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A great start to the week!


If you’re a member of my site then you will have seen that a new film was uploaded earlier today… the reason I have uploaded a new film sooner is because on Wednesday I shall be filming with a new girl which I’m quite excited about… and she sounds really keen too ๐Ÿ™‚ However, back to today’s special new film and it stars the beautiful and talented Sarah Gregory in what I can only describe as a special film destroying the myth of her good little girl next door image as Sarah shows us exactly how much she has grown up in this raunchy domestic discipline film that has her at her sassy best, looking stunning in a red dress which she slowly undresses out of before presenting her bottom for a final punishment that has her far more contrite… or is she? Because this hot madam clearly shows us just how excited this punishment got her! Oh my! Images and pictures are below… I would have got you some HQ images but I haven’t edited them yet… however, members can view nearly 200 video screen images as well as the new film… not a bad start!!!


Sarah could be a real brat when she didn’t get her way! She had embarrassed John at the company dinner in which he had travelled a long way to come visit her and his American colleagues. He cut short his dinner meeting with that knowing eye to his compatriots and took Sarah back to their room for a showdown and her inevitable punishment that only couples do so intimately! Sarah looked stunning in her red dress and John wasted no time throwing her over his knee for a spanking. But he wanted to be sure that this super sassy brat was fully contrite and told her to slowly undress for him. Sarah was secretly excited and still answered back to ensure she got more whackings on her bare bottom as she jiggled her butt cheeks provocatively to tease him. John could see her excitement as he removed her panties to reveal a glistening pussy that had betrayed her attitude! Normally John would have ended the punishment there and then and had his way but he wanted to ensure that Sarah would be contrite and learn her lesson this time that she couldn’t always have her own way! Witness this hot red blooded spanking and leather paddling as you enjoy the sight of Sarah Gregory as you’ve never seen her before. A stunning grown up spanking film that both John and Sarah loved making for you and which will appeal to lovers of domestic spanking erotica!

red_dress001 red_dress009

red_dress011 red_dress029

red_dress031 red_dress051

red_dress068 red_dress070

red_dress080 red_dress093 red_dress095

red_dress106 red_dress118

red_dress128 red_dress132 red_dress136

red_dress148 red_dress160

red_dress181 red_dress191

Click here for the free clip now showing on the home tour page!


All I can say is that working with Sarah again was a real pleasure… we are planning on some future collaborations… more on that when the time is sooner! Damn… this is one lady made for spanking! Don’t you think??? Don’t forget that my site has a kick ass Loyalty Membership deal which will work out at just $11/month, yeah, that’s right, I said just ELEVEN Bucks a month if you take the Quarterly Loyalty option, the longer you stay, the more you save… and that’s a fixed rate for the life of the membership that your card allows ๐Ÿ™‚



There’s a cute film our at that stars Satine and Masie as the 50’s Diners waitresses that get up to all sorts of shenanigans in the Rec Room of Mike’s Diner…

ep14_3 ep14_5 ep14_7

ep14_8 ep14_13


ร‚ย ep14_10

ep14_15 ep14_17

Uh oh… can you guess what is going to happen in part 2? Click HERE to see more!




Finally today, ssomethiong rather kinky and naughty from those Russians at as this indecent job interview goes well for the interviewer! Sasha is the girl that will do anything to secure that position… gotta admire her dedication! Watch this lesson of submission, domination, naked spanking and humiliation with that added spice of forced toy play and pleasuring that is strangely addictive viewing!!! As I have said, this Russian site doesn’t do brutal (thankfully) – it is far more clever than that with the humiliation angle that I so love! ๐Ÿ™‚


sasha002 sasha002a

sasha003 sasha004


Check out the 2 free promotional clips from this film as well…

sasha007a sasha007b sasha008

sasha009 sasha010

sasha010a sasha011 sasha012


Congratulations… you got the job! *wink*




Right… I have to get back to the scintillating dinner party that I am missing… my cat is filling in for me ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. Yay!!! awesome post. Loved the first part of our video….can’t wait to see more.


  2. Dodgy Dave Dodgy Dave

    Love Sarah in that Red Dress, but hey does she look best in it or out of it … Tough call .. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sarah… 2nd part is out tomorrow… and it’s awesome, I have been watching it over and over, heh heh! It is also available NOW at The Clips Store if anyone can’t wait! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dave, what can I say? Tough call indeed!
    I loved that strip scene, slow and deliberate… *sigh*

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