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Spanking Updates

As promised, here are the updates I’ve missed this past week and some new ones I had planned to do today, so it’s a bumper post that I hope you enjoy! Without further ado, let’s just get on with what you are all really here for, the industry news and gossip, revealing images… and if you’re lucky and I have time, some exclusive free videos to this blog too!

Eli Harrison from Firm Hand Spanking is one of the new breed of models I have really enjoyed watching get spanked… below are a few reasons why I think you’ll agree too!

In the ongoing “Miltary Discipline” series






Beautiful naval cadet Elli Harrison waits in front of a mirror, butt out and hands on her head for Military Discipline. She admits to Mr Reed she did not study for her last exam, and that means only one thing: a sore ass. First a humiliating OTK spanking and then a leather strap is used across her bare sore bottom. So will this improve her academic work? Unsurprisingly, the FHS folk are NOT convinced which means yet more punishments are guaranteed for this stunning girl!

Check out the stunning free movie previews of Elli HERE


It would appear that schoolgirls, wherever they are, will try and cheat in their exams if they think they can get away with it. I, for one, would not try to cheat in Russia, known for their severity, this unfortunate girl, called Masha, is caught by the house mistress and sent to her form master for a good old fashioned tearful thrashing at what is one of the more severe and long play spanking specialists – Russian Discipline – with a gorgeous doe eyed girl like this, how could anyone not like seeing what happens to a cheater like her? Images below compliment the HD film Russian Discipline members are able to watch!




… the aftermath of this snivelling schoolgirl is just amazing, the images don’t do the film justice!


Continuing the schoolgirl theme for a bit… “Caned at St Justs” is the latest full film from my compatriots at who have another great film starring Lucy Manning, with teacher Nick Nightingale & Matron Sarah Bright (of spankingsarah fame, more on that site in a mo)

After Lucy had tried to seduce her teacher which also resulted in him almost losing his job… she has to report to Matron. There she is informed that she will be punished by her teacher AND by Matron. She is placed over a gym horse where she is spanked and paddled by them both and then her teacher removes his belt and gives her tight young bottom a real leathering. He then chooses a long whippy cane and delivers a stinging lesson to her already sore rear end, a fitting punishment for this naughty schoolgirl! Images below compliment the HD spanking film.




Click HERE for a special free HD spanking preview of this film


& there is a stunning intro for Jessica Jensen, who I had the pleasure of working with 6 months ago (gosh, seems an age ago now) … however, she is a very popular porn actress here in the UK, young and up for it… and has now also dabbled in a few spanking films, I recall her telling me she was naturally submissive before she got hired… seems Sarah and co found out what she was capable of producing too as well as me. Hmmm, Jess loves being filmed in the bath tub as I did one too, which I shall naturally leave for a while as you wouldn’t want the same girl in bath tub scenes all at once, would you?… No matter how darned cute she looks… be like waiting for a bus, either none arrive or 3 turn up at once… heh heh! Anyhoo… please do go check out this lovely new film at Sarah’s site where “bubbly” Jess infuriates David de Wolfe!

Images below are from the film “Badly behaved girl”





See a free HD spanking clip presentation of Jessica’s 1st punishment at

Jessica Jensen works hard all day as a naughty porno model and when she gets home she loves nothing better than having a soak in the bath with a cigarette and a glass of wine. This is not the sort of behaviour favoured by her guardian who makes his displeasure felt in the most painful way. He gives this glamorous young lady a real hard spanking on her still wet bottom and despite her protestations he continues until her tender bottom is well and truly beaten.


Staying in England… and of course to one of my next victims.. um, I mean models, finally I get to shoot with Amelia Jane Rutherford on Tuesday (alongside Molly Malone, a pairing no one has done until now, so I’m really excited about that as well as both girls who are genuinely pleased about working together – and we have lots planned) – BUT I DIGRESS (lol), now where was I? Oh yes… Michael Stamp playing the part of the “Night Master” (haven’t we all done that? heh heh) at a school where Amelia can’t play with herself quietly after lights out. This is a disaster for her in the making, isn’t it?

Every night he is on duty someone gets punished. More often than not it is Amelia Jane having her lovely bottom smacked in his room. She cannot help what she does in her bed at night, when the lights are out and the other girls are sleeping. She is lonely, far from home and the warm feeling of ecstasy spreading from what her fingers are doing takes her to a much happier place. Unfortunately for her bottom, Amelia Jane is a little noisy when she comes. And he always hears…

Ahem… “right up my street!”





Another cutie I love seeing punished is young madame Kelly Wilson at – and this time she faces a testing interview with Miss Strickland for a position as an escort, which is highly prized… but of course, there are consequences which Kelly must take on board as she discovers… across Miss S’s lap!



Her cocky attitude and slutty dress do not make a good impression as nubile young Kelly has to prove to Miss Stricktland that she has the ability to absorb severe spankings from some of her clients and so she submits to the spanking of her life… Kelly Wilson feels the power of Miss Stricktland’s hard hand in this new film!



You can see a free video of this film below…

For this and all the other great films starring blonde Kelly Wilson – Click HERE


Stateside again, and this time for the very latest update coming from Spanking Sorority Girls and I liked this film because there is a great OTK spanking scene, some great use of the hairbrush and that nasty looking sorority house paddle, not to mention the long walk of shame upstairs with the cam catching every movement of some sore red cheeks jiggling as Christy went to her room! Check out the images and you’ll see what I mean! This is “Hawt!”





Christy snuck out for a Halloween party even though Sarah warned her not to. So Christy is in for some extra hard discipline from sorority president Roxy Jezel. Roxy starts with an over-the-knee hand spanking, then uses a wooden hairbrush and finishes over with 10 hard whacks with the large wooden pledge paddle.

Check out the full list of long play films now available HERE in this ongoing sorority spanking special!

Christy does the walk of shame (below)


The next update from this great network features one of my fave stars they use, Kay Richards, one of THE original roomies HERE, still getting up to no good all these years later… this is one naughty gal and she is so good at spanking other girls… as you’ll see!





Anita was drugged, gagged and dragged into Kay’s apartment. Kay puts her over her knee and spanks information out of her as she continues her quest to find er ex girlfriend’s new date Sarah. Anita gets her curvy bottom smacked hard over and over as she swears she doesn’t know Sarah.


Check out MORE of Kay’s adventures in the naughtiest apartment on the West Coast!

You can also view the 2 sites within this network as part of the fantastic value CLARE FONDA PASS


Still in America… and this is a great sassy film with the lovely Kat St James, looking oh so spankable in that very short skirt and with her freshly dyed blonde hair looking the part of that very naughty girl next door that I love so much… and of course, Uncle Paul here has the perfect excuse to tan that pert tushy as you’ll discover, the images below compliment the HD film which is available at Sarah Gregory’s wonderful site HERE





Kat is complaining to daddy that her computer is broken and won’t work. She admits to spilling soda on the keyboard. Daddy is very upset that she has not taken care of her belongings. She is spanked hard on her bare bottom, then with a hair brush…


Don’t miss this film which you can download in HD formats of your choice – HERE


& finally, in case you didn’t know, my next film is with the adorable, but alas, already retired “Spanking” actress… Mishka Devlin. & it’s the continuation of the “Spanking Fantasy” series of mine where this coming week, members will be able to download the full HD film of her dressed as a girl next door gingham dress wearing schoolie… and she gets the bath brush across that pert behind of hers and some lingering and loving dollops of cream rubbed into her bottom whilst her dress is hiked up, her parts fully splayed and all with a big beautiful grin on her face *sigh*

Some teaser images are below… and if you can’t wait, see what film is currently, or is about to be my best seller at the CLIPS STORE this week… oh , yeah, it’s this one… Already available a as special one off cheap download! Yay!

For the full list of films available as one off downloads – go to this link or click on the banner below


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    John it will be enjoyable for you to spank lovely Amelia Jane ,little Kat gets big spanks from young Kyle and Kay spanks a little cutie sleepy beauty girl ,best,Tim.

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    Thanks for the scenes from young Kellys vid ,she is a littlecutie spanked by Miss S. best,Tim.

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