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Friday’s Spankings

As I had promised yesterday, there are new films uploaded at AAAspanking and new clips constantly being uploaded at our Clips Store – as I haven’t updated the front of the site page this week, you can check out a small clip of the audition casting of new girl Lucy Jones below which is now out to view in HD MP4 for members

*edit: Lucy has an amazing ass – very very spankable! A real nice girl too! 🙂

You might want to know that we had been experimenting with alternative methods of billing for those that couldn’t sign up with their credit card via CCBill so in addition to it being completely anonymous, we have set up 2 additional services on the join page where you can use your mobile/cell phone (or use telephone billing if in North America at a fair price). Now it’s a sort of SMS message, it varies for each country but I tried it here in the UK (as I don’t know what each country will charge and I have no control over this) and it’s a week membership for 10 Pounds in the UK (not that pointless expensive and unnecessary pay per minute crap) but at least you get access for a whole week and you can opt out at any time with a STOP message (it’s all explained if you were to use it and I’m sure it’s very similar in each country) OK, it’s still not as cheap as a credit card sign up but it’s an option to fall back on we have provided and I don’t want to start offering 4 or 5 credit card options as affiliates that I care about would cry “foul” that I was using their traffic for my own purposes as that is only currently set up for CCBill. So I have stuck it out just using that processor which is well respected  for card sign ups but I have noticed there are many refusals of cards beyond the norm so some folk can just get refused through no fault of their own… so this phone payment option or the payment by cash option I have just set up ensures you can get access to our films if you want it. OK, that’s enough of my guff for now… before I bore you to tears, here’s what is going on or I have been going off on one over these last few days! Enjoy! I did!






Just some of the choice images taken from Hungary’s Spanking Experience website – this site is one of 3 in the group and there is a multi site pass (that I am using) which gives you access to over 500 full length movies (if truth be known, I watch it for the redhead Livia… who is featured in a few images above – there’s something about her I find addictive viewing!)

You can find out more about their Special multi site Spanking Pass HERE


Recently I featured a hard no nonsense spanking punishment of new girl Daija by the cruel old school Principal at Spanked Coeds who is probably one of the meanest guys I’ve seen spanking girls at any site. He’s a cross between the Tasmanian Devil and Colonel Sanders and has some strict 1930’s Depression values, perhaps…

you can see what he does below when he continually thrashes her without much time for a rest between an OTK spanking, and the use of a ping pong bat and a hard heavy hairbrush that has Daija bawling her eyes out by the end! I’m ashamed to say I got rather turned on seeing her cry… & a snivelling wreck slumped on the bed at the end – seriously, this was a proper tearful punishment!






See more of this nasty man’s excellent punishments at Spanked coeds HERE!


Now sadly, as I started to write this post today, Er Indoors has been giving me grief about spending time with her so I can not continue so will try to add some more posts later this weekend, I really just don’t have enough hours to do everything I want to at the moment, it is so incredibly frustrating! My apologies… and I’ll be back soon.

Chief 🙁

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