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Angelica Vamp at Bun Beating Fun

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas… so the famous song goes. Well, if you associate this time of year with severe rain and torrential downpours, floods and hardly any daylight in a most depressing way… then, “Yes! I guess it is starting to look a lot like that!” We also surviced the riduclous hype of the “End of the World” which riled me as some people actually thought this was going to happen? OMG, seriously… WTF goes through these peoples’ empty minds?  However, I was going to update the blog with some Xmas themed spanking films, but I wasn’t feeling festive enough today despite me uploading the FULL film of Amelia and Molly for my members at already (check out the home page and you can see the promotional blurb and a free movie clip as proof that this fun but very good spanking film is available! I’ll explain more of this in my next post along with some EXCLUSIVE images before anyone else as well as a free gallery that I have already made available from the actual film for affiliates and such to help promote if they so wish… but I promise this and the other Xmas films I have already seen are worth waiting a day or 2 for….

In the meantime, my good Bun Beating buddy, Greg, has updated his site with a fantastic new and hard spanking film and makes a personal return to doing what he does best with a real brat going by the model name of Angelica Vamp! Check out the images and of course a link which shows you a humiliating scene of her over the knee spanking 🙂

This update of the new film is the 1st place on t’internet to see the images and access to the free advertised clip – enjoy!


A tad hard edged model… according to Greg, but she had a gorgeous smooth spankable butt!

angelica-4 angelica-5

angelica-6 angelica-7

angelica-10 angelica-11


angelica-15 (1) angelica-17

angelica-20 angelica-22 angelica-23

angelica-27 angelica-32

From across The Pond and jolly ol’ England this foxy wench did come… but jolly she was not.  Crisp and frosty as a December eve she was. Even her exquisitely contoured bottom served only to accentuate the chilly atmosphere with it’s pale snow like luster. But neither pale nor chilly was that fine caboose destined to remain.  Nor either it’s owner’s dispassionate manner. (my edit, luckily she wasn’t a comparison to this December as she’d be an annoying non stop blubbing machine!!!) See how Greg dealt with this English brat in a Free Clip HERE



My next post will be a special Xmas spanking film round up… Ho! Ho! Ho!

Amelia and Molly now appearing at AAA Spanking in “Dodgy Xmas Presents”



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