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Woo Hoo! MORE Spankings today!


I must be insane to sit here all day, multi tasking as best I can, updating my own site, editing and writing blogs posts. the next film is coming along nicely and should be ready for Wednesday… as for my 3rd update here today…. why don’t I just add an “Amateur Ass” special as well before I continue? I am sure you will love this naughty girl watching TV after her recent spanking… perhaps she was caught playing on the internet when she should have been studying hard? All I know is that this is an awesome image – please do enjoy!


Check out the other Amateur ass images in the tags at this site HERE


OK… and on with the spanking updates for today (“Part Deux”, if you like)

Some of our producer buddies here in the UK have been “uber busy” more than usual – I guess they are getting ready for the BBW event later this month at Atlantic City, NJ. Sadly I can not attend (I’ve visited A.C. before) and, as much as I wanted to, Paul from Northern was talking about this at our last joint shoot with Alex Reynolds. I must admit to being rather jealous but my finances are extremely tight and I have just had to spend a stupid amount of money on other non related spanking stuff recently as well as servicing a continued debt incurred to non payments from Xerotics that still harms me today and hangs like a noose round my neck (that is still a legacy I have to deal with and won’t waffle on about it anymore than to say that this hampers everything I plan to do currently – but as Paul mentioned, best I move on) – But it does kind of grate when I have to pay off a loan instead of receiving what was due to me for work I had done in the past over several years and it’s not a small amount either, £300 a month for the next 4 years just gets wasted paying off that debt and the difficult to budget for non payments I should have got, crap innit?

Oh shit, ignore the next paragraph if you don’t want to read me on a “hard sell” – sorry!

So, in order to keep finances to a minimum, I had to choose between one of the parties to attend this year, so have chosen the SL Event in Vegas (since I have always wanted to do this one) and will look forward to that in September. I don’t have anyone paying for me to attend, unfortunately…. (I’m not a model and I’m ugly as sin!) and with limited time away (“Er indoors” does not like the idea of Vegas, the party or anything related to it ) that also eats into precious vacation time and extra expense as she will no doubt expect me to visit the grandkids in France next month at the time I am trying to organize a film shoot and get another sorted a few weeks afterwards (it’s not a chore, but it is rather more expensive than taking a cheap sunny holiday to unwind and recharge) as well as some vacation somewhere no doubt and we have had a horrendous winter with increased heating fuel and bills (sorry to waffle on…) so if you feel you can help me out to continue spending too much time on here and at my own site, please do support me the best way you can by either checking it out and joining HERE – I have held prices as low as I can as our content is home produced as you know and we do spend a lot to bring you your promised minimum updates and films per week by updating or perhaps choose one of the fantastic sites I bring to you on this blog as it’s no secret that I get a fraction of that on affiliate programs for helping to promote the great sites I love to see continue as well as you guys do too!

I actively encourage my affiliates to do the same and help them as best I can if they ever have questions etc – no doubt you will see other blogs and sites promoting my content too… it’s what we all do to help each other and to bring you, our esteemed loyal readerships whatever site or blogs you choose to view, the latest and most up to date movies or site reviews – I don’t blindly promote anything I wouldn’t join myself… and in fact have had many memberships and currently am a member at 4 sites (I won’t say which ones in the interest of fairness) but that is my commitment as I know others, like myself , do the same!


As I had mentioned Paul at – let’s start there as there have been some incredible updates that I have not brought you so without further waffle, here are the 1st of today’s site news and updates!

NSI111-ST007 NSI111-ST008

NSI111-ST009 NSI111-ST018

NSI111-ST019 NSI111-ST028

NSI111-ST043 NSI111-ST046

NSI111-ST060 NSI111-ST062

The Travelling Disciplinarian & the Croupier: Ten works at a casino and her employers have booked the services of The Travelling Disciplinarian Agency, as they often do, to discipline one of their dealers after a large discrepancy.


NSI103-XPZ112 NSI103-XPZ121 NSI103-XPZ166


The Secret Garden (with Paul and Zille “schwiiing” Defeu): Behind an old stone wall and a crumbling wooden gate lies another world for Zille and Paul. Overgrown and left to run wild it is a delightful green place where they meet in the summertime. Among the wayward trees and untended flowers is a single beautiful rose. Her name is Zille and she is tended closely.

chosen01 chosen02

chosen04 chosen03

chosen05 chosen06

This is Part 10 of The Chosen: In this latest update you’ll see Lucy torment Sasha with electrical play, forced submission and soft but threatening promises with non compliance – a world of difference from Stephen’s continued caning punishment of Jadie as her bottom receives yet more very hard strokes and welting of her beautiful sore red bottom! This is an exciting project, one which, I have been told is several hours edited footage. If this doesn’t take the award for Spanking Film of the Year for 2013 then my “ass is a kipper” (I may live to regret that tagline more than Cakeboy, lol!)

Check out the very latest films and updates exclusive to



2579_020 2579_042

2579_035 2579_051


I know it’s not long before we get to see the much awaited return of “teen” Brandi… who is now, according to Mr M, a ravishing 30-something that I and many of you can’t wait to feast our eyes on… so please do check out her own dedicated site, still going strong, when she actually was a lot younger, they still have unedited footage and this site is part of a really cool 4 site multi package as standard that is super duper value, especially those who have never dared enter any of these member areas before – you are in for one hell of a treat! This latest update from sees Cindy giving her a classic and painful OTK spanking!

Another site in this package belongs to retired Bailey Sullivan c/o – this latest feature is a killer as it has a berserk Mr Daniels thrashing the daylights out of her with his hand as he discovers her messy room and entertaining her friend, Claire… who is made to watch this terrible punishment. the below are actual screen grabs from the film as you’ll see they are quite expressive!!!

bailey01 bailey02

bailey03 bailey04

bailey05 bailey06

bailey07 bailey08

bailey09 bailey10

Click here to see all of Bailey’s many fantastic and tearful punishments!

Remember join either site and you get access tot he other PLUS 2 more that you can find out about – and they are awesome sites in their own right too! This is one unsung spanking bargain you should check out if you’ve never joined any of the RS Network sites before… it’s well worth the surprisingly low entrance fee (works out at a little over 5-6 Dollars per site for the month!)


“Anikka Albrite  & Mary Jane spank each other”
The latest double update to come out at


006 007

010 012

Two of the curviest, juiciest booties you will find anywhere, Anikka Albrite and Mary Jane square off over a disagreement, spanking each other over the knee. These are long hard, hand spankings that result in bouncing, red bottoms.

005 009

011 013


See all the latest mad, bad goings on at the renowned and infamous

At another of the Fonda websites – the famous introductory and 1st time spanking site – – please welcome a real cutie called Ashley Rose who has THE MOST AM-AAAAZING bubble butt that cries out to be spanked often and hard! She re enacts several punishments at the hands of her dad, live in nanny and babysitter, this one is a good film with great reactions and a belting from “dad” Denn the Cameraman – (enjoying some work IN FRONT of the lens for a change!)


008 009 010

011 012

014 016 015 (1)

013 (1)

Spanked Sweeties contains genuine girls next door, 1st timers to online spanking and new girls/models and porn stars who try out this fetish – it’s an addictive site that is MASSIVE in its own right!

Finally from this special network of sites – there’s a delightful new long play film this site is known for starring one of my favourites, Veronica Ricci… check out her character Cindy and her new step mom and sibling do to her… before she turns the tables on them! This is a 7 part long play film – part 1 – the wedding day is out now to download!

“Cinderella spankings”


Inspired by the Cinderella story, Veronica Ricci stars as Cindy, a young lady who is getting a new step mom, played by Jennifer Best. On her wedding day, Jennifer takes time out to spank her new step-daughter and lay down the new rules, which Cindy must read while getting a spanking over “mommy’s” knee – while she is still in her wedding dress. This is just the first of many spankings for Cindy over the 7 scenes of this epic story.

Images from part 1 are below:


c2 c3


c6 c4 c7

c8 c10


Girl Spanks Girl out do themselves with this latest series – check it out HERE for the full explanation of this film!

The above “Fonda” sites are part of the Clare Fonda Pass network – giving you 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost!


Finally for today… a very kinky double 2 parter schoolgirl film (both out in full) from the SG section of with Tiina and Fae getting up to all sorts of filthy behaviour… they are summoned to Headmaster Johnson (below) just wait ’til you see what they were up to! (Your eyes are already wandering down the page, aren’t they?)


Schoolgirls Fae and Tiina ran out of pocket money and Fae told Tiina that one of her friends made a lot of money by sending some dirty pictures of herself to a website. The dirtier the pictures, the more she got paid. The girls decided that they would do the same to make a few hundred! Unfortunately for them, the Headmaster found out and they both got severely scolded and spanked. In part one Tiina gets her bottom soundly spanked…

This is what the girls were doing!!!! *mock outrage!*


ep58_4 ep58_5


ep59_2 ep58_16

ep58_15 ep58_17

In part two of The Dirty Pictures film – it’s Fae Corbin’s turn to be taken over the Headmaster’s knee and she gets a sound spanking. As she is the instigator, she has to report the next morning before assembly on the assembly hall stage and in front of the whole school, she gets her bare bottom soundly birched and she gets 12 of the best with the cane.


ep59_1 ep59_4

ep59_5 ep59_7

ep59_8 ep59_9


See the schoolgirl updates and the rest of the uniform specialist spankings HERE


thatchOK, During all this I have not had the news on, not looked at a website, so to suddenly learn of her death was a little shocking… and out of respects, one of my country’;s greatest statesmen (or woman, should I say) has died, it’s not unexpected, after all, she was in ill health for sometime and she was 87… but as I see many a disrespectful comment on my own Facebook timeline and other sites about her controversial time in charge from 1979-1990, I feel a little ashamed that people can harbour such hatred and loathing. One of the longest serving Prime Ministers this country ever had, she was the 1st woman in charge, and did so much during her premiership, the highs and lows (and there were many) the victory in The Falklands may never have happened without her determination… likewise the disastrous Miners Strike of 1983/84 which divided families and the nation was also about breaking power of the Trades Unions (which were crippling the country with impossible demands) – she took on the loony left and won, critics will bleat on… those that do have, in my opinion… and it is only that – no respect. The 1980’s in Britain was a tough, horrible time… look at our fashion sense for goodness sake… but this country came out of it better and stronger… and like myself unable to sometimes forgive or forget past indiscretions against me, I know that I must move on… the mining communities are long gone and I do understand that it must have been Hell on Earth for these families fighting for their way of life… but they were delaying the inevitable and the loony left union leaders took this as a wicked chance to take on Thatcher… they lost and gambled horribly with their members lives! Maggie’s relationship with another great statesman from that era, Ronald Reagan, cemented what they called both our countries “Special Relationship” which I am proud that we (hopefully) still enjoy. She outlived Communism in Eastern Europe and the old Soviet Union and also the the decommisioning of The IRA and this has ushered in relative peace in Northern Ireland for which we are all very grateful on the mainland and the whole area has been regenerated. I could go on, instead, I will just pay my respects…

R.I.P. Baroness Margaret Thatcher


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    Here here, Britain has a lot to thank Margaret Thatcher, rest in peace Baroness Thatcher

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