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Naughty Lola Marie

It seems people just can’t get enough of naughty Lola Marie at the moment… I like to make rude films with the right girls from time to time… and Lola is definitely one of those sexy naughty girls that make that task so easy! This was one of the first films I had ever shot with Lola and I wanted her to be the sole attraction… no nasty distractions with me or another person spoiling it, Lola was to be the star of this film completely! So how did I make that happen? She recalled how she’d get bored at home… you know, that itch that just had to be scratched – Lola is a very sexual girl and has her needs like any of us, so she thought she would steam up our camera lenses and show what she got up to in the privacy of her own place when she was alone and bored… fortunately I was wearing loose fitting garments which did not cause too much uncomfortable trouser arousal, as you could well imagine! Lola also recalled how she REALLY loves to get spanked for being naughty… so we combined her filthy toy play with some self spanking implementation courtesy of the bathbrush, several NEW hair brushes and straps for her approval. The results are below… these images are a little extra to what I have made free outside of the members area… I don’t want to give away all my content  as that would be unfair to those that have decently taken the plunge and become a member… but there are plenty of really naughty and far more graphic images for my members who are now happily downloading all this lovely spanko smut… but I think you’ll get the idea. All images shown here are reduced in size, even though they are at a decent resolution already… so imagine the clarity that members get! (lucky bastards!)

Below images are from HQ photo stills… followed by some HD screen video images showing you parts of the film – there is a link at the end to how you can view a free clip as well as news of a special offer that has been received rather well since I pioneered this to reward longer term membership which no other site has dared implement! 🙂

Naughty Lola Marie (out now at AAA Spanking)










& below are the actual video screen images (which are also high quality!)


lolamarie027 lolamarie032


lolamarie042 lolamarie072


lolamarie105 lolamarie117


You can CLICK HERE to view a brief free HD clip of Lola marie’s latest film

& don’t forget the Loyalty Membership scheme that I have pioneered beats every other website for real value… I’m not sure how long I will continue offering it at the moment… but it has been quite popular and it’s not difficult to see why! Pay $32.95 for the 1st month on a recurring deal and then it rebills at the same price but for every 3 MONTHS! That is until you decide to cancel (which is easy peasy… or you can contact me and I’ll do it for you, simples!) – So the longer you stay, it becomes top value like those that purchased the annual deals that I did previously (which I won’t be doing again, btw) – this is the new loyalty alternative and gives YOU the freedom to choose when you want to stop or continue saving money! Can’t say fairer than that, eh? & of course you’re gonna get to see ALL of the forthcoming Lola movies… as well as the fantastic ones I filmed in Las Vegas which I can’t wait to start showing the week after next… so plenty of stuff coming out from my site, that’s for sure!!!

Or if you prefer, then just download the film on its own (see more details below)

This film (click on Lola below) is also available as a complete HD download

click here for this film


The AAA Clips Store now has over 200 clips and films to choose from!




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