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Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t been here for a few days, it’s not because I am ignoring you all, I just have been rushed off my feet elsewhere… and also updating my site, I had a delay as I had wanted to get all the info  and content up and ready last night so I could let you all know about it then… but the FTP gremlins came in and wanted to annoy me (well, actually, it was my crappy rural internet connection timing out!) – but it’s all up now, a complete new film starring Sarah Gregory in (yet another) girl/girl spanking film – for those that love this sort of thing… I am spoiling you… and also you don’t have to put up with my ugly mug for a few films *applause*

So I give you a rather fun and naughty schoolgirl/school nurse scenario which you can see in the free gallery below: I’ll let you in on some inside goss after you’ve had a gawp at the “hawt” (tm Dave at Cherry Red) ass that is sassy Sarah Gregory!

This film was towards the end of this particular filmshoot… and Sarah had wanted to do something a little different and she explained that she had a talent… she could “shake her booty” – jiggle her butt for us as an exotic dancer might perform… she quickly showed us her talent… and I was sold – so into the film it went… you can see her practicing these moves at the beginning of the film – mesmerising to say the least, and I hadn’t seen her do this anywhere else… so another great selling point of this film, as if seeing Sarah spanked wouldn’t be anyway! This is only around 6 minutes long but it packs a lot of action into it and I promise you it’s a great movie, fans of Sarah will be very pleased! She is – as ever, extremely sassy and that alone gets her into more trouble! I loved this film, I am sure you will too!

Out now IN FULL for members – Click HERE to see a FREE Movie Preview


In other news, my friends at English Spankers have a great new film just released (they release a new film every week as I do) check out the FREE gallery below which best explains this, I just viewed the film… and I loved it as it stars a girl I love seeing spanked (don’t be surprised if you see her at my site soon… ahem!) ladies and gents, I give you Sarah Bright spanking a very naughty Sally!

You can also see a free HD movie preview HERE


& finally today in this shortened update, Sarah Bright has been busy at her own great site too… as you’ll see below when she continues her “Unladylike Manor” series, this time with well to do Jana getting a painful strapping punishment!

You can also see a great free movie preview of this film HERE


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Sorry that’s all I have, but I will be back with a mixture of European and American updates tomorrow, some of which you won’t have seen, I hope 😉


  1. tim tim

    Young Sarah will get big spanks ,is she playing a naughty nurse ? John ,best,Tim.

  2. Paul Down Paul Down

    Hi Chief,

    You know what my problem is with Sarahs vid I am sure.

    regards Paul

  3. One of the reasons she was there for punishment 😉

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