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Stuffed, bloated, full & satiated…. now bring me my spankings!

Wow! I really went OTT last night stuffing my fat face with a very nice Xmas meal… I had to start work at 5am this morning so was feeling a little queasy and feeling the after effects. saying that, I have just devoured a huge chocolate bar because it was just looking at me the wrong way (don’t ask!) – I’m such a terrible glutton at the moment! & I am about to open an excellent bottle of shiraz and will no doubt guzzle that down so I better get on with some more spanking updates from what has been catching my eye and what I had watched from my overworked hard drives earlier (which is a corker!)

OK, so here’s a movie that is now out and downloadable for members of Lupus Spanking – it’s a strange and dark movie, called “The Noise” it’s kind of based on a Big Brother style plot and (remember I’m a geek) it kind of reminded me of an old Star Trek episode where Kirk & co got punished when they transgressed on some planet they were exploring… and they’d have some ultra sound waves paralyze them with pain or something… anyway, as you’ll see the girls lives are monitored… as are everybody’s!

Even the bedroom is no place to hide for these girls as they are watched 24/7 by The State!



The Big Brother theme is where ordinary people’s lives are controlled by the state and your every move is watched and controlled or punished… and fortunately for us, the punishment are for 2 girls featured in this film who get seriously caned hard in front of their parents but before that they have to wait and undress and go through humiliating propecdures designed to break them further!




and the girls also get to see other snivelling miscreants thrashed and hear their cries… doubly worrying and humiliating as you would expect! & so to the actual punishments, well, they are classic Lupus, this is a wierd film, with a twist I like, but it also has some incredible scenes where you see these girls pert tight buns, flawless before… and a mass of seething red welts afterwards! they got a typically hard caning and these images below should be all the evidence you require!



Each girl is cold caned in front of the other, as they scream and cry real tears, this happens in front of their parents who are made to watch “The State” hand out the punishment! It’s stirring stuff, and stops short of making the girls unable to sit down for days…. but the welts and the canings were very severe, so I understand this might not be to everyone’s taste… however, it was something I felt I wanted to watch and it’s compelling viewing!



There is a free preview clip available to watch on the home page HERE

(Amongst the arty previews you’ll get to glimpse the severe caning scenes!)

So my Monday recommendation is a visit to Lupus Spanking if you wish to see some hard discipline and punishments of girls from eastern Europe… and of course the movies do have subtitled texts for us not able to understand Czech 🙂


Advert: Go visit the AAA Spanking Clips Store if you are into PJ and schoolgirl spankings, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise as I am showcasing a film we won’t be showing until early next year, 2 images from this below should whet your appetite 🙂

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