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FREE Japanese Spanking Updates

FREE Japanese Spanking pics and clips HERE

It’s time to see what those cute girls from the Far East are up to this month.
One of the updates features my fave Japanese girl, Fuka, getting a right seeing to from her mean sister!
Japanese spanking is very much centred around respect of elders and family.

The younger members of the family can often get bullied, as is the case with Fuka’s older sis!
Fuka is spanked & paddled, I love seeing those small teen cheeks whacked with that instrument!

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The second update features a private tutor using a horrid plastic ruler which I gather was quite painful!
Sustained use of a ruler is excruciating so it’s a surprise that I saw it used at Cutie Spankee, but I’m not complaining!!!

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More news and updates tommorow, including some very dirrrrrty stuff like this from SpankedSchoolgirl I made earlier today! 😀
(I promise you will enjoy these!)
There’s some good caning clips and pics with a fave girl of mine with her little mouse showing being “it’s that time of month!”
Stay tuned….



  1. brad brad

    Chief, OH MY GOD, YESSSSSSSSS, i love it! They have the tampon thing at
    SSG do they? So awesome to see a girl caned or spanked with a tampon hanging.
    Hey, punishment does not wait till the girl is done flowing right?

    Thanks SO much Chief.


  2. Mr A. Mr A.

    I really adore Fuka, she has a very cute (and naught and intelligent) face and a nice round, chubby bottom. She is my favourite Cutie from Cutiespankee.

  3. I certainly agree with you, Mr A! 😀
    I just love Japanese girls bottoms, they are so rounded yet still soft & pert in general.
    A delight to spank, I’m sure!!!

  4. Mr.A Mr.A

    Indeed! Fuka’s beautiful bottom surely would be especially nice to spank now that it has grown bigger than it was before. It is fat and big…in a good way of course! 😀

    Also, Yuu is another looker from cutiespankee…a site filled with beautiful women!

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