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Bad Doms & Bad Maids!

“Yes, I have everything… Oil, dildo, buttplug….um, clothes pegs, I have 2 clothes pegs!”

WTF am I on about? This is the opening line in Amber’s latest full movie release as she talks to her webcam client and we get to see what he cybers her for… it’s pretty hot and Amber is one of those delightful pain sluts I’d fritter away my money on day after day if I was given the chance! Check out why below and you’ll see why she’s just addictive viewing – this movie comes courtesy of

However, this is a cautionary tale about what you guys get up to with her in private! It’s YOUR money after all if you cyber in webcam land… but if you want to get the MOST out of Amber then take heed of her warning and advice at the end! & I am not going to let you know what she advises as that is for MEMBERS (which is fair, I think) and of course you can download this film RIGHT HERE but needless to say it involves the way you let her use the various dildos, butt plugs and clamps/clothes pegs etc… on top of this with the self flagellation and spanking/paddling that you can make her do as she grunts and drools in that ball gag (it’s hot steamy stuff when she gets going!) but as I said, Amber only provides an advisory note for you… personally you guys can do what the hell you like but I’d listen to her… I’d love to get the most from this vivacious redhead, wouldn’t you? Some choice images from this session are below:







Treat this lady right & you’ll reap oh so much more!!!

CLICK HERE to access all of Amber’s latest hot spanking, sex & punishment films


There is also yet another NEW movie update at – yup, I’ve been busy and it stars Sarah Gregory in a dom role and I won’t forget watching this as Sarah became really scary… a total switch! Moments earlier she had been thrashed by both myself and Cindy for 2 other films then to give Sarah a brief rest and allow her bottom to recover (for more filming later) I gave her the chance to play this fearsome role… and “boy!” is she good! I’ll be brief as the description below for the film and the images should provide you with enough idea as to what is happening and going to happen to Cindy, dressed in a sexy maid’s outfit! If you love F/F spankings and love seeing Sarah in these roles… gird ye thy loins, as this is a great little movie! 🙂

Sarah Gregory punishes her “Bad Maid”

Sarah Gregory is a refined lady from a typical well to do small town in Massachussets and being a proud New Englander, she doesn’t employ maids of Hispanic background or those down on their luck, oh no… she employs British maids who supposedly know what they are doing and can speak the Queen’s English! For this, she pays well and insists that they look the part too in their sexy frilly outfits but this comes at a price as the agency she deals with knows that she’s a little eccentric and often likes to thrash her poor girls. It seems the Brits can take this sort of punishment better than their Spanish speaking cousins! Cindy was unaware that Miss Gregory was about and looking to inspect her cleaning efforts after last night’s dinner party. She couldn’t remove some coffee mug rings on the dining table which were her fault and it didn’t go unnoticed! Miss Gregory wastes no time telling Cindy what’s going to happen and it’s not long before she is howling across her knee, her bare bottom spanked hard and long! But this isn’t over by a long shot, Cindy’s British “cheek” (or sass) gets her into trouble once more and she is given a good hard leathering, like something she used to get at home! This is a good hard girl on girl discipline film that Sarah Gregory loves to make & she admitted she got her own back on Cindy who gave her a good whacking in a previous film they had made together! We love it, we are sure you will too!






Interesting fact about Sarah’s dress! Sarah discovered the delights of our major shops whilst over here in the UK and bought this floral number in TESCO (I quite like it, actually) and she discovered Primark as well… source of the best cheapest jimmie-jams and girls PJ’s in the UK!


I have just uploaded a new free gallery of a film I absolutely love, the full MP4 file has been released for members at AAAspanking recently! Click on the image below to see Leia & Irelynn’s paddling film – remember this was Irelynn’s LAST F/F film ever made (though I am sure there are others not released, this was actually the last one she made in February this year!)

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