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More updates today!

Blimey, updating the site can be such an “arse” at times, especially where I am with my rubbish rural broadband connections slowing things down with poor upload speeds… however, I got there in the end and am proud to bring you this all female affair called “The Punishment Stairs”… I was messing around with some stills images so these aren’t up at the site (there is a large  colelction of cool video images which accompanies the film though). I just made these images available here but will think about doing a special complete bonus set for members if you think these “arty” ones look ok? (It will take some time as I think I went mad and took about 70 or 80 pictures!) There’s a free movie clip of this hairbrush and caning film with both schoolgirls Jenna Jay & Taylor Richardson giving their headmistress a lot of work as the girls just refused to accept their punishment!

I liked this film, there were a few times I nearly called cut and would have a few words with Jenna… she’s a feisty girl and a loose cannon if not controlled… luckily the cane finally sealed her sassy lips and Taylor’s giggling stopped as she finally admitted she was “sorry!”

This was one of my fave locations to film in, it was vast and had lots of great features like this amazing staircase which was so institutional, I just had to film a few scenes on it, it also meant we could get some great 2upskirt” angles for those voyeaurs and also long shots and great close ups, filming on this landing was immensely rewarding…

The girls were made to strip completely out of their uniforms when headmistress couldn’t get a straight answer from them… she hurried them along as it was nearly time for the class changeover bell and she wanted the punished girls to remain there, naked for all the other pupils, so they would they had been dealt with on the infamous “Punishment Stairs”. Hmmm, a little implausible, perhaps… but I’d have loved to have imagined this *could* have happened. I wanted the girls to imagine they were really there and to wonder what it could have felt like when the bell would sound and desks would be pushed aside as dozens of girls from adjoining classrooms would use the stairs for their next classroom destination… imagine their reactions!!! Oh, the shame of it. They both got it and understood just how awful and embarrassing it would have been!

If you click on the final image below, it leads toa video gallery taken from the actuial film, I have reduced the size of the images as they are a free gallery for promotional purposes, but you will more than get the idea of what thsi film is about. members get the full size images and of course the 2 download options of WMV and MP4. Click image below for the Free Gallery

Don’t forget that there is also a Special End of Year Loyalty Annual Membership Promotion, this will be the last at this amazing price so those of you and perhaps some new folk that are interested, get it while you can as this will NOT be repeated once it is removed. Full details can be seen on the join page and how to get it, just click the banner below and all will become clear 🙂


 & so to news of other sites, their great new films and what I have been checking out recently!

I haven’t featured for a while as I had forgotten my pass which works on my PC but not on my laptop, which is a real pain (guess I better ask and get it sorted) … anyway, I am especially on my dying PC to bring you this bit as there are 2 updates you should at least know about!

The latest features a new girl called Mila Kohl (see below) a curvy beauty from America.

I’ll let Paul explain what they thought of her and then show you some early images of this lovely spankee!

Whilst attending Shadow Lane in Las Vegas back in August, we were lucky enough to work with some of the finest US CP starlets, all utterly genuine, fully-paid-up kinky girls! Our first introduction is the very lovely Mila Kohl, still relatively new to internet exposure we are delighted that we are the first UK site to be graced by her pretty face, wonderful personality and delightfully spankable bottom!



In her debut for us, we decided to give Mila as much exposure as possible… to the whole of Las Vegas in fact! Punishment, as is usual in these circumstances was left in the safe (and paddle-like) hands of Mr Lewis. To see MORE of curvy Mila getting spanked on her bare bottom – CLICK HERE

Another lovely recent update is an all girl affair with naughty Jadie Reece and Sasha Harvey… predictably fighting over a nice bottle of chilled Freixenet Cava Rose (absolutely lush in warm weather, by the way… or in fact at anytime!) I think you just know what’s coming… girls that can’t share deserve a spanking, eh?




See what happens in this outdoor catfight spankfest over some “bubbly” HERE


Next up is feature on Ten Amorette: She has recently been busy in the UK filming with other UK producers and here is the first to be shown of her. I would have wanted to work with her too (you know I’m a big fan) only I was already filming whilst she was here. I liked this film, I always like blackmail plots, I think I’ve only ever done one myself but here she is a blackmailed babysitter at the mercy of 2 pyscho parents (Ten has no UK Visa) – you can see this full 21 minute film at – congrats on a great production by Pandora Blake.

Working as an au pair without a visa, Ten is trapped with two psycho parents. They don’t believe in spanking for their child, but in spanking and paddling her. Poor Ten is completely at their mercy.





Ten features at one of her regular sites in America, David Pierson’s excellent – easily one of my fave independent producers, I love their storylines, their energy and of course I have also been privileged to meet up with the man himself after 5 or so years since he was in the UK… I also can’t help but smile when I see the studio, the self same place I filmed my 4 girl spankfest this summer… I just hope it’s not as humid now as it was when I was there… Jeez that was hard work! Anyway, am I digressing? Let’s focus on Veronica’s punishment of Ten Amorette, shall we?



The complete film of Ten as veronica’s niece caught “Red handed” is the 1st in “Glorious HD”

Veronica catches Ten taking money from her purse. She is appalled to see that her niece would steal from her and then try to lie straight to her face. She selects a long handled paddle to teach her a lesson about the price of theft. Ten learns that Aunt Veronica makes it exceptionally clear that she will not tolerate theft, especially from someone close to her!

See the HD film of Ten – Click HERE

Also check out the gorgeous Joelle Barros, a very naughty young lady that I absolutely loved working with… so I feel somewhat jealous of Mr Pierson as he gets to film yet more stuff with this leggy beautiful brat… however, she also switches rather well… and I can’t wait to see what she and a girl I always thought would go well together (Pi with a bum that speckles red so beautifully) – I remember Pi having long hair and both girls could have been sisters for all I knew before! What do you reckon? I’d have loved to have seen some “sibling rivalry” films.

Below are some previews of what they got up to!!!

You can view Joelle’s latest film right now at – images below compliment this movie



The chidren have gotten in trouble at school for using foul language and David confronts Joelle about watching her tongue in front of them. Joelle suggests the kids have learned them from David himself and quickly finds herself bent over receiving his belt for such backtalk.


See all the films and some FREE Previews of Joelle at


& before I go… here is a sneak preview of what is coming NEXT week at as it co stars Joelle alongside Nyssa Nevers in a naughty girl guide uniform punishment! Yes, I just *had* to dust down the old uniforms and spring it on the unsuspecting girls… don’t they look great? I’ll get you some behind the scenes images soon before the release date too!

& some more “arty images” I have messed around with 😉


  1. Jenna Jenna

    The clip of punishment stairs is showing the wrong clip.

  2. I’m out at the more but will correct that later. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. All done, correct link to movie clip on the front page is available

  4. tim tim

    Very nice post of your latest vids coming up ,best from ,Tim.

  5. I’m sure you will like the girl guides and tears from Nyssa, Tim 😉

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