Lovely pics….just lovely.


  2. Well, Uncle Chief remembers it very well, lol!
    She damned well nearly ruined the trousers of my cheap suit! She had that coming…

  3. brad brad

    LMAO…..she made a mess did she? I LOVE it! What an incredibly naughty girl.
    So, you spanked her good and hard then? Good man.


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