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Classic “Sinn”ful Spankings!

Delving deep into my archives this morning – I was checking out what to write up here today and went to my SpankSinn folder for some inspiration and wanted to review one or a few of her very naughty films for you that I hadn’t seen in an age. However, I have currently been watching a whole load of content this morning and, ahem… have difficulty concentrating now as this girl can get very raunchy (as I’m sure many of you know!) Well, I also remembered that Chelsea, who often spanks naughty Sinn, likes to also get “down and dirty” with her, often pleasuring or allowing Sinn to be a naughty slut and film it for our obvious viewing pleasure! So… one film in particular caught my eye and I decided to just update this post with this film, so it’s a sort of film review and then I’ll let you decide from there just what is still showing today… more of the same, but I felt this old film from 2009 deserved a mention… “Stepmom takes Control!”

Sinn was caught sneaking in at Dawn but was caught out by her stepmom, Chelsea, who had been waiting up all night to catch her out… and she was mad as hell and hell bent on spanking her step daughter! Chelsea had her eye on this naughty girl for some time and Sinn was mortified that her dad would ever find out that she had been staying out all night so submitted to Chelsea’s spanking punishment! Chelsea soon discovered that Sinn was turned on by her OTK spanking and could even feel her dripping wet pussy and gently rubbed the horny slut’s panties to feel the moisture seeping right through! This secretly thrilled Chelsea as much as seeing this attractive young woman heaving and sighing across her lap but she was supposed to be punished – so Chelsea decided to spank her some more with a hard hairbrush and also allow Sinn to pleasure herself with the handle during this part of her discipline as she knew the feelings of pleasure and pain would sustain this for much longer – after all, Chelsea had been up all night waiting for this opportunity so wasn’t going to let this go by without some more original spanking punishment she had in mind!

Below you’ll see the scene before the hairbrush punishment where Chelsea checks out how “nasty” a girl she is asking Sinn to “shake her booty” like she’d do in the nightclubs…. this is a shameless scene to watch as Sinn jiggled that amazing bubble butt of hers and some interesting cam angles as you’ll have seen above make this a very erotic clip! Watch those trousers!!!

Chelsea continued with prolonging Sinn’s punishment after she pleasured herself with the hairbrush and Sinn tasted her own cum juice on the handle so Chelsea decided to make Sinn keep it in her mouth to stop her from moaning with pleasure so much… this time she spanked her hard with her hand, strap and paddle as Sinn’s muffled noises of both pleasure and pain continued – whilst Chelsea reminded her what a nasty step daughter she was! See more images taken from the movie below:

Sinn’s punishment was coming to an end and Chelsea had her fill of this brazen hussy… however, Sinn was so worked up that she couldn’t keep her fingers away from her sticky pussy so Chelsea allowed her the chance to bring herself off but only if she could watch what a dirty naughty little girl she was…. if you view this entire film you’ll understand that Sinn was past caring and as you’ll have seen from the interesting cam angles shown in the movie images…. Chelsea got more than an eyeful of Sinn’s delicious honeypot as she fingered herself off to a huge climax!

This film has it all, some incredibly hot spanking punishments of an oh so buff Sinn and of course being a very very naughty girl which she just loves performing on film like this! There’s a great strapping scene below which is typical of the punishment that Sinn received but for the more raunchy and erotic parts, you can gleefully download the entire film HERE!


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