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R.I.P. Hollie Stevens 1982-2012

I had heard that one of my favourite fringe adult actresses, Hollie Stevens, was diagnosed with cancer last year but I had no idea that it was so serious that her breast cancer had spread to her bones and brain and she died a few days ago. I have now seen, courtesy of Google what had happened, but it was Gabe at his blog that I had discovered it first so I am linking the story he left - click here or Hollie’s image below. There is a poignant reminder of how diverse the richest nation on Earth is when it comes to healthcare… I may knock our healthcare system, but as I can not afford to go private either, at least our National Health Service (NHS) might just help make us better when we need it most! Screening and treatment of breast cancer in the UK is routine and free to all women…

R.I.P. Hollie… I’m gonna miss your whacky filming 🙁


I make no secret that one of my all time fave spanking movies courtesy of Greg, The Mystery Spanker… was with Hollie. I loved the way she reacted and this was filmed early on in her career… nevertheless, if you want to see Hollie at her kooky spanking best, you could do worse than just download this film (below) and it’s a cheap one off fee.

As a gesture out of respect: if I get a whole load of downloads on this, (I hope this time I do when you see why) I will donate $1 per download (the film costs $4.95) and I will upload a screenshot of the sales if it is worthwhile – but I have to split the fees in half with the copyright owner, Greg (naturally), and also the fees of CCbill on top of this which are in excess of 20% gross (16 plus 5 % holdback)… so giving a Dollar for each download of Hollie’s film makes sense, I hope.

Feel free to link to this or others in a bid to let people know…

Click the image below OR HERE for the download page

Hollie’s film can also be viewed at as part of a membership


  1. tim tim

    Johnthat is so sad ,cameraman told us she was a lovely spankee girl,Hollie did a nice vid series at Clares My spanking roommate with lovely Sophie Nova ,best,Tim.

  2. Yes, I saw that… and really was a sweet kooky girl! but I always remember this film I featured that she did with Greg at Bun Beating Fun – it captured her humour and ability to take a real hard spanking… it is definitely one to watch!

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