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Spankings and Anniversaries

Before I start with my spanking updates… it is worth remembering today is the 30th anniversary of the ending of the Falklands War. In just 74 days the illegal Argentine occupation of The Falklands came to an end with the surrender of their forces in the capital Port Stanley… 74 days and such tragic loss of life! In all, 255 British and 648 Argentine servicemen as well as 3 Falkland islanders so of course we see once again the rhetoric and ridiculous Brit-baiting by the aggressive self serving Argentine president, Cristina Kirchner, as she once again bleats to the UN about our atrocious behaviour in not allowing them to take the islands from UK protection… or of course ask the islanders themselves what they want to do. (Heaven forbid, Madame Presidente!)

This is one lady in dire need of a continual & relentless birching in my humble opinion!
Oh, and click on her image for an interesting read on what is wrong with Argentina from a neutral American observer visiting this beautiful but flawed country that some of  us had already known…

“Chief… you got me!”

Well, at least there will be a referendum, but I somehow doubt right now that the islanders would want to become a dependency or part of Argentina right now… perhaps one day they will become fully independent (if the oil reserves that are rumoured to be there are true then this area will become fabulously wealthy – (read the article and it’ll become clear why Madame Presidente is so desperate to get her hands on these islands as the Argentine economy is a total basket case!) or even a part of Argentina… that is for them to decide, NOT the British nation or indeed Argentina. I am guessing, from the images below of the Falklands today that they will want to remain part of the UK for now (but that can change and probably will in due time, but not because Cristina Kirchner says so).




OK, enough of that… now onto the updates and I shall briefly start with my own site and some exclusive images here for the very latest and naughty spanking film 🙂


It’s been well received (what a surprise!) so thank you to the members who wrote in personally to my webmaster address, I always respond to feedback (good or bad). These are exclusive images you won’t find anywhere else (yet) as I just released them here but I think they describe what happens to slinky Mishka, don’t you? There’s also a special free clip below if you haven’t already seen it so you get what happens…

This film is available in HD (both Wmv and MP4 formats at


You can also download this movie cheaply as a one off at the Clips Store if you so wish (click on the banner below for this movie and a view at what else is available)


Now, no doubt our man putting the “rotter” into Rotterdam, Mike… the Dutch “schpannking legend” will be feeling rather miserable this morning after watching Holland lose to arch rivals Germany in last night’s thrilling game in the Euro 2012 tournament – so I shall give him the honour of 1st update today to help atone for his team’s woeful 1st half performance which lost them the game (and “damn”… those Germans are looking good!) *groan* “not again!”

IMPORTANT: Here’s a lesson to all aspiring secretaries – “DO NOT GO TO THE WHIPPINGSHAM SECRETARIAL COLLEGE” unless you enjoy your bare bottom getting thrashed on a regular basis… the latest 2 parter is now available IN FULL and stars 2 lovely Dutch girls, one in particular I know well as she is featured a lot at Mike’s sites, the very naughty Angel with an unbelievably cute accent when she “schhhpeaks English” 🙂





The Dutch lesson – part 1: Betty and Angel are taking the advanced Dutch class to prepare them to work for any Dutch company. When their teacher dictated a simple document to them, they made numerous mistakes with the result that they both felt his “little friends” across their bottoms a few times. A heavy leather paddle and a very stingy little Egyptian rattan cane. When they had to correct the mistakes, they didn’t do it properly either… so Betty was first to lay over the desk for a sound bare bottom paddling!





In part two Angel is bent over the desk and she gets a sound bare bottom paddling. Then both girls are ordered to correct their mistakes which they do very well. They have earned a 15 minute break. During the break Mr. Johnson smelled smoke in the corridor and he caught both girls secretly smoking a cigarette. He told them to go back to the classroom immediately and they both went over his knee for a painful, hard, spanking bringing both girls close to tears!

You can see these secretarial shenanigans and the other uniform spanking updates HERE


 I loved watching Sarah Gregory’s latest film which was filmed at last year’s SL Party in Vegas. Chelsea plays her girlfriend in a good old fashioned cougar spanking her bratty diva sub OTK in the bathroom… spanked on a wet bottom… I know that stings! Yikes!




Sarah and her girlfriend Chelsea are on vacation in Vegas. Sarah is enjoying a bath when Chelsea asks her to start getting ready so they can go out. When Chelsea comes back, Sarah is still taking her grand old time in the bath. Chelsea is very unhappy about this and pulls Sarah out and gives her a hard spanking on her bare wet bottom for being so selfish.

You can also see many unique films of Sarah at Chelsea’s very own site RIGHT HERE too!


Now whilst on the subject of Sarah and something unique, this doesn’t appeal to everyone, but this is what Clare Fonda loves and has been working on with her new projects and I am liking the adult baby girls… they’re often diapered, sent to bed in the jim jams and the crib as well as pouting with pacifiers and of course the odd spanking or 3 that crops up delightfully… all this with killer drop dead gorgeous girls and well known spanking models like Sarah! I have to say… this film of Sarah suckling from Clare’s teats… oh my! Who wouldn’t want to be breast fed from Momma Clare?

Images (below) and storylines taken exclusively from Naughty Diaper Girls






Sarah fools Clare. Clare has been left to watch Sarah while her mommie is out. Sarah tells her a sob story of how she is never fed breast milk. Clare thinks Sarah is a real baby girl and feeds her some brest milk from her own tits. It feels good for both of them. She then finds out Sarah is really a naughty grown up girl so she takes her over her lap and spanks her.

Below is a selection of the drop dead gorgeous AB Girls that Clare is now working with!





Momma Clare, the brothel madame and seedy sex worker entrepreneur has been spanking and keeping her “hoes” in line for over 4 years at – now has come the time for Clare to pass on this mantle as she pursues other directions and so it is a rather good excuse to get in Snow Mercy (who I absolutely LOVE seeing spank and get spanked) and the equally lush Fonda stalwart over the years, husky voiced Kay Richards – with breasts and a speckled bottom I can’t resist gazing at incessantly (mmm!)

Feast your eyes on this great film to end Clare’s fearsome reign over her girls!
“Goodbye, Momma Clare!”





In Clare Fonda’s last appearance spanking on this site, she teaches Snow all about being her new madam. Clare starts by showing Snow what she does when Kay is late – she spanks Kay in front of Snow. Then it is Snow’s turn over Clare’s knee for a hand and hair brush spanking. Snow kicks her long legs and is embarrassed to be spanked in front of one of the girls. Finally, Snow puts Kay over her knee for several hard whacks with the hair brush. Kay and Snow are red, speckled and sore, but have learned valuable lessons.


An unmissable film and of course members have full access to 4 years worth of excellent archives already!

CLICK HERE to see the latest site updates

This site is part of the CLARE FONDA PASS network (5 sites at a fraction of the full price!)


OK, that’s it from me, I shall be off now to drink lots of beer and watch yet more footie 🙂

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