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Anger doesn’t even describe half what I feel

The guy that posts as Spankalot all over the forum networks has posted my latest film of Danielle Hunt via obscure filelockers and image hosting networks for maximum personal gain sharing out content. On top of that, 2 stolen credit card details this week have been used to plunder the site. (Hmm, wonder who that was, eh?) This sort of behaviour will kill off my site, anger doesn’t even begin to tell how I feel. This has been my quietest week for months, nothing to do with one film being shared, but it brings it home, this pirate is making more than me this week!


Thanks for ignoring my pleas not to rip us off inside the member area and just think of what you can make from it, from your crappy filelockers, I see you don’t care about anyone but yourself. I have contacted the dodgy Indian hosting company you use and forwarded all your details to Copycontrol – please note your behaviour is being monitored and from what I have seen, if you are based in the UK or USA which I think you are… you will be held to account at some point.


  1. Sarah Bright Sarah Bright

    It is soul destroying isn’t it? We work so hard and have such pride in our websites and these people just take our material to share for profit. I could cry sometimes. If it carries on none of us will be able to pay for shoots and the British Spanking Industry will be dead in the water. If you value British Spanking Porn then support our sites or you will lose them forever

  2. It gets me down but makes me more determined to see some of these people prosecuted. There is a growing intolerance from producers finally waking up to this and I am definitely one of those that will want to see prosecutions. Enough is enough.

  3. That’s really crap, hope you can continue and eventually these cretins are brought to book.

  4. tim tim

    John it is a cheek of these people putting your work up without your permission ,best from ,Tim.

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