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New Girl Carla given The Belt

First up – many apologies for not updating my blog – I have had many personal issues recently which basically gave me very little time to update the blog but as the situation seems to have eased then here I am again… still attempting to catch up, so I promise that over the next few days I will be getting you some monster updates to make up for that and am aware of what other folk are writing about so will try to avoid doubling up, unless I have new images or, as you have come to expect, even better, I provide you with my own personally edited clips which I know many of you really like (judging from my mails, and thanks to those who do take time to write rather than leave comments as it is a little more personal, eh?) & yes, I’m fine, it’s just everyone else around me seems to be falling apart *sigh*

Right, please go check out – thankfully they still live up to excluisve movies not found anywhere else and here’s a great little movie with very naughty newbie Carla who is in her bedroom waiting for her bare bottom to be given the belt! From the free clip you can view and the images taken from the movie, I think you’ll agree that Carla has a very delightful wobbling teen bottom that just cries out to be spanked, don’t you think?

The story behind this movie: Carla arrived home in the early hours of the morning drunk out of her head & shouting abuse waking up the whole house. Early next morning she was told to “GET DOWNSTAIRS!” At just 18 she really thought there was nothing that could be done to her. Surely she was past all that? She couldn’t believe what she was hearing when she was told to get up to her bedroom & bare herself. She was going to be given a belting! Suddenly it was not so funny anymore as she bent over the bed and was given a very severe thrashing across her bare bottom! Chief’s Trouser Arousal Warning: This contains scenes of a blessed hard domestic belting of a teenager in need of much discipline!

Don’t miss your chance to see this very naughty uppity teenager with a most wobbling pair of globes given a proper thrashing – this movie is not found anywhere else – out now for download for members of THEBAREBOTTOM

Don’t go far as I will be updating this blog tomorrow with a “mother” of an update!!! 😀


Don’t forget to check out the TEEN SPANKING TUBE (4 new long play movie clips added today!)


  1. tim tim

    Carla is a little cutie what is her nationality ?she gets her botty whacked hard ,best wishes ,tim .

  2. I think she is originally from somewhere like Ukraine or Belarus as I had asked, she now lives in London from what I know. Not sure if she does 1-2-1’s, I could be interested, lol. 😉

  3. tim tim

    she is a nice little spankee girl she had big spanks .

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