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Bun Beating Fun feature

This is the 1st of 2 posts today as I got news from Greg at about an upcoming new film… which is a real screamer, and it kind of reminded me of another uppity girl I had viewed waaaay back at his site so you have the very latest film and a real bratty model getting her comeuppance from 2006… and that is a real screamer too!!!

Enjoy this special update here FIRST as others will no doubt pull my images and promote it themselves, which is fine, it’s not my copyright and that’s all part of the game… but remember where you saw it originally, ok? (lol!) I always get you the updates to Greg’s fine site before anyone else… I have been told this film should be up later today or by tomorrow latest!


It stars a model called Johannie (pronounced Jo-Hannie) she has numerous inkings and tatts over her body, which, in my own weird way, would encourage me to thrash her more… but she is cute, very cute… but that is as far as the cuteness and compliments from me are forthcoming… as she is a stroppy strumpet, a REAL brat and kicks up from the start about the location, the shoot and of course how much better she is than our Mystery Spanker #2… check out the images AND the preview clip you can play direct on my blog! Warning: this girl has a very spankable butt AND a horrible potty mouth in between screaming the studio down from her spanking! VERY SATISFYING!

00a 01 01c

02 04

05 07

08 10

09 11

20 23b

24 25 27

This is what Greg had to say about the latest girl to grace his site: “When she wants to, she can come off as sweet, delicate and innocent as a spring flower.   When she wants to that is. She has a hell of a temper though – anger issues she calls it – and it required damn near every last ounce of our man’s resolve, determination and no small portion of his physical strength to ensure that this spoiled brat was properly chastised. He sure had a lot of fun though!”


Such a lovely girl… such manners and decorum, eh? You can view the free preview clip below and see for yourselves… then see a similar potty mouthed, screamer from yesteryear that Johannie reminded me of in the way she had behaved!

Anyone remember Kandy? (image below)


Kandy gave Greg’s fellow photographer friend a real hard time with her diva demands and refusal to work for the agreed rate at the (admittedly sleazy) motel location… she is told she will get what’s coming to her… and she reaps it IN FULL as you will see from these reminder images taken from the remastered film as far back as 2006 – taken from the archives of

kandy01 kandy02

kandy03 kandy04

kandy05 kandy06

kandy07 kandy08 kandy09

This is the official take on what happened that day: “Every now and again a young lady crosses our doorstep and proceeds to really anger us.  We’re not talking about mere annoyance here or even disappointment tinged with a dab of anger, we’re talking truly about pissing us off. Such was the case when this gorgeous long limbed brunette came calling.  Came calling, that is, well over an hour after we had laboriously completed our preparations. More galling still was Kandy’s choice of this exact time and place to renegotiate her already not ungenerous modeling fee. This 27 year old hottie was conducting her affairs like a con woman! And a seasoned one at that. Our man’s reply was nothing if not quick and sure…”


Check out the real tears and a naughty but explicit teaser clip (below)


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