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Casey Calvert – Coming Soon to AAA

I only have some images from my LA filmshoots, I did some great stuff with Sarah & Alex away from what I am about to show you but I don’t have the stills images (they are with Sarah at the mo) so… here are some images taken from the day I filmed Casey Calvert for my site… these are largely unedited but still, they give you a great idea of what the full stills images and the films will end up like, and I loved putting her in PJs and cheergirl costumes… she is so adorably cute!

Casey Calvert – I played her as the cute girl next door… with a very kinky twist!


(below) My 1st film: I buy the girls cute PJs only for them to argue and bicker over who wears what so I *have* to resolve this with some old fashioned OTK spanking of them both in front of each other to humiliate them a little more… that shut them up! (I think I removed the pyjama clothes too and told them I was gonna burn them or something, lol)


I played Casey’s step uncle who is in the unfortunate position of looking after this precocious brat. I caught her out using social media on her phone to contact her deadbeat boyfriend whilst she was grounded… I thought she looked particularly cute in these stripey jim-jams I had brought over from England! I even used my own phone to add to her “social media” experience ๐Ÿ™‚




I did 2 wheelbarrow style films, this first one I asked Sarah to do it after a long OTK spanking… this was schoolgirl Casey’s “Special Detention” by pervy teacher Miss Gregory who enjoyed humiliating her girls in this most precarious and revealing of spanking positions… both of them looked absolutely awesome in this film!



& below is one of the 3 POV films I did… this one is the wheelbarrow film… Sarah gave me this image she took on her phone whilst she had gone out to grab us all lunch… this was the last of the films we did just as she returned… don’t you love how intimate these behind the scenes POV films look? The other films included a very sexy OTT teasing film and a spanker’s perspective OTK film.


This was one of my more offbeat films as I played an eccentric English cheer coach who had been brought over to LA to help with the girls for this particular team… I had been shopping in Hollywood and brought this “Director’s megaphone” – Casey wasn’t impressed as I attempted to liven her up… so she got coach’s “Special Treatment” – the humiliating anal hook punishment he (or I) loved so much… this will be the 1st Casey film you guys will see in a week or so with any luck! The images and footage that I’ve seen are stunning… and I gave her quite a stinging hairbrush punishment too!

I also jokingly used this to announce “QUIET ON SET!”




Another double cheergirl film (and why not?) as Sarah makes out with Casey who is weary and unsure that this is right… I catch the girls at it and punish them in a long session… there’s a great twist in this film too as Casey and I play former lovers which grosses out my step daughter Sarah and although she isn’t 100% sure during her side by side punishment… Casey and I swap furtive glances at each other which makes Sarah suspicious and adds to her uncomfortable situation… it’s yet another hot film! I can’t wait to show you these on the site!



That is all I have from that day… the following day Sarah went to film for Clare’s naughty Diaper Girls site and I got to see her in some hot teasing and adult baby girl diapering and a classic Momma inspection of all her intimate areas which I of course loved watching! Clare took us out for a late lunch to her fave Chinese restaurant and she found a way to keep me quiet!!! Ah, such good memories of my trip to LA… I will definitely be back there sooner rather than later, that’s for sure!



All these films will be available to members over the coming months as they will compliment all my other recent footage… I promise you these films are just getting better and better… I loved making these… can you tell? they will also ALL be available in Bluray quality 1080HD (real HD not unlike some that just throw up footage at a lower spec). There is also the new pricing structure at the site so please do take advantage of this while you can, all prices for every membership have been lowered giving you a fantastic value for money experience! View 100% original spanking materials from as little as $12.50 a month!!!



  1. Tim Tim

    Very nice updates ,Casey is a cute little spankee girl .best,Tim.

  2. She most certainly is, Tim. As good in the flesh as she looks onscreen, a total babe! & she is fun to be around too! A Class Act!

  3. What Tim said. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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