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Gorgeous Spanking Punishments

It’s late, I had planned to get this out on Tuesday, so now there will be 2 updates dated for Wednesday…oh well. I had been out earlier shopping and sorting out all my stuff which is still in boxes and black bags, a lot still are packed up and looking incredibly messy but at least I have made a start. I also found out that I have “tennis elbow” thankfully in my left arm… I had my suspicions, but the Doc confirmed this earlier, and I can tell you it is damned annoying and painful!!!

So kicking off today’s site updates you should take a look at… see Laura’s intimate and stinging bare pussy strapping… she gets it right across her poor pussy with a specially designed softer leather strap… but that doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t hurt… as any lady will testify, anything hit with reasonable force “down there” is gonna hurt! It also looks damned HOT!

laura011 laura012

laura001 laura002

laura005 laura004

laura009 laura010

laura007 laura008

Check out more intimate and specialist punishments at Spanking Server


The continued series of Zoe Montana spanked by Paul Kennedy in an industrial kitchen sink is addictive viewing from and I have to say these are the best pics I have seen of Zoe, it was original and quirky and of course the soap suds got everywhere. From memory, I think this was Paul’s first visit to the place… it’s such a shame it is no longer available as a venue, the place was massive and we had all barely scraped the surface with filming here…

NSI107-PZ186 NSI107-PZ188

NSI107-PZ190 NSI107-PZ203

NSI107-PZ206 NSI107-PZ207

NSI107-PZ214 NSI107-PZ218

Check out the full series with Zoe Montana only at


Amber Dawn’s massive site network is nearly 7 years old, I will post a special feature on her site later this week when it IS 7 years old, but get in early and take advantage of a special offer she is making to celebrate this landmark… and for now, why not enjoy the sight of Crystal Cat… a gorgeous exclusive first timer that Amber played with… these are images taken from her first spanking film over Amber’s lap… I liked the split screen action… and if you like Crystal, there’s plenty more of this young lady inside the site too!

cat001 cat002

cat003 cat004

cat005 cat006

cat007 cat008

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Finally , I have decided I want more follower on Twitter, so if you guys have accounts, please try to follow me, I am gonna post news and links and images not seen anywhere else, so it will be worth it 🙂

just click on the image below for my Twitter account. Night Night!

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