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New AAA Spanking Preview

I was up late last night getting together my latest film release and although it was late, I did what I had promised and got it out on Wednesday (as advertised) despite me having a full day elsewhere and being completely shattered… so I hope those of you who are already members at AAA Spanking will appreciate the effort these things require. I particularly liked this film as it had 2 characters comfortable with each other able to ad lib and play out a good bickering, argumentative couple for a good old fashioned over the knee domestic discipline spanking! I hadn’t seen this film for ages and playing it back to ensure all was OK, I had to chuckle at some of the things Leia had bought on poor Paul’s credit card… as well as other things which would induce further rage from him like getting their one and only car resprayed a horrible girly colour… and so on. The spanking punishment Leia got for this was entirely appropriate (and justified if this had happened to me, I’d have placed my missus in stocks and would expect the divorce lawyers to come knocking later… heh heh!)

This film was one of the last from my very first film shoot (I think there may be one more to come) that I ever produced… I still can not thank Leia (and Pandora for that matter) for coming in at such late notice as I had intended to hire them at a later date once I was a little more comfortable with the producing side of things, however, when I had originally planned a whole week’s filming for virtually every girl NOT to turn up… it was a big learning curve that week… and of course also a massive “thank you” again to Paul Kennedy and Jean Bradley from that very first shoot for helping to retrieve something from what would have been an absolute disaster. I have come a long way from those innocent days… so as I show one of the final films, I hope you enjoy what was an impromptu and unscripted lighter moment that actually turned out to be a really good OTK spanking film! I hadn’t filmed this personally as I was upstairs filming Pandora getting spanked by Jean – CLICK HERE FOR THAT REMINDER – So when I viewed the final edit, it would be the same as you guys as I had no idea at the time what had been filmed apart from when I got downstairs, they were all giggling, smiling and buzzing from “a good little film” they had made! I hope you like this as much as I did when I first saw it! 🙂








Check out the FREE HD Preview Clip CLICK HERE

You’ll get to see Leia, Pandora and many other naughty ladies get a rather deserved punishment or 5!


Back later with the other site updates and news… I’m off out to get my hair cut – such excitement, eh?

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  1. tim tim

    Leia Ann is a lovely girland has made many spanking vids ,a lot at Northern Spanking ,best,tim.

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