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Stunning Spankings

Excuse me whilst I blow my own trumpet (well actually… I’m not, but this kind fella above is doing it for me) as if I can’t blow said instrument/s on here… my own blog, then where can I?

Right, now that I have totally confused you, I am writing about the new update I posted earlier today inside the member area of – it features Leia-Ann Woods and Irelynn Logeen (in what I think was her very last F/F spanking film she ever made…. not that there are no more… as I am sure there are other producers who have some of her stuff as yet unpublished, but in the timeline of things, I believe that in February this year, this was her last specific F/F spanking movie she did for any online company… so who better than to do it with the lovely Leia… (and with us) after I had tried to get Irelynn to appear 3 times previously!

I have got you some actual images which are the actual sizes, I really like the lighting affects in some of these images and of course these are real action shots that I took during the film (I took a load as I couldn’t use a flash but had the cam settings varied to try and grab the best of many shots and here are a few of the 80 or so images I decided to keep that are uploaded for members today…. it’s a sort of preview as next week this will be the film we are next bringing out! If you love F/F spankings, then don’t stray too far from AAAspanking this coming week as I also have the 2nd part of Sarah Gregory’s film coming which is just brilliant, it’s also very funny but with some cracking slippering scenes that has Sarah gasping out loud! OK, enough of that trumpet blowing! Enjoy the images below… and any feedback is always welcome.






OK, I think you get the idea… The brief storyline: Leia was upset that Irelynn was wearing that outfit when they were supposed to be making a good impression going out rather than Irelynn looking too tarty! So… any excuse, Leia spanks and paddles Irelynn to teach her a lesson… and of course, who cares about the plot of the story when it has Leia… Irelynn…. F/F OTK spanking and bare bottom paddling! Go see more of it HERE


PS. We called this our “Firm hand” shoot because of the city center apartment location…. fans of Firm Hand Spanking may well remember that they hired out a whole load of places like this a few years back when they filmed a lot in the UK. It was a lot of fun to film there and I’m sure we’ll do something similar soon… it was kind of funny hoping that no one would hear us in our apartment… heh heh! My excuse for the comings and goings? We had a great “business meeting” … ahem!

Oh, if you can’t wait, or don’t want to access our site and all the films (in HD quality, of course) then you CAN download this film above right now at our Clips4sale store HERE (not surprising that it’s one of the most popular films!)


& so to something else… a quick trip over the English channel to Holland and I’m featuring the fabulous Dutch girls of Mike’s uniform niche site – – today it’s the Nursing uniform update (one of my favorites!) and what’s more… naughty nurse Leandra is back and getting off getting other new nurses into trouble… you may well remember this previous episode below!


Leandra got Stacey into trouble and then played with herself as she snuck in to see Stacey getting her loud and painful thrashing, however, she wasn’t the sharpest knife in the box and got caught watching and playing with her kitty-kat so she ended up over Doc Johnson’s lap too for a quick cure!


Well, as I said… Leandra is up to her old tricks again, as you’ll see below in this very latest episode out now to download in full! This time she gets stunning new girl Brittany into trouble as you’ll discover… oh, those Dutch girls!






Our naughty nurse Leandra is at it again! As you have seen in episode 13, she loves to frame girls and then play with herself while they get spanked. This time she met the gorgeous new nurse, Brittany, and she told her that she didn’t have to do the night shift starting that evening so Brittany went home. The next day Dr Johnson gave her a sound spanking in his office and Leandra secretly watched with her hand deep down inside her panties! Luckily Dr Johnson caught her and he told Brittany that she can have her revenge by spanking Leandra. Stay tuned for Leandra’s spanking and her caning coming up in part 2!


Now I could show some stunning new svelt like girls that are on at already, I could… but everyone else who loves promoting their sites have already shown their latest updates so I won’t bother repeating myself and instead I’m going to show you some  stunning girls who have curves and large wobblesome bottoms that jiggle and redden so beautifully in all the right places that the very thought of all that flesh is causing a commotion in the Chief’s much distressed trouser department. Seriously, I don’t know why some people refuse to show larger girls, especially such pretty things… if you’ve ever had one over your lap, jiggling provocatively as you punish and slap those cheeks… my goodness, you’ll understand! It’s a very erotic thing as I will show you now with yet another new girl called Keeley Caine (I remember Paul talking to me excitedly about her) so seeing her “in the flesh” so to speak now… wow! See for yourself!




Introducing Keeley Caine: Here we witness a minor domestic as Keeley gives Paul’s credit card yet another battering. She looks so sweet though its all he can do to bring himself to spank her! Welcome to Keeley, Northern Spanking’s latest cheeky, sexy addition. She really is as cheeky as she looks and had, before this film shoot, never been spanked in her life! It was their opinion that they thought she must have done plenty to earn a spanking though!

See for yourself and much MORE of Keeley’s curvacious BARED BOOTY HERE

Paul’s at it again! This time as Dr Kennedy on his day off, messing around with Nurse Rosie Bottomly who both play around in their uniforms… hey, who am I to argue with such naughtiness, if it helps keep our medical staff happy that they can do what they want in private and keep our Health Service “free” then go ahead… let the spanking mayhem begin!


Rosie’s ample butt cheeks are squeezed and groped by “The Doctor” before he wants more and drags her over his lap for some more intimate spanking examinations! You can see MUCH more of Rosie’s bared spanked flesh inside the members area HERE



& finally, in response to a few enquiries about scenes just being shown in specific clips, check out the below which may be of interest, this film was ideal for the cut treatment as it contained a good hard spanking scene at the beginning, then was followed by a severe stinging leather tawsing… & finally at the end it just showed a severe tearful caning… it’s perfect for anyone, and these 2 Polish girls really took a damned hard thrashing as you’ll see below!

Enjoy! Now available to view as clips HERE or in full from the site below

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