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Christy Cutie POV Spanking

Sorry I haven’t been on here for a few days, this was one film I had wanted to get up as I know it is HOT HOT HOT! However, seems I don’t need to promote it much as it appears to be selling without my help and the reason why is because it is an awesome POV style spanking film… a film which shows we are getting there in my ongoing POV project. I know some have misunderstood what is all about… which is fair enough, but there are various POV styles and ideas and I am trying to investigate many niches and genres of this hard to film topic. There are the simply scolding type scenes, which requires a decent actress (vitally important) but in my opinion, this is rather tame and quiet lazy filming… I know there are some actresses like  a certain Ms Tainton that makes an absolute fortune from her Milf style POV scenes and teasing videos, some which involve you being scolded with the promise of a spanking. For her, this is easy peasy, she’s done it a million times and she’s a pro, and damn good at it… however, to involve another person and move the cam (not have one lame cam on a tripod stuck there never moving) is, in my opinion… poor. POV is so much more. I love this style… I want to embrace the spanker’s perspective (the hardest style to film) and it is the latest style film to appear starring Christy Cutie which I know you will enjoy a ton!

Check out the image pics from the actual film, they are in 1280×720 HD Mop4 resolution… Christy is so damned cute, isn’t she?


christypov008 christypov019

christypov020 christypov024

christypov027 christypov037 christypov042


christypov056 christypov066 christypov067

christypov071 christypov075

christypov077 christypov080


Click HERE to view this film as a special one off download event which is only available at this site!


There’s a special free clip (below) of Christy talking to YOU before you get to punish her 🙂

[jwplayer mediaid=”28056″]


  1. wow. I love Christy. This looks like a great film. Can’t wait til the ones of me are released. It is a cool idea. I love it.

  2. Tim Tim

    Yes pretty Christy is a very popular little spankee girl who we loveto see spanked ,best,Tim.

  3. Tim Tim

    Young Christy is a lovely young girl ,true ,best from ,Tim.

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