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Japanese Schoolgirl Spankings

Oh boy, my favourites! Whimpering Japanese schoolgirls punished at school by hard uncaring School Mistresses that want to instill proper respect and a very red bottom with lots of tears along the way! Yeah, it can only be CutieSpankee – I haven’t gotten you an update of what’s been going on here for a while so those starved of my oh so cute Japanese girls and their perfect rounded little bums, be prepared for a visual treat.

Gentlemen, if viewing now, please.. PLEASE, for the love of God, do not view any of this content wearing tight fitting undergarments, I am all too aware of the pain and distress such restricted groinal underwear and the pain that arousal might bring! OK, so that you can’t sue me, I had to make that warning…let’s press on with these highly erotic recent updates at cutiespankee!

I can identify with this one below, this naughty girl has had to brave the cold weather and an equally cold classroom for her Detention on a saturday…the shame as she vares herself, shivering is only matched by the pathetic whimpers and quivering buttocks as her School Mistress (warmly attired, of course) takes aim again and again…



The very latest NEW Update is called “Please help me!” and this schoolgirl is forced to ask the cruel school mistress to help her stay still by tieing her hands during the punishment otherwsie this is likely to go on til her bottom is redder than the setting sun of the Japanese flag! There’s a FREE Preview Clip below with some choice images of this total submissive cutie!!!



The last 2 recent movie updates featuring the same sadistic HeadMistress has a twist to it as you’ll see…however, first up below, a Form Teacher is brought in to discipline her own unruly pupil, in fact, this girl has been discovered to have been having sexual relationships with boys whilst in her uniform, thus disgracing the school name.


What happened next, as the poor girl was half doubled over with pain and embarrassment was nothing as to what her Form teacher was to endure as she was told she was to blame for this slut’s behaviour and had to take the punishment she had just dished out! So now we get to see punisher and punishee with their buttocks hanging out in shame….what a nice twist, eh?


I have to admit I had a bit of a raging “boner” seeing this young teacher getting punished in front of her sobbing pupil…yeah, I know, I’m a collossal pervert…heh heh! All I can say is this site is very reasonably priced (last time I signed up it was around $20!) and worth every cent of viewing pleasure like this!!! They also have regular free updates on the HOME PAGE HERE


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