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Schhhpaankings & Tearful Punishments!

Schhhpaankings? Hmmm, that sounds suspiciously Dutch to me… I just spied a great new naughty schoolgirl punishment film at which just happens to contain the 2nd part to the prefect Punishment film with Loni and Jolene… Headmaster has his hands full (I’d be happy to help!) and the girls get a double punishment as you’ll see below!

In part two (after Loni spanked prefect Jolene) the Headmaster put both girls over his knee and gave them both another sound spanking. Then, while Loni had her nose in the corner, red bare bottom on display, the Headmaster gave the new prefect Jolene a sound taste of the strap and then she was told to join Loni in the corner!







Staying in Holland there is Mike’s excellent domestic discipline site with an endless supply of naughty Dutch girls not seen anywhere else that take a good hard “schpaaankking” – and as well as their cute bums getting reddened, I love hearing their accents as they plead for Mike to “Sch-toppp schpaaanking me!”  The rotter from Rotterdam doesn’t listen, of course!

Where do I start? New girl, 19 year old Mandy? She’s been punished for not turning up for a job interview and of course she has also been caught web camming (the bane of every father figure and their errant girls nowadays) and given a thrashing for that too! Girls today, eh? *sigh*



& of course, one of my favorite girls from Holland, blonde Leandra has brought in her friend, brunette Britanny… and Mike really has his hands full with these 2 (I really feel I could help out here, lol) – just take a look at some of what these 2 girls have endured in some amazing double punishments! Even without the slinky new girl Mandy (who I think is worth the entrance fee alone), the additional new movies make this addictive viewing!


As well as misbehaving at a Music Festival, these 2 madams are really giving Mike a hard time trying to keep them on the straight and narrow (yes, I said I could lend a hand!!!) well, the images below will surely blow you away as I show you both girls thrashed yet again!





From girls next door type spankings to something I love seeing… and that’s real bratty uppity models who think they are above the people that pay their fee for the day… yup, I’m referring to the very good folk of who have had plenty of experience of real “baaaaad girls”… whether it’s Greg’s hard pressed photographer, Terry, who sometimes calls him in to deal with these brats wanting more money, bitching about the motel locations (actually, I tend to agree there as these are real dives… but that’s the point, right?) Greg is a clever soul… wanting to elicit a reaction from these prissy overpaid divas and he sure gets his excuse to spank them time and time again!

These long play films are a hoot and also contain some amazing scenes of blubbing madams taught a very painful lesson! Many of these girls have never been spanked… and it shows as they really don’t like the treatment dished out to them! Enough of me wittering on… example here today is Hillary from the archives, I watched her punishment earlier and decided to show you her tearful expressions as I don’t think I showcased this particular spanking before… and it deserves to be shown! Enjoy!


As in all the films, the girls model lingerie for the cameras but soon get fed up or bored or just bitch about the film shoot… much to the annoyance of Greg (the mystery spanker whose face you never see) … he tightens his fingers, tenses them and often just grabs the girl by the ear telling them they should have got what’s coming to them a long long time ago… and then the spanking rollercoaster mayhem begins!




You can check out more of the many free previews of the girls getting their just desserts – Click Here


Finally for today here, there has been a great model fantasy film from top film makers (well, it was Leia’s actually) where she wanted to play a secretary that WANTED to get punished, I’ll let the images taken from this HD film below and the explanation show you exactly what is going on…




Leia-Ann came to us with a soft spot for submitting to a women but wanted to try a scenario where the bottom manipulated the top. So in the delightful extravaganza, Leia-Ann plays a secretary who has deliberately been messing up to get the attention of her sexy boss… Yummy!

Indeed it is as you’ll have seen and any film co starring Amy and Leia is well worth a peek!!!

Check out more spanking punishments from the unique


OK, I ought to be updating my other blogs so that’s it for here, I’ll bring you a bumper package tomorrow including another ultimate spanking showcasing of Amber… but you’ll have to wait for that!
Regards, Chief.


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    these are 2 great sites of Mikes lovely girls ,Northern spanking is great too varety is very good ,best ,tim.

  2. Thanks for taking time to comment, Tim. Always appreciated. John

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